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    Business in Dublin

    The capital of Ireland, Dublin is the largest city of Ireland famous for its Irish culture, traditions, food, sports, music, tourist attractions, theatre, etc. It is also the economic hub of Ireland and one of the top global cities for doing business in the world. Business in Dublin is on the rise with its young and highly talented workforce, Government tax and policies favoring businesses and government support to start a business. Dublin Startup scene is also on the boom with a favorable environment and young skilled population. 


    Dublin Business Scene

    Dublin is the economic center of the Republic of Ireland has always been at the forefront of economic matters of the country. Dublin has been one of the world’s richest cities by its purchasing power and due to high personal income. Out of the total employed people of Ireland, the maximum is in Dublin. In fact, almost 60% of people employed in Ireland’s ICT, financial and professional sectors are in Dublin. Dublin has many global pharmaceutical, financial and Information and communications technology companies. Dublin is sometimes referred to as Tech Capital of Europe due to the operational bases or headquarters of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Accenture, and Pfizer. Many international financial companies and banks have their major headquarters in Dublin. Some of these include Citibank, Internet Neutral Exchange, and the Irish Stock Exchange. The construction industry is also at an upsurge in Dublin with large redevelopment projects in Dublin Docklands and Spencer Dock.


    Dublin Business Venues

    Dublin has grown into a global business hub due to its compact size, ease of doing business and being the only English speaking capital in the Eurozone. Business events in Dublin are on the boom due to the numerous business venues present in the city. Dublin’s International Financial Service centre has more than half of top 50 of the world’s top banks and many top insurance companies. Convention Centre is very popular for business events like conferences, business summits, seminars, expos, etc. It has amazing auditoriums, halls/facilities, meeting rooms, etc. equipped for any business event plus in its vicinity are various hotels, room for the business delegates. It is also at walking distance from most tourist attractions and nightlife places, making it easier and convenient for the delegates to unwind after a hectic business event. Some other venues in Dublin are the Mansion House, Citywest Hotel, RDS venue, Croke Park, and Aviva stadium. 


    Dublin Business Events

    Dublin effortlessly combines modern business dynamics with its traditional values and laid-back Irish quality, making it an exciting city for business tourists from across the world. It scores high on facilities, accessibility and the service to its business tourists. Due to all these reasons, the Dublin Conference are becoming big in business tourism. Some of the major business events in Dublin are All Ireland Business Summit, Biz Expo, eCommerce Expo, Irish Travel industry Trade show, Techconnect lives, Positive Pro strategy retail, Women’s Empowerment Summit, New Ag International Conference and Exhibition, and European Nutrition Conference.