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Women Living Well Seminar

Women Living Well Seminar

Sat Jun 10, 2023

Women Living Well Seminar

Time Sat Jun 10 2023 at 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

Rio Terrace Church, 15108 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Canada

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CAD 25

Women Living Well Seminar, 10 June | Event in Edmonton | Women Living Well Seminar
Fabulous presenters will provide you with seminar choices on effective communication, gardening, cancer prevention, and cooking.

About this Event

This will be a FABULOUS morning with exceptional seminar leaders, divided into two parts.

Part one will begin with presenter Sandra Wigg, Amazon’s best-selling author, coach, and entrepreneur on:

Effective Communication for Stronger Relationships

Part two will consist of smaller class-size breakout room seminars. Participants will choose two out of the following four sessions to attend. Register early, there is limited capacity for each.

  • Green Thumbs Up: Tips for Growing Brilliant Flowers and Yummy Vegetables for a Gratifying Growing Season
  • A 20-minute meal: Fast, Fresh and Flavorful!
  • Cancer: The Truth Behind One in Two
  • Disconnection: The Hard Facts Around Our Choice to be Offended

Below are some additional details about each session and their presenters. While the seminars are being primarily promoted to women, the topics are relevant to both women AND men and each are welcome to attend.

Part 1: Effective Communication for Stronger Relationships Keynote Address

This presentation is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in understanding and improving their communication skills to elevate their relationships to new levels. Participants will learn how to communicate authentically, work through conflict, and build trust in their relationships with partners, friends, co-workers and family. Through real-life examples, participants will leave the seminar with strategic tools and a clear understanding of the powerful role communication plays in creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Sandra Wigg is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and Amazon #1 best-selling author. She has helped hundreds of people on their journey to reach their full potential. Sandra brings over 13 years of varied experience in the personal development and coaching industry to the table. Currently, her coaching practice serves; individuals one-on-one, those working on their relationships, and businesses looking to build strong teams. Sandra is passionate about helping others and uses the depth of her experience, education, and training, along with her own story of rebuild and growth, to empower others to see what is possible when they learn how to transform their mind and their habits. For additional information about Sandra, check out her website at

Part 2: Breakout Room Seminars – Participants Choose Two to Attend

Green Thumbs Up: Tips for Growing Brilliant Flowers and Yummy Vegetables for a Gratifying Growing Season

This seminar offers a guide to successfully growing flowers and vegetables in our short growing season. It will cover topics such as choice of plants and seeds, fertilizer types, fertilizer schedules, watering dos and don’ts, garden tools and other information tidbits. By the end of the seminar, participants will have the knowledge and confidence for growing appropriate plants in their unique outdoor space.

Joyce Fuerst was born on a family farm in central Alberta. Hence, growing things is in her genes and scratching around in the dirt is normal. She and her husband Gordon chose a large lot for their honeymoon home with plenty of urban space for growing flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and decorative trees. Over the years she has learned to be patient and to explore and find the types of plantings that "grow best on their lot". It has been over sixty years of growing experience and every year she learns something new.

A 20-minute Meal: Fast, Fresh and Flavorful!

In this hands-on seminar, Odilia will show you how to make a delicious and satisfying meal in 20 minutes. You’ll learn how to prepare a flavorful main dish and salad using simple ingredients and easy cooking techniques. Practical tips will be provided for creating a quick and tasty meal that you can easily incorporate into your busy lifestyle. There will even be time for samples!

Odilia Ruiz has been organizing and running collective kitchens in the city for over six years. She is also a mom to five wonderful kids, four of which are teens. Needless to say, she is always cooking at her house.

Cancer: The Truth Behind One in Two

One in two Albertans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The seminar will discuss what cancer is and explore prevention strategies as well as practical tips and advice for reducing risk. Near the end, participants will be able to ask questions and engage in discussion with the presenter.

Dr. Jay Easaw is a physician and professor in the Division of Medical Oncology at the Cross Cancer Institute. He is board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology and is involved in both patient care and clinical research. He is a recent recipient of awards in both teaching and research.

Disconnection: The Hard Facts Around Our Choice to be Offended

When we are not aware of our thought habits, we often default to feeling offended to manage our everyday interactions with others. When we are offended, we automatically withdraw, creating distance and uncertainty in our relationships. When we learn to notice our own thoughts and actions related to being offended, we can choose to become more responsible in our thoughts, words and actions which allows us to grow in our relationship instead of disconnecting. Understanding this key human cycle will create much-needed inner peace and ease that will transform your communication with yourself and others.

Sandra Wigg (see keynote).

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Date & Time

Sat Jun 10 2023 at 09:00 am to 12:00 pm


Rio Terrace Church, 15108 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Canada