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Art of Adjusting 2019 - Foundation Poses (1/4), with Chris Croft


Art of Adjusting 2019 - Foundation Poses (1/4), with Chris Croft

CPD Yoga Workshop Series, w/ Chris Croft
FOUNDATION POSES (module 1) - March 30, 2019

Learn how to safely and intelligently adjust yoga poses using applied dynamic alignment principles

This special 4-part modular training course blends hands-on exploration with theory, demonstration and anatomy to cultivate a deeper experience and understanding of foundation poses, hip-openers, forward bends, backbends, twists, arm balances and inversions.

Each in-depth and fun-filled day can be attended as a stand-alone 1-day workshop or as part of the 4-day 'Art of Adjusting' CPD training course, which also includes a 60-page training manual.

These workshops are perfect for yoga teachers, teachers-in-training & regular students seeking to deepen their experience and understanding.

This 1-day workshop will cover:

βœ… Dynamic Alignment principles for all foundation poses
βœ… How to know when, and when not to, adjust
βœ… Passive vs. active adjustments
βœ… How to spot and fix β€˜release valves’ in poses
βœ… When to use verbal cuing vs. physical touch
βœ… The ethics of touch
βœ… Using safe body mechanics to adjust
βœ… How to balance your work and the receiver’s work

Learn how to adjust these poses in MODULE 1:

βœ… Samasthiti / Tadasana (mountain pose)
βœ… Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (updog)
βœ… Adho Mukha Svanasana (downdog)
βœ… Plank
βœ… Chaturanga Dandasana
βœ… Uttitha Trikonasana (triangle pose)
βœ… Uttitha Parshvakonasana (side angle pose)
βœ… Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana (balancing)
βœ… Balasana (child’s pose)
βœ… Shavasana (corpse pose)
βœ… Dandasana (staff pose)
βœ… Virabhadrasana (warrior)
βœ… Sukhasana (easy pose)
βœ… and more...

March 30, 2019 - Foundation Poses (module 1)
April 27, 2019 - Hips Openers & Forward Bending (module 2)
May 18, 2019 - Backbends & Twists (module 3)
June 29, 2019 - Arm Balances & Inversions (module 4)




"Chris has real insight into the mechanics of movement in the body. His teaching is clear and intelligent. I learned a lot in this one session which will impact my practice for ever. Chris’ sense of humour combined with his knowledge makes for a very dynamic learning experience. I would thoroughly recommend this course." - Cait

"I particularly enjoyed exploring the poses from an individual perspective rather than just that of participants with a view to adjusting them. You gave a whole new dimension to pretty much every pose that we looked at and I've come away with a completely new attitude to my own practise that I'm excited to explore. Having been traditionally Ashtanga trained in India I was definitely stuck within the rigidity of the "rules" and it's incredibly refreshing to look beyond the rules, its completely changed Yoga for me - in the most delicious way!! You're a truly inspiring instructor" - Kelly

"The workshop was fantastic, I enjoy having my conditioning challenged and exploring how it affects my practice and my teaching. It was also very interesting to hear you talk about holding someone in a space they don't want to be in. Thank you again, I will be back for more whenever I can"- Lucy

"The perfect workshop! Chris explained everything really well, im pleased to be able to go to another one of these modules. Chris knows what he's talking about and answered every question well with both facts and his own personal opinion. Well spent money!" - Ulrika

"Although I don't teach I have practiced yoga for many years and found many of his suggestions and adjustments really useful to continue deepening my own practice.
Thank you Chris for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend" - Piedy

"Thanks for such a great workshop! I thought it was very well structured, professional, clearly taught, and your knowledge & experience were very apparent throughout - I'm sure everyone felt they were in very good hands. I'm sure I'll come to more in future - it was excellent!"- Tanja

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