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Restorative & Corrective Specialised Training for Yoga Teachers

Fri Oct 30, 2020
Restorative & Corrective Specialised Training for Yoga Teachers

Time Fri Oct 30 2020 at 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Yoga Dublin, 4a Rockfield Central, Balally Luas Station, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland 16, Dublin, Ireland

Restorative & Corrective Specialised Training for Yoga Teachers Restorative & Corrective Specialised Training for Yoga Teachers

Restorative Yoga: From the Yin (Passive) and Yang (Active) perspective
Corrective Movement Training: Individual Adaption & Hands-on Adjustment
Subtle Anatomy: Practices to awaken the subtle body (sukshma sharira)

Structure of programme:
Four Modules of 15 hours each held over Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday
Learn corrective techniques and restorative practices to:
• Learn set yoga sequences designed to target and release the Marma (Vital Points) system
• Learn techniques to alleviate pain and decrease stress levels significantly
• Learn activities that unravel established physical, mental and emotional patterns
• Bolster & Breath work – Learn and refine Restorative activities to address hormonal deficiencies and elevate mood & energy levels.
• Self–cultivation Practices – Learn Rejuvenating activities to increase immunity, increase kidney function, balance emotions and ground mental stress
• Hands-on adjustments related to the Marmas (Vital Points) on the body - Learn to balance different muscular patterns of the limbs and the use of different energetic patterns of organic activity
• Eliminate years of Pain & Discomfort – Learn & refine movements to release chronic muscular contraction in the Shoulder Girdle (Neck & Shoulders), the Pelvic Girdle (Lumbar, Psoas and Sacrum) and the Feet (Arches & Ankles)
• Resetting the Sensory-Motor Cortex bringing involuntary movement back under voluntary control through Somatic movement
• Cleanse internal organs - Learn correct inner focus & engagement of postures designed to strengthen and cleanse the internal organs
• Learn appropriate use of the arms and legs increasing circulation, space and support for the joints

Module 1: Oct 30th – Nov 1st 2020 The Limbs and the Marmas (Vital Points)
• The Origins of Marmasthana
• The Locations of the Marmas on the arms and legs
• Marma Massage – learn the self-healing art of massage
• Learn - The ‘Bones, Blood and Breath’ sequence that stimulate the blood, strengthen the bones and release blockages of the limbs – this can eventually be taught to students as a 20 -minute self- practice before adjustment
• Hands on Adjustments for the Primary Seats e.g. Virasana, Sankatasana, Yogasana etc.
• Learn to activate the connective tissue (Tendons) to support the structure of the bones
• Learn to correctly activate Mulabhanda (To bind the Root) and Agni Sara (Fire Essence) to stimulate the Inner fire and strengthen the Vital Organs
• Releasing the blockages associated with Fluid Movement (blood, lymph)
• Learn to access the interior (organs) through use of the periphery (limbs)

Module 2: February 5th - 7th 2021
The Back Body – Awakening the Unconscious
• Location of Marma on the Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles
• Learn the ‘Awakening the Unconscious’ sequence that awakens the back body, releases the blockages of the
hips and shoulder girdles and establishing movement from the center (Kanda)
• Understanding the subtleties of limb co-ordination on the energetic and organic level – increasing mobility and unlocking the natural patterns inherent to the shoulders and hips
• Hands -on adjustments for the Primary Asanas (e.g. Paschimottanasana, Janu Sirsasana, Ardha Baddha Paschimottanasana etc.
• Self -Cultivation Practices for expanding awareness to the unconscious body and awakening the Yang Meridians
• Sacred Movements: free the Sacral bone, its’ nerve and blood channels, to increase leg mobility
• Kidney Rejuvenation: Activities to restore and enhance kidney and adrenal function and minimise the use of
primordial Prana (inherited lifeforce)
• Head & Neck Marmas – Reduce mental stress through use of movement and touch

