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Music Events In Durban

Upcoming Music Events, Festivals And Concerts In Durban

Nightlife is not all parties, it is the live music shows, gigs at cafes or a kickass concert. You get to witness the best of the music events in Durban; from live music to the tours of artists, there is a lot that the city has in store for you. For a different choice of music, there are distinct events in Durban. For classical music lovers, they have classical music shows and concerts, while for the groovers they have concerts in Durban to dance your heart out.

The city is never out of stock when it’s music events so get grooving already.

Upcoming Music Events in Durban

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    Music in Durban: Uniting different cultures

    The music in Durban is a conglomeration of a long cultural history of the South African nation, which consists of the local art form and inspirations from outside. The music form of Durban includes highly popular Zulu isicathamiya singing, harmonic mbaqanga, and Afrikaans music along with influences from the west like the Rock, Jazz, Metal, and Disco. The cultural forms though receive prestige throughout the country but the mixed cultural population of Durban and high influx of tourists make the environment of Disco, Rock and Party songs much popular. Music festivals in Durban and the popularity of live music can be seen in any restaurant, bars, and pubs of this city. The music events in Durban are the big annual music events to satisfy the thirst of the music lovers. The third most populous city of South Africa is a multi-cultural hub, which is reflected in the music-taste of the city and one can feel the sensation of a wide range of compositions infiltrating everyone’s ear.

    Top music events in Durban

    Music in Durban is sustained by the myriad concerts, live shows and gigs taking place in the city throughout the year. The music events in Durban are also popular because of the great annual music events in which a large section of the local population and visitors participate.   music events in Durban are Ariel & Juana at Curiocity Durban and Splashy Sessions With The Golden Super Hawks. An annual music event called The Sound of Music, organized in December at The Playhouse Company attracts a large number of people from almost all culture. The people’s love for music is also proved by their huge participation in annual events like The Grand Finale. The craze for live music also doesn’t lag behind anything. People find live music interactive and appellative to their ears more and tend to spend their weekends with this. A favorite visitor spot called Beach Bums organizes live music performances at an open beach. Another one called the Wahooz restaurant is a place that allows people to enjoy their meal with live stage performances.

    Top music festivals of Durban

    The city of Durban is also popular for music festivals taking place throughout the year across the city. The popular Zakifo Music Festival is known for inviting cross-cultural artists across the globe featuring diverse musical programmes for African and Afro-centric artists. Another famous Essence Festival, which generates a sense of excitement among the music lovers as it has the capability of inviting not only acclaimed artists but also the Grammy winners. Apart from these two, the gathering of people is also witnessed in festivals like Wild Republik. Music in Durban gets its nourishment and the potential of music is exploited from the music classes and training centres running in almost every area. Over the past few years, Durban itself has produced some successful musical artists and strives to do more. Vocal lessons Durban located at Westville, West Suburbs is praised for giving professional music classes to the enthusiasts. Furthermore, Durban Music School at Diakonia Avenue is also known for producing good music talents.