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Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. You can learn various forms of art from dancing to sketching in Durban. There are designated classes, drama workshops, and art events in Durban for the same. If you just want to be a mere spectator you can attend theatre events and art exhibitions in Durban too.

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad, nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting? Well, just explore through the art & theatre events in Durban.

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Upcoming Arts Events in Durban

Date Event Venue
07 Jul 2024 Anywhere in your city - Season 5 People's Park, Moses Mabhida, Durban
03 Jul 2024 Ifa LoMkhono Tour - Suncoast Barnyard Barnyard Theater, Suncoast, Durban
02 Aug 2024 NYO Jazz in Durban South Africa Playhouse Theatre, Durban
29 Jun 2024 Kosha The Five Dimensions of Being Playhouse Theatre, Durban
31 Jul 2024 BARRY HILTON SUNCOAST BARNYARD Suncoast Barnyard, Durban
27 Jul 2024 Creative Minds Film Festival Courtyard Theatre, Durban
27 Jun 2024 Super Fantabulous BOOK SALE 27 -29 June Thurs -Fri-Sat Westville Village Mal Westville Village Market , Durban
07 Jul 2024 INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AND ARTES AWARDS 2024 (IWAA) Sibaya iZulu Theatre, Durban
31 Aug 2024 COMEDY FIESTA The Globe-Suncoast Casino, Durban
18 Jul 2024 IF4 Live Event Durban South Africa The Barnyard Theatre Suncoast, Durban

Alluring Art In Durban, Exhibition and Gallery

Durban is principal town of KwaZulu-Natal province, third most populated city in South Africa, located on the east coast. It attracts extensive tourism, thanks to its cozy subtropical climate and substantial beaches. Alongside tourism, the place is also blessed with an array of cultural gems and contemporary talents who showcase the art in Durban. The Durban art gallery presents a field of mesmerising visual pleasure and focuses mainly on the collection of the traditional researches and exhibition. The famous Dodds Gallery showcases the work of local South African artists and hosts new art exhibitions in Durban throughout the year. It is followed by Kznsa Gallery (KwaZulu Natal Society of Art) that was founded more than a century ago. It presents both local and global artists who show up with their art disciplines and events of art performance to an exhibition. Besides Durban art gallery, a glance through the city also presents various enchanting art scenes, from wall paintings to a dedicated street scene tours. This specific walk will let you witness the urban art and graffiti. You can also find some local street art paintings through the taverns and shacks.

Eye-catchy art museums in Durban

After the Durban art gallery, the city offers a vast collection of local historical facts, all presented by the enchanting museums. The African Art Centre is one of the oldest in Durban and provides support to over 600 artists to make their living out of talents. The Bergtheil Museum in Westville presents bits of history. Founded by Jonas Bergtheil, it is named after Martin West. Next comes the Old Court House Museum, one of the oldest in Durban that deserves a visit while you explore the place. There is no entry fee to the sight of interesting history presented by this museum. There are also other centres of art in Durban of which the African Art Centre deserves a mention. It is a non-profit development scheme with an aim to encourage the traditional artistic heritage of the place. The artist follows several patterns of art making from conventional to contemporary and the work results in the production of amazing, traditional Zulu beer pots, hand-embroidery, painting and beading, which as a whole form a home of art in Durban.

Annual art festivals in Durban

The annual art events in Durban is something that brings the city back to life, with irresistible parties and extensive markets and also features food stalls, local goods for sale, kids amusement programmes, etc. It also includes a music festival, which forms a lineup of famous DJ to play the hit numbers. The Comedy Jam session takes place where the best comedian gets to perform for the people and fills the environment with laughter chaos. One of the best events that take place annually in the South African Women’s Arts Festival (SAWAF) organised by The Playhouse Company. The event aims at acknowledging women art and talent and their role in society. It is conducted through various stage performance, tribute concerts, dance, drama, dialogue, music, art and craft. There are a number of art classes in Durban for various age groups to learn about art and other art related things. The African Art Centre facilitates craft projects training and workshop and exhibition to support the work of the local artists. The Centre For Fine Art Animation and Design (CFAD) offers graphic design courses and also conducts art classes with various programmes for teenagers.

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