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Simunations Training for the Real World

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Simunations Training for the Real World

The Paladin Range, 1270 Godbey Road, Mocksville, North Carolina 27028
“Force on Force Training”
It’s time to get off the firing line and step into a 360 degree, “force on force” environment and test your ability to survive a gunfight. By utilizing the Simunition FX© system of paint marking cartridges, you will be exposed to the bitter realities of being engaged with simulated deadly force in an armed conflict. Classes are smaller in size, ranging from 6 – 8 students, and can be tailored to fit the specific training needs for each person or group. Classes can last from 2 to 8 hours depending on your budget and training needs. Single person, groups, private events and specialized classes can be arranged for Concealed Carry Holders, Law Enforcement or Military.
SIMUNITION FX© is a system of reduced-energy cartridges which is designed to be used with modified personal firearms or special training firearms, that allows users, wearing protective equipment, to conduct both force-on-target and force-on-force training scenarios. The system uses FX Marking and SecuriBlank Cartridges, along with a Simunition conversion kit and weaponry, to enhance the realism of the training experience while insuring the safety of the participants. The non-lethal training rounds are available in 9mm, 5.56mm and .38 calibers, and function with a wide range of pistols, long guns, shotguns and revolvers. The system has been in use by military and law enforcement personnel around the world for over 20 years.
Simunition FX© rounds are designed to be fired through a special training firearm or your personal firearm, if it is a certain type (Glock 22 and 23 models.) If you choose to use your firearm, the Simunition FX© round (FX, CQT and Securiblank) require the installation of a drop-in conversion kit that does not permanently alter the weapon and can be easily removed. These kits ensure that normal service rounds cannot be fired during training and allow the use of the Simunition ammunition that work with reduced-pressure/reduced-velocity. The weapon functions and cycles just like it would with lethal ammunition but the FX® Marking Cartridge is non-lethal. Our equipment includes the Glock T-17 training pistols and AR platform.
The use of FX® Marking Cartridges, Firearm Conversion Kits, Training firearms, role players, structured scenarios, low light, noise etc. creates a real life atmosphere that is unattainable in any other type of training. This is the highest level of firearms training/testing available. Special protective gear is utilized to avoid injuries but maintain realism. The "scenario based" training structure brings the training experience to an entirely new level. There are no “what-if's” or "I would have..." or "if this happens, I would... “You will be put into a live fire scenario and play it out for real!
The focus is always on safety, scenario development, tactical application, role playing and moral/legal issues.
We Offer the following “Force on Force” Training:
• Team Drills/Scenarios for Law Enforcement teams/Military and Concealed Carry Holders
• Stress Based Decision Making
• Close Quarters Engagement and Firearm Retention for Concealed Carry and Law Enforcement/Military
• Outside the Home: 360 Degree Personal Defense
• Inside the Home: 360 Degree Home Defense
• Low Light/No Light Tactics
• Individual and group courses
What equipment do you need to bring? Nothing! Just show up and get ready to train.
Each participant will be provided with appropriate safety equipment, FX converted firearms and FX marking cartridges.
You will need:
Clothing sufficient to cover all exposed skin (long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt and long pants.) is recommended!
Groin Protection (Outer generic groin protection is provided.)
Sturdy Belt
Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning.
Clothing suitable for training in applicable weather conditions.
For questions or more information contact J.D. Walker at 336-575-7236 or jdwalker47 | gmail ! com. Visit our website at: WWW.PaladingroupNC.com
Realistic Training Without Ballistic Ranges
A key component of the Simunition system is that it allows certified firearms instructors to conduct realistic training without the need for a conventional ballistic infrastructure firing range. This proven, safe training tool is now available to certified firearms instructors and as a result will create a paradigm shift in how firearms instructors are now able to conduct training.
Force on Force:
Dynamic force-on-force training exercises are not possible with live conventional ammunition. The Simunition system improves a more experienced student’s gun handling skills and confidence in the use of their personal firearms. It is said it takes 5,000 repetitions of activity to commit the action to memory. From the presentation of the handgun from concealment and placing a well-positioned round on a 3-dimensional target; to basic pivot and movement drills; to firing at targets by both dominant and support hands, this training tool allows users to practice in limited space with their own firearm.
Stress Inoculation:
Under stress the mind and body naturally revert back to the most conditioned response developed under firearms training. One of the key ingredients of creating realism in force-on-force training is the ability to introduce stress inoculation into the training exercise. Studies confirm participants react differently when placed under stress. Hesitation is common due to the students’ lack of experience or confidence in his/her skills. Overcoming hesitation can be accomplished by participating in force-on-force exercises using actual weapons in a realistic setting.
Training with Simunition FX cartridges better prepares students for the stress and the rapidly evolving world of a deadly firearms encounter. Repeated practice under stress better prepares a responsible gun owner for the time when he might need to protect his life or the lives of his family.
Handgun Retention Drills:
Law Enforcement and Military ( as well as responsible concealed carry gun owners) must always be alert and remain aware of an adversary who may try to take his/her gun and do harm to them with it. The certified firearms instructor can use both FX and SecuriBlank cartridges to practice handgun retention drills. An FX converted gun is a much safer method to practice handgun retention drills and foil attempts by criminals to disarm a responsible gun owner of his weapon. Class Fee $250.00 Are you ready for the real world?

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