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    The growing scene of Business in Durban

    The third most populous city of South Africa and the largest city of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is the second most important hub of the nation after Johannesburg. The city has the busiest port of the nation and contributes to the national economy by being a major tourist attraction. Thanks to its subtropical climate and extensive coastline, Business in Durban, related to sugar production has seen a historical development and becomes a significant occupation of the region. It also hosts numerous business events like seminars, conferences, and meetups to share the business-related tricks and tips with each other. Business in Durban is equipped with a number of business centres, parks and venues which offers free business seminars in Durban itself. It can be said that Durban is in pace with the world’s economy contributing much towards globalization that has made it hosts big annual business events.

    Annual and other business events in Durban

    The City of Durban hosts one of the biggest business fairs annually called the Durban Business Fair, which is a comprehensive economic development programme hosted by the City’s Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit to promote the small and medium businesses so that they can continue to play a vital role in the city’s as well as the country's economy. Furthermore, famous business events in Durban include PetroForum Africa, SARAA Congress for oil-related business and healthcare professionals, respectively. The PetroForum Africa’s business event aims to cover oil companies from different countries across the nation to share idea and innovation to bring new products. The city also hosts the Leading Women Summit to encourage women in the corporate sector. The networking events in Durban is dominated by events like #1 BPM Software. The company arranges meetups and provide free business seminars in Durban to enthusiasts who want to take a business in the major field collaborated with other companies. The meetups like Teaching and Education Learning meetup also helps a lot to small startups and freelancers in their work. The municipality of Durban is also known for organizing expos like the Sustainable Living Exhibition, which takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre. 

    Business centres in Durban

    Business in Durban is nourished by the centres which the city possess and its surroundings so that no area is left without business, which is necessary for the region's growth. Exhibition and events centres like the famous Greyville Convention Centre located at Greyville Race Course in Durban is famous for hosting events of Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and it is also favourite for big corporates to organize business seminars. The Hact Training Centre is an ideal place for organizing unique conferences. Another the North Coast has the prestigious Mount Edgecombe Conference Centre. Apart from all these the free business seminars in Durban is also hosted by several business firms in some renowned parks like Themba Business Park and many others. Along with these The Hilton Durban, situated next to International Convention Centre contributes much to the growing business environment of the region.