Module 3: April 2nd – 4th 2021
The Front Body – Abiding in the Palace of Jewels
• Learn to explore and awaken the Personal Power Center – All self-cultivating traditions recognise the importance of the Navel Center and the need to address the emotions and driving forces behind our personal will
• Unlocking the Center: Activating the Nabhi (Navel) with Uddiyana Bhanda
• Madya Nauli: Releasing excess heat from the abdominal fluids while increasing the wind (Vayu) and
stabilising the inner fire (Agni)
• Learn the correct use of Jiva Bandha (Tongue lock) – the ‘Lock of the Soul’ and its relationship to the energetic system of Hatha Yoga
• Learn the ‘Garland of Light’ sequence that opens the side body, waist & groins; preparing the body for the lightness needed to invert safely and effectively
• Hands-on Adjustments for Backward Bending, Side Bends and Twists e.g. Ustrasana, Dhanurasana, Ardha Matysendrasana etc.
• Free the Psoas – ‘Muscle of the Soul’ – Learn activities to connect with the most integral band of muscle in the body the Iliopsoas - improve postural mobility & increase space within the abdominal cavity which improves breathing and digestion.

Module 4: May 14th – 16th 2021
To Restore Oneself - Cultivating a balance of Yin (Passive) & Yang (Active) energies
• Yin (Passive) – Learn 3 specific sequences involving support i.e. bolsters, chairs & blankets etc.: 1. Soothe and Bathe: The Pituitary and Pineal Glands
2. Rejuvenate the Hormones: The Adrenals and Thyroid Glands
3. Purify the Blood: Strengthen the Immune system (Thymus Gland)
• Learn the Daily Cat Stretch of Somatics as taught by Thomas Hanna (the founder of Somatic Movement Education or SME). This sequence of slow, deliberate movements covers the entire range of functional muscular activity
• Breath Work – Learn to cultivate a balance between internal bandha engagement (active) and embryonic (passive) breathing
• Yang (Active) - Learn 3 active sequences to awakening the mind and energise the body:
1. Churning of the Circulating Wind (Vyana Vayu)
2. Embracing the Tree – Cultivate the life force (Prana) through stance work
3. Awakening the 8 Rivers - Opening the Peripheral Nadis
Application information and requirements:
This course is open to experienced students and teachers of yoga whether for your own personal development or to enhance and contribute to your own teaching. It is important that one is familiar with the Primary Asanas in your own practice before embarking on learning adjustments for them.
We invite all applicants to fill out an application form on the website

Course Fee: €1200.00 early bird, (paid in full to Vinyasa Yoga by 15th of July 2020). €1395.00 thereafter. Please get in contact should you wish to arrange an installment plan.

About David Curtis
David Curtis SME, E-RYT 500 has been studying Bodywork, Somatic movement, Chi Kung and Hatha yoga for over twenty years. His 2-year comprehensive teacher trainings are widely respected throughout Ireland and have run since 2006, training over 200 students in that time. He currently runs individual hands-on adjustment classes and workshops where he uses a range of skills to adapt to an individual’s needs. Using knowledge of the Marma system as well as stress and movement patterns, he uses specific techniques & adjustments to release chronic tension and free the limbs and spine from obstruction. Through years of yoga and chi -kung practices he has learnt and developed a series of sequences that can enhance the effectiveness of the practitioner and by extension the teacher.

Although none of these activities belong to any one person the format and description of this training is the intellectual property of and its founder David Curtis.

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About The Host: Three studios: Ranelagh - 28a Dartmouth Road Dundrum - Balally Luas Station Rathmines - 111 Rathmines Road Lower (above Gold Rush casino)
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Nearby Hotels Yoga Dublin, 4a Rockfield Central, Balally Luas Station, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland 16, Dublin, Ireland
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Yoga Dublin, 4a Rockfield Central, Balally Luas Station, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland 16, Dublin, Ireland

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