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Drama And Theatre Events In Dublin

Theatre, Performances And Plays In Dublin

Attending a theatre workshop could be tremendous fun and an absolute stress buster. Be it improv, musicals, open mics, screening or performing arts in Dublin, we have got it all covered. If you wish to step into the world of theatre and want to learn acting or storytelling, you can even register for theatre workshops happening in Dublin. Express and Impress and Collaborate with the theatre artists and hone your skills by simply attending a few theatre events every week or during weekends. Find out the best theatre events in Dublin. You will be surprised to find yourself locked in a laughter riot with your friends.

Upcoming Theatre Events in Dublin

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    Theatre in Dublin

    The Dublin theatre scene is a small energized theatrical community, with a refreshed sense of culture. Dublin in itself is a rich area for theatre lovers, as it is a host to a mix of British, American and Irish actors along with award-winning directors, world-renowned musicians, and affordable tickets. What makes the city of Dublin all the more theatre friendly is that all the theatres are within a mile's distance from each other. Therefore one can totally walk from theatre to theatre to catch the different shows. Dublin theatre ranges from traditional plays and literally work to modern performing arts and there is always something available for everyone. It is not just restricted to theatre but also encouraged through top performing art centers, the Dublin Theatre Festival, theatre workshops and other such means. 


    Explore the Theatre scene in Dublin

    Dublin on account of being the home to some of the worlds greatest play writers has always had any combination of both Irish actors as well as actors from other parts of the world. Due to this feature, people from across the globe would come to Dublin just to catch world-renowned actors play parts they would not ordinarily play back home for a very affordable price. This lead to the development of some of the greatest and most beautiful theatres such as Gaiety, the Olympia and the Grand Canal and few small venues like the Project Arts Center. The Gaiety Theatre is one of the oldest theatre's in Dublin with a heritage of over 146 years. From comedy to drama, from concerts to dance to festivals, the theatre stands testimony to the change in Irish culture and hence must not be missed at all. There are different shows hosted through the day and the schedule can be procured online. While discussing the Dublin theatre scene, one must not miss out on the Olympia Theatre, the theatre is rich in history as it was established in the 1800s and continues to hosts international artists such as Adele where previously it has hosted icons like Charlie Chaplin. The Abbey Theatre is one of the more traditionally rich theatres of the Irish. Also known as the National Theatre of Ireland it continues to hosts different plays and other literally work and is a must-see for anyone interested in Dublin theatre. One must attend at least one play or plays in Dublin or a musical in Dublin if not the regular theatre shows in Dublin. 


    Get a dose of some drama in Dublin

    The theatre and drama scene in Dublin is like no other. With the availability of a number of theatres, people have also branched out into theatre festivals, hosting plays, conducting fest's and workshops to encourage local theatre. The Dublin theatre festival held for 18 days in the month of September- October hosts a variety of theatre such as the traditional Hamlet that was showcased in the 2018 festival or theatre left to one's imagination. In addition to this festival are the various workshops available for all ages such as Sunday Creative Drama for Kids, evening lectures held at Trinity College and the art history series held at the City Gallery.