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Introduction to Fasciatherapy MDB: One-day Introduction “The Heart of Movement in the Art of Touch”

Mon Sep 21, 2020
Introduction to Fasciatherapy MDB: One-day Introduction “The Heart of Movement in the Art of Touch”

Time Mon Sep 21 2020 at 09:00 am to 07:00 pm

Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education, LLC, 31 W Superior St., Duluth, United States

USD 250

Introduction to Fasciatherapy MDB One-day Introduction  The Heart of Movement in the Art of Touch Introduction to Fasciatherapy MDB: One-day Introduction “The Heart of Movement in the Art of Touch”
-One-day: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
This 1-day workshop is designed to introduce the participant/bodyworker to the different concepts Fasciatherapy MDB has developed around the theme of ‘Movement’. This is a required workshop to enter the on-going Fasciatherapy MDB education series. Once a particpant has completed this one-day introduction you are welcome to join us at any time for a 3-day Fasciatherapy MDB workshops. The theme and focus of each 3-day workhsop will vary. (NOTE: you are welcome and encouraged to take this workshop more than once. Each time you will deepen your understanding and skill.)
In addition to the different forms of movement, gestural and manual techniques and the categorization of these, the relevant anatomy is presented in practical detail and the perceptual and manual competences are developed in guided hands-on protocols.
The concepts will allow the participants to differentiate the various concepts and principles of movement in their practise and apply the analytical, gestural and manual techniques specific to Fasciatherapy MDB.
The manual techniques presented are utilized to liberate articular blockages manually in the joints with the ‘analytic manual approach to the micro motility of the joints’.
There will be time assigned for discussion on how to integrate the new principles and techniques learned into participants existing practice and how these may aid the personal development of the practitioner.
About Fascia and Fasciatherapy MDB*
Fascia is an umbrella term for different types of connective tissue. It is also a dynamic sensory organ that envelops, connects, subdivides and ultimately penetrates all anatomical elements of our body. The importance of fascia has long been overlooked in the past and it is really an environment which acts as a sensory organ, it is in fact the fascia through which we experience our life, our being. Over the last decades, research from both regular and complementary medicine have begun to uncover how complex the importance of this tissue is for psychosomatic and physiological health.
Fasciatherapy is a manual and gestural therapy, founded deeply on the developments of the great osteopaths in history, it is in fact a form of osteopathy with an holistic approach which was developed by the French osteopath Prof. Danis Bois. His lifework created a form of manual therapy that reaches the being of a person on a profound somatic level through a specific mode of touch. The relationship of the client to her/his own perception is developed as the fascia releases and optimizes its tone into structural balance. As the tissue balances also the perceptual properties of this fascial environment are optimized, meaning the person becomes more present to their own experience of life. A sense of solidity of self can now nourish personal autonomy and enrich all actions and competences. This benefits the wellbeing and deepens the experience of relating in social contexts. The person experiences improved health and personal, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing.
In case of somatic or psycho-somatic imbalances Fasciatherapy MDB mobilizes both the organic and psychological vital resources. During treatment the fasciatherapist addresses the tissues and assists the self-regulating forces slowly and respectfully, without manipulating. It is a very gentle yet profound technique.
In Fasciatherapy MDB we have developed three major methods, we work with a specialized form of touch, sensorial introspection/meditation and a special protocol of movement, which enters deeply into the perceptual and muscular-motor habits of the client.
*Fasciatherapy MDB (Method Danis Bois)

About the Instructor(s):
Marcello Mindolph (Instructor)
MARCELLO WINDOLPH is a certified Fasciatherapist MDB based in Amsterdam. Having trained first in Chinese traditional arts of healing and ‘developing perception’, his passion turned into profession over the years. Marcello’s therapeutic approach is based in western scientific methods as a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapie MDB and Perceptual Education) and he is currently assisting the Perceptual Education course at the University in Paris and the Fasciatherapy MDB course in Clermont-Ferrand. Website:
Debra McLaughlin (Assistant) Debra McLaughlin is a certified Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Professional Midwife, educator, former birth doula, and mother. She has over 17 years of professional experience working with people of all ages using gentle hands-on therapy to restore balance the body. Debra had the great privilege to study with and assistant teach for Dr. Carol Phillips D.C., developer of Dynamic Body Balancing. An avid learner she has been studying Fasciatherapy MDB since 2017 in France. Debra is the founder of Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education and creator of MAP for Better Birth ™ . Debra has a private practice serving clients in Duluth MN and travels to teach around the USA and internationally.
-Regular Registration is $300 USD. (Closes 2 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop.)
-Early Registration Discount Price: $250 (register at least 6 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop to qualify.)
-Note: Any requests to attend after registration is closed can only be accommodated based on availably and will be charged $350 USD Class participation minimums must be met for this workshop to be held. If minimum is not met 4 weeks prior to the start of the event you will be notified that it will not happen. If this happens you will have the option to apply your tuition to a future event or receive a full-refund. Please keep this in mind when making airline reservations.
-All are welcome! This work is excellent for personal developement. Bodyworkers will find the study will enhance and develop their perception and ability to be more present with their clients.
Continuing Education Credits:
Have been applied for from:
- Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Waiver Required:
Participants will be required to sign a waiver regarding use of material presented
Attendance Policy
Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop. If there is a family emergency or life emergency, a student may be excused early. If a student misses 2 hours or less of the workshop, an assignment will be provided by the instructor(s) to make up the time missed. This assignment must be turned in 3 months, at the latest, once it is received by the participant. The participant is responsible for completing all aspects of the assignment in order to receive full credit for the time missed. Partial credit will not be assigned. Once the assignment is received and reviewed by the instructor(s), the student will receive their certificate of completion for the workshop. A fee of $75.00 will be assessed to process assignments.

