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Mindfulness for Adults: Transcending our Lives


Mindfulness for Adults: Transcending our Lives

This free event is an introduction to a series of Mindfulness classes for Adults. The intention of this event is for people to come and discover for themselves the benefits one can have from engaging in such inner work. It is also our intention that you get something of value out of participating even in only one of these session with us. We hope you can join us!

For more information call us at 99.488091

Below is the curriculum of this course session by session.
The weekly sessions are on Thursdays 8-9 pm in Greek, and 6:15-7:15 pm in English


Session 1: Introduction/ The Mindful Mind
Session 2: Response vs Reaction/ Transcending our Automatic Patterns of Behavior - Part A
Session 3: Response vs Reaction/ Transcending our Automatic Patterns of Behavior - Part B
Session 4: Discovering the power of words
Session 5: Mindful Thinking
Session 6: Creating Positive Brain Patterns
Session 7: Mindful Eating
Session 8: Breaking through Past Limits
Session 9: Being in the Present Moment
Session 10: Body Awareness/ Body Scan
Session 11: Gratitude and Appreciation
Session 12: Letting things go
Session 13: Connection to others/ Recontextualization of Unhealthy Beliefs
Session 14: Being Mindful of Judgment/ Judging
Session 15: Mindful Walking/ Observation vs Judgment
Session 16: Making Decisions
Session 17: Mindfulness of Emotions/ Identification with Personality
Session 18: We were designed for happiness
Session 19: Mindfulness in Conversation
Session 20: Dealing with Anxiety around the fear of failure
Session 21: Being Mindful of our feelings
Session 23: Emotional Addictions
Session 24: Our innate Power to Create
Session 25: Understanding the Mind/ Creating new Brain Patterns
Session 26: Transforming our Emotions
Session 27: Authentic vs In-authentic Emotions
Session 28: Clearing our Past
Session 29: Types of Emotional Regulation
Session 30: Dismantling Emotional Experiences/ Guilt
Session 31: Fear/ Anxiety/ Uncertainty
Session 32: How to presence Love
Session 33: Investigating/ Being Mindful of Anger
Session 34: Self-Criticism, Vulnerability and Self-Compassion
Session 35: Nurturing our Relationship to Self/ Creating a new context for failure and success
Session 36: Self Relevant Thinking
Session 37: "I"/ "ME - The Concept of Self
Session 38: Who am I? Part A
Session 39: Who am I? Part B

Note: This class is offered both in Greek and in English. Thursday evening in Greek and Friday afternoon in English

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Map 41 Armenias Street, Nicosia 2003, Cyprus
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