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Europe3D Romania


Europe3D Romania

If you are not a member of ESTIEM, you can apply for the event via the link below:

If you have any questions, we are one e-mail away, don’t hesitate to approach us.

What does Europe3D mean?

Anything existing in our universe is defined by three dimensions. It just so happens that a country works the same way, the only difference being that it’s not about x, y and z, but about culture, economy and politics. To know where a point is in a 3D space, you need to know x,y and z. Care to find out where Romania is?

Sneak peak:

Did you know Romania has polimer banknotes since 2005?
Did you know that our president’s name is read the same as the name of the guy who brings presents on Christmas?
Did you know that Romanian traditional wear is different by region? )

Why come visit us?

Romania is an awesome place! After all, the legend of Dracula was born here! There are plenty to see here, from castles, like Bran or Peles, to great churches and monasteries, like Mânastirea Curtea de Arges or the oldest church still standing, Densus Church. You can even see great dams, like Vidraru and Portile de Fier. We even got a happy cemetery (lol), a vey windy highway called Transfagarasan (the guys from Top Gear actually drove on it), and many more. The architecture of the houses in Romania is, frankly, quite simple, but still interesting. The culture is wide, and not all that hard to learn. People are kind. Might be a bias, so you better come and see for yourself.

We also prepared a video for you so you will be able to make a vision of what you are going to see:

What can we offer?

Insight. What are the political parties of Romania? What are the value added taxes (VAT) around here? How do Romanians entertain themselves? And pretty much everything that can branch from those questions. You can ask your own questions too, we’ll answer.

That is the most precious thing we can give you. Looking at things from far away does not let you see many details, or even details at all! Come closer. We don’t bite.

Also, you don’t really have to worry all that much about money. Things aren’t exactly expensive here.

How much does it cost to get here?

see "getting here.docx";

What can you visit?
There are some cute places in Tîrgu Mures. If churches are your thing, there might be a few of them worth checking out. We even got a citadel! The city hall even has a tower you can climb!

What are you going to see?

A bunch of kind hearted people trying to teach you bits and pieces about this country. A lot of interesting places. The rest... it's more of a " you will feel" thing: you will feel our passion for food, you will feel our interest in telling people about ourselves, you will feel... our essence.

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