If a student misses more than 2 hours of the workshop, they may do the assignment to make up the missed 2 hours, but will not be able to make up additional time. The only exception to this policy is an emergency situation – this means severe illness, hospitalization, etc. The participant will not be able to make up the time missed beyond 2 hours, and will only receive the number of continuing education units attended. This policy is not negotiable.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What to bring?
- Notebook and pen/pencil (no electronic devices are allowed in the teaching studio)
- Clothing to wear for movement
- No street shoes allowed in the studio

How will this be different from the myofascial work I have already studied?
Myofascial release involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Just as in Fasciatherapy there is an essential “time element”, the movements are slow and with a specific quality of ‘listening’.
While in Mfr this has to do with the viscous flow, biotensegrity of the tissue and the piezoelectric phenomenon: a low load (gentle pressure) applied slowly will allow a viscoelastic medium (fascia) to elongate, in Fasciatherapy MDB this quality of listening is of a different nature and achieved differently, with different effects as a result. in addition to the concepts of biotensegrity and the piezoelectric phenomenon Fasciatherapy MDB approaches the body’s fascia always as a part of a unity, of a whole which has developed according to certain form-function relationship. This can be adressed through the coherent associating movement schemes in the body. The tissue of concern is manually taken into elasticity (pressure) according to the associating movement schemes and techniques are now utilized which negotiate on a palpative level with the force of adaptation in the fascia which emerges from a complex communication throughout the fascia of the whole body.
What are my accommodation and parking options for the workshop?
We have an established discount rate with the Holiday Inn and Suites (accessible by skywalk) including complementary parking (you will receive the discount code after completing registration).
- Standard Room - $89/night + tax
- Two-Room Suite - $109/night + tax
- Executive Room - $119/night + tax
- Holiday Inn $10/day
- Tech Village $8/day
What are my options for meals?
- There are 12+ restaurants accessible without going outside (via the Duluth "Skyway") and numerous other restaurants and cafes within walking distance.
Is the classroom space handicapped accessible?
-Unfortunately, no, there is not an elevator in the building and a full flight of stairs up to the classroom space. If you need special accomodations please contact the organizer prior to registering.
Does this course qualify me to teach this material to other professionals?
-No, that's our job. This course will prepare you to use these techniques with your clients.

Cancelation/Refund Policy:
Cancellations may be made up until 60 days prior to the workshop, refunds will be made less a $25 processing fee. Between 60 and 30 days prior to the workshop refunds will be made less a $100 fee. Due to expenses being incurred well in advance of any workshop NO money will be refunded for cancellations after 30 days before a workshop date.
Substitutes: You may send a qualified participant in your place (please see details below*). If the organizer has a waiting list and someone from that list can take your place a 10% service charge will be deducted and the balance of your registration fee will be refunded.
Illness or other personal crisis: if you are unable to get to the workshop for whatever reason on the day of the workshop or if you leave the workshop early for any reason no part of your registration fee will be returned. If you do not show up without notice, no further financial arrangements will be made. Students who miss part or all of a day of a multi-day workshop are welcome to attend the other days. If CEU credit is being awarded your certificate will reflect only the amount of time you were actually in class.
If our instructor(s) are unable to teach the workshop it will be rescheduled and you will have the option of attending the makeup workshop or have your money fully refunded.

*Substitute Process: You may send a qualified participant in your place if arrangements are made at least 5 days prior to the workshop. A $25 processing fee will be charged. The person you are substituting to come must meet the prerequisites. To arrange a substitution you must provide us the full contact information of the person to whom you are giving or selling your registration. You may arrange a substitution by explaining your intent in an email with the full contact information of the substitute.
Make sure your substitute is eligible! If your substitute is not eligible, follow the refund schedule. It is your responsibility to work out the payment with your substitute.

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Tickets for Introduction to Fasciatherapy MDB: One-day Introduction “The Heart of Movement in the Art of Touch” can be booked here.

Ticket Information Ticket Price
Early Bird Discount USD 250
Regular USD 300
Late Registration USD 350
Scholarship Fund Donation Free
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