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Travel & Adventure Events in Dubai

Adventure, Outdoor Events And Trekking In Dubai

To Travel the world is to travel within oneself. For all the adrenaline junkies out there are cool adventure events in Dubai like hiking in the forests, camping in mountains, hanging by the cliffs and a lot more. An adrenaline rush is sure to have when one is out there on adventure. Whether it’s swimming, river rafting, rappelling , riding with motorcycle club or cycling with friends or just a weekend getaway near Dubai, we have got you covered.

Find your adventure and trips near Dubai.

Upcoming Trips & Adventurous Activities in Dubai

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    Adventures In Dubai

    Dubai a city larger than life is home to more than 230 nationalities from throughout the world. It is covered with skyscrapers, shopping malls, luscious street food and the vibrant culture matching up the Bedouin traditions and International influence. Dubai is a perfect combination of a beach dessert. If one wants to feel the high adrenaline rush it is a perfect place as Dubai adventures give a perfect setting to that. Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah, get yourself rolled up in the sand dunes or feel the heat above the city in a hot air balloon. Let your stomach have some butterflies and your mind boggle while you visit the sparkling city at night and dance around.

    Adventure Sports In Dubai

    Desert Safari: Let your body feel the heat in the sand dunes of Dubai. Make yourself drowned in the beauty and heat of the desert and let adrenaline rush through every part of your body. Drive a monstrous SUV and experience some finest experiences of dune bashing, sand boarding, quad biking, and camel desert safaris. You can also plan day trips from Dubai to these deserts and spend the night there. Water Sports: Welcome to the world of fascination and experience the white sandy beaches, and while you also experience some adventurous water sports. Dubai has some quaint beaches which can give you some amazing water sports like diving, water skiing, kayaking, banana rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and even fishing. Boat trips in Dubai are also available to travel and experience the whole city through a boat.

    Skydiving: Sky shouldn’t be the limit but definitely the ceiling to catch hold of the clouds and dreams. Dive in the sands of Dubai and make your experience an extraordinary one. Nothing could be more exciting than catching your breath from above the Palm Jumeirah. 

    Let Your Eyes Pop Out!

    Among some of the natural places to plan your adventure trip, there are also some of the best man-made adventure parks in Dubai that let you spend the whole day having fun with your family.At the Top Burj Khalifa Experience: Let your fears go away to the sky from the 124th floor of the world’s tallest man-made building. Let your eyes have the candy of a stunning skyline and hold a picture in your heart. At the top are the observation deck and the views which one can cherish for a lifetime. Do take the souvenirs from the 124th floor so you could just mesmerize the beauty of the city forever. Seaplane Tour by Seawings Dubai: Ever experienced a water landing? Take the Seaplane Tour over Dubai for an aerial and spinning view of the mesmerizing coastline. What could be actually better than flying over the spectacular skyscrapers and catching the glimpse of the Palm Jumeirah Island, Burj Khalifa and the complete Dubai skyline! The 40-minute ride will give a lifetime memory to feel upon the beauty of Dubai and its heat.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides: A spectacular sunset or a sunrise what’s more romantic or peaceful? Choose the beginning or the ending of the day in an adventurously spectacular way. Beat the heat by elevating the mounds of sand and feel the actual essence of Dubai. The hot air balloon offers you the most heart-warming views as you learn the purity of Dubai. You can plan your summer camps in Dubai with these balloon rides and camp somewhere at the outskirts of the city. Get yourself in the escapade and keep on rolling with the world’s most vibrant cultural city!