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Family Constellations Therapy Workshop Fife

Family Constellations Therapy Workshop Fife

Are you ready to look? Let me help you.

Imagine a long pipe of love flowing from your ancestors all the way to the present day. In the past there has been trauma, and each of these traumas has blocked the pipe and the love cannot reach you. Not only that, but it's likely you are also carrying the traumas without even knowing it. You have inherited them, but they are not yours. It's time for us to give them back.

We will work as a group, using Family Constellation Therapy, to find the source of these blockages and put them back. You will first feel the imbalance, then when we put things in order you will feel the shift, and the love flowing again. There will be compassion, and each constellation will touch everyone in the room. We do this without the need for family members to be present. I will hold a very safe and loving space for you to give back whatever needs to be seen.

If you notice repetitive negative patterns or emotions in your life, if you often feel heavy, anxious, guilty, depressed, angry, sad, disconnected, unwell, overwhelmed, scared, not good enough, insecure, you push people away, you need people too much, you can't connect with your parents/children/partner/friends, you don't trust people, you have financial issues (the list goes on) these imbalances are not yours and it's time to release them and live your own life, feeling free and light.

This is a very powerful modality, with deep and fast shifts taking place. I had a client last week who has spent 15 years and thousands of pounds in therapy for sexual abuse, in one weekend he gave it all back, reclaimed his dignity and walked out a different man.

We will do 4 constellations in the day, this allows for a lot of group healing to take place.

What happens in a Constellation Workshop?
Having chosen a specific outcome, the Subject sets up their own Constellation with the guidance of the Facilitator, calling upon the other participants to represent his or her family members.
As the Constellation unfolds, whatever has stood in the way from the present or past - sometimes for many generations - is revealed and responded to. With the issue transformed, the Subject is free to step in to a much lighter way forward

You can choose to be the subject and we will look at your issue, or you can be a representative and participate in someone else's issue. As we all carry similar blockages, you will receive healing from other people's stories, and this may actually be more beneficial than diving straight in to your own first. If you come with any issue or intention, you can trust that it will always come up and healing will start, regardless of whether you are a subject or representative.

No experience is required, you will receive exactly what you are ready for.

Subject - £65 (we will look at your issue & you will be a representative in 3 others)
Representative - £15 (you will be a representative in 4 constellations)

Spaces are limited so please book early.
Payment can be made by bank transfer to
Vida Belsher
S/C 400638
A/C 25940117
Or paypal dmlkYWJlZSB8IGhvdG1haWwgISBjb20=

Much love ❤

Epigentics is showing that trauma, disturbed emotions and patterns are inextricably linked or embedded in the DNA we receive at birth. This is how we may be born into an automatic sense of guilt, shame, sadness, loneliness, anger or sabotage patterns that make no logical sense in our individual lives. And yet they continue to play out, unless they can be resolved.

Thinking or talking through such deeply felt issues does not resolve them, as they often require experiential processing. Even those who have done much personal development are still frustrated that they have not been able to free themselves from the patterns that bind them.

It is exciting to be working with Family Constellations at a time when neural science and epigentics are becoming mainstream with its capacity to educate the public in how genetic memory is transferred generationally. Interestingly neuroscience is adding the vital information that the brain is capable of rewiring itself. Rewiring new neural pathways for better feeling, mindset, health and wellbeing. These two ground-breaking jewels of information have the potential to change the way we view and treat mental health and wellbeing issues.

My name is Vida. I offer Reiki Healing, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal detox massage) and Family Constellations Therapy. When I was first introduced to this work 2 years ago, I wanted to run away as it seemed like drama class. However, the minute I stood in "The Field" as someone's father, I knew this was special. So special I have since done hundreds of constellations, and hosted workshops and retreats around the world.
"Healing doesn't mean the pain never existed, it means it doesn't control our lives anymore."

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