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SWAN LAKE-The Royal Moscow Ballet-Dubai-May 2013


SWAN LAKE-The Royal Moscow Ballet-Dubai-May 2013

ALCHEMY PROJECT Proudly Presents, one of the most famous musical ballet shows in the world, by one of the Most famous and world class ballet companies in the world:

★★★★★★★★★★★SWAN LAKE★★★★★★★★★★★
★★★★★★★★By Royal Moscow Ballet ★★★★★★★★
------------The Crown Of Russian Ballet -----------

★★★★Accompanied by Royal Moscow Orchestra★★★★

★Starting on May 9th 2013 until May 13th 2013
★At Dubai World Trade Centre★
★A Sold Out show in Over 15 countries★
To read about the Swan Lake story and show details, Visit:
*Read about the story of Swan Lake*

Prince Siegfried arrives at his 21st birthday celebration on the palace courtyards to find all of the royal families and townspeople dancing and celebrating, while the young girls are anxiously seeking his attention. During the exquisite celebration, his mother gives him crossbow and informs him that because he is of age now, his marriage will be quickly arranged. Hit with the sudden realization of his future responsibilities, he takes his crossbow and makes haste to the woods with his hunting buddies.

Getting ahead of the group, Prince Siegfried finds himself alone in a peaceful spot by an enchanted lake where swans gently float across its surface. While Siegfried watches, he spots the most beautiful swan with a crown on its head. His buddies soon catch up, but he orders them to leave so he can be by himself. As dusk falls, the swan with the crown turns into the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen. Her name is Odette, the Swan Queen. She informs the young prince that an evil sorcerer, Von Rothbart, who so happens to be disguised as Prince Siegfried’s mentor, has turned her and the other girls into swans and that the lake was formed by the tears of their parents' weeping. She tells him that the only way the spell could be broken is if a man, pure in heart, pledges his love to her. The Prince, about to confess his love for her, is quickly interrupted by the evil sorcerer. He takes Odette from Prince Siegfried’s embrace and commands all of the swan maidens to dance upon the lake and its shore so that the prince cannot chase them. Prince Siegfried is left all alone on the shore of Swan Lake.

The next day at the formal celebration in the Royal Hall, Prince Siegfried is presented with many prospective princesses. Although the princesses are worthy of his attention, he cannot stop thinking about Odette. His mother commands him to choose a bride, but he cannot. For the time being, he satisfies his mother's request by dancing with them. While the prince dances, trumpets announce the arrival of Von Rothbart. He brings his daughter, Odile, on whom he has cast a spell to appear as Odette. The prince is captivated by her beauty and he dances with the imposter. Unbeknownst to Prince Siegfried, the true Odette is watching him from a window. The prince soon confesses his love to Odile, thinking that she is Odette. To Odette’s horror, she flees into the night. Prince Siegfried sees the real Odette fleeing from the window and realizes his mistake. Upon his discovery, Von Rothbart reveals to the prince the true appearance of his daughter Odile. Prince Siegfried quickly leaves the party and chases after Odette.

Odette has fled back to the lake and joined the rest of the girls in sadness. Prince Siegfