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Epic Connection Family Reunion

Epic Connection Family Reunion

Nowadays there are so many "workshops" and "events" where there are rules and agendas and its all very serious. 

Lets be very clear on something. Life is wayyyyyyyyy too short to be spending hours of your life in a fake environment where (more than likely) someone is there trying to sell something to someone else, people are wearing clothes they wouldnt usually wear, and small talk is the topic on everyones lips.

As an Empath, I've been there, I've worn the suit, I've had the business cards, I've flashed the smile and charisma, and it's been DRAINING! 

Nope. Nope. Nope.

I've been running around, have been a busy mess, saying yes to everyone, getting nowhere, and just being exhausted from it. I can't talk for other people, but it just wasn't the right environment for me. I need to be super selective with the groups I connect with and the energies I surround myself with.

And then I figured, while I'm home visiting in Ireland, why not create meet ups (or our Family Reunion, cos we are all family right? :D ) That feels delish!! That is created on the premise of connection, honesty, being ourselves, feeling relaxed, having a laugh, co-creating an Epic experience that we can look back on and smile about.

Get togethers that we all WANT to be there for, that we would go back for more, that we want to bring a friend and family to because there are no hidden agendas, no dress codes, no business cards, no fakeness.

So, as a group we have co-created something magical :D 

These meet-ups are max. 25 attendees per group so as to protect the energy and to maximise the experience for everyone. But we also need a minimum of 25 family members too (you as a reader are a family member! And so are any guests you want to bring!) to bring that special energy and magic to the room :) So if one of the events is low in numbers we will either need to cancel or make a push to invite more along :) It a group effort :) 

So here is how it'll look :)

You, me, and 24 other beautiful souls meet up in some hotel in Dublin (Venue to be decided) for three hours. There is music, laughter, conversation, and permission to be yourself. As your Power and Connection Specialist, we can open dialogue as a group about mindset, boundary work, communication, relationships, connecting into who you really are, or whatever we decide on the day - there are no rules! :) 

We will have a photographer to capture our family photos, and a videographer to create a short summary video to capture the whole experience for us :) 

And we will have extra special guests on the day to treat us and to help us fill up our cup all for free while we are there :)

Oh! And an afterparty for all attendees too!!! More details of this at the event :) 

The idea is that we leave the Reunion FULLER than when we entered it, we feel WHOLER not energetically drained and exhausted, and like we somehow violated our integrity, personal and professional boundaries.

So this is it! Epic Connection Family Reunion.

Across two weekends we will host eight family reunions and two after parties. You're welcome to come to multiple reunions as each will be different. The conversations will be co-created as a group and each group will bring different insights, energy, experience etc. You can come to all eight if you want!! I'll be at them all ! :)

Ticket price covers the cost of the room, photographer, videographer, special guests and coaching hence the minimum numbers requirement also.

I can see and feel how magical this can and will be. I know that these events are needed and I know that they can create such a postive experience for all the attendees :)

No Negative Nancies Allowed

No Selling at the event

No Dress code - wear what feels fab :)

Arrive on time

No alcohol or drugs to be consumed before or during the event.
Ticket Information Ticket Price
Family Reunion VIP Ticket EUR 25

Map TBD, Dublin, Ireland
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