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Voices for Animation


Voices for Animation

Want to know how to explore and create voices for animation?
Looking for more depth, clarity and tone in your voice? Want to really connect with your character? Speech work is really important, but accents and particularly staying in those accents and voices can often cause problems for even the most seasoned performer.

Our voices for animation workshop with Helena Walsh will help boost your confidence and get you back on track and really connect to your characters voice!


TIME: 10AM to 5PM

VENUE: Helena Walsh Voice Studio, 9/10 Eustace Street, Templebar, Dublin

FEE: €90 Actors Rate

TO BOOK: DM aGVsZW5hd2Fsc2h2b2ljZWFuZGJvZHlzdHVkaW8gfCBnbWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==


Using Knight Thompson Speechwork to explore, create connect to voices for animation. This is a fun and physical approach to speech and accent work. If you wish to bring greater clarity to your speech or play with placing different accents then this is the workshop for you.


As European Director of The Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute, an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London and holding a certificate in Roy Hart Training, Helena is the Artistic Director and founder of “Helena Walsh Voice and Acting Studio” in Temple Bar, Dublin. We are an International Voice and Acting Studio where teachers and students alike come from all over the world. The Studio acts as a centre for cutting edge practice for an interdisciplinary approach to educating a truly empowered and embodied actor and individual.

Helena began her career as an actress and singer, before devoting her life to freeing and empowering others to become more alive on stage and screen and more effective communicators in their life and work. Her extensive knowledge of acting and singing for stage are the foundations on which she has built her practice and process. A unique element to this is her experience teaching and training with international practitioners, which gives her a unique perspective on voice, acting and personal development. She has travelled extensively to France, Italy, Spain, London, Ljubljana, Switzerland and LA to study the most innovative and inspiring approaches to voice and acting work worldwide.

As a leader who believes in bringing people from all over the world together and creating a space where they can feel empowered to have their unique voice heard, she has been co director of “The Fourth & Fifth International Freedom & Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference” in Dublin, 2016 & London 2018. Teachers and performers came from all disciplines in the art world to liberate their voices and listen beyond the borders of their own experience and history. Helena feels honoured to hold the role as Director of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Community in Europe, a community of forty-two teachers, across 20 countries who are practitioners and artists dedicated to making change first in ourselves and then from that in others and our communities. Helena runs retreats biannually with Benjamin Mathes, founder of Crash Acting, L.A in West Cork, where actors from Crash Acting Studios in LA fly to Ireland to work intensively with Irish actors on deepening their practice and process in acting and voice work. Helena also lead a “ Free Listening “ , project that she hosts in Dublin and around Ireland as part of the Urban Confessional Movement worldwide.

Helena also teaches Voice at Bow Street Film School. Over the past twenty years, she has taught extensively at The Gaiety School of Acting; the National Theatre School of Ireland; Trinity College Dublin on the BA in Acting and University College Cork on the B.A in Theatre Studies. Internationally she has taught at NYU’s overseas theatre programme for ten years consecutively; Eolia Conservatory Of Dramatic Arts, Barcelona; China at Shanghai Theatre Academy; The Accademia Dell’Arte, Tuscany, Italy; The Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and T.V. in Ljubljana, Slovenia and UCLA, California.

Helena is currently training in Organic Intelligence in Switzerland on their Human Empowerment and Resilience Training Programme, which works on PTSD, Anxiety & Stress offering tools to help clients and students move beyond trauma, integrating it into their lives and using it as a source of empowerment. She designs well being programmes for the corporate world and work with start ups and corporations like Google.

Helena uses Knight Thompson speech and accent work as the foundation for dialect work.

Knight-Thompson Speechwork is a highly effective, skills-based approach to speech and accent training for actors that places emphasis on developing the speaker’s detailed awareness of—and deep engagement with—the precise physical actions which make up speech. By combining a rigorous investigation of those actions with playful, experiential exercises, this work moves quickly and effectively past the usual interference that can make speech work difficult for many students.The primary guiding principle is curious, attentive interrogation—interrogation of what we’re doing physically when we speak; interrogation of what physical habits we may bring to the act of speaking that inhibit free and flexible expression; interrogation of what it is that makes speech intelligible or unintelligible; thoughtful investigation of what any text, moment, or medium might require from the actor in terms of skilled speech; interrogation of what, precisely, makes up what we call an ‘accent’; interrogation of what it is that allows actors to most efficiently, skillfully, and accurately adopt different accents.

There will be a week long KT Speechwork course in London this summer. For more details on this contact KT Speechwork.

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