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Oddville! A Festival of the Awesomely Strange!


Oddville! A Festival of the Awesomely Strange!

THIS IS ODDVILLE! A festival of the Awesomely Strange! This is an exposition of the world's strangest art, photography, sculpture and performance! Painting, pictures, pork chops, prosthetics! This is your spotlight to get your weirdness on! We want your participation in this manifestation of madness and we want your art! Get your camera and take some freaky photos, paint celebrities with tentacles, give that chinchilla a top hat and monocle and frame that sucker up!All mediums of art and photography (and whatever) are welcome. Space will become limited.Do you have some kind of performance art you would like to exhibit? Break dancing while wearing a suit made of meat? Creepy clown following strangers around? This is your moment to shine. Have something that's interactive and strange? We want to know about it! This is also a costume party! Furries, onesie wearers, vampires, giraffes, pimps, shrimps, ninjas! Get in gear and get in here! Art Requirements: All art and photography must be strange, interesting, and it must be able to be hung or displayed in a safe way. All submissions MUST be sent to RUpDICEgQVJUU0hPV1MgfCBHTUFJTCAhIENPTURv not send us submissions here on facebook.We are also looking for vendors who sell strange and interesting things! Strange and/or bad taxidermy? Masks? Things in jars? Hit us up! If you know someone who might make a great vendor or artist for this show, send them our way! Invite your friends! BANDS? DJ's? Singers? Performers? Yodelers? We want you! This show will be one of art, one of strangeness, one of interactive crazy fun! We need you and your mad ideas to make the fantastic come to life! November 2, 2019. This is ODDVILLE!
Ticket Information Ticket Price
General ODD-mission USD 12
Im wearing a costume of sorts USD 10
Im in a bathrobe USD 10
Im wearing clown makeup USD 10
Tinfoil hat person. USD 10
I'm dressed really Fu*%#ing fancy USD 9
Iv'e brought something strange and interactive USD 9
Ive brought a pizza USD 1
Im in a onesie USD 10
My makeup is awful and I look insane USD 9
BDSM Attire USD 9
Im in my underwear USD 9
Furry Attire USD 9
Im poor but I love art. USD 5
I've brought a grandparent! Let's party! USD 14
This one is free. Just invite some friends. Free
Mystery Ticket USD 9
I am a magical plant USD 9
Wedding dress USD 9
I have a ton of makeup and have clearly been crying USD 9
Mega 80's. USD 10
Im a Cat USD 9
Dressed like Santa USD 10
Satan worshiper USD 7
Im here to yodel USD 9
Zombie USD 9
Team Zissou USD 10
Any mighty boosh related costume USD 10
My outfit is carboard. USD 9
Dressed like a professional wrestler. USD 9
Hipster Overload. USD 9
Free ticket. But its cursed. Free
MY face is painted in a fun way USD 9
Any Nicolas Cage based costume. USD 9
I have a puppet with me USD 10
Im wearing waaaay to much cologne/ perfume. USD 7
I just cut my hair like I'm on crack USD 9
Im here to Get and Give spankings USD 9
My shit has a bunch of Mustard on it. Free
Ive brought some art supplies to donate! USD 5
Im here to get tickled and have a sign saying so. USD 8
Im wearing giant JNCO pants USD 8
Cocktail dress and a purse USD 9
Im wearing all ORANGE USD 9

Map Durham Fruit Company, 305 South Dillard Street, Durham, United States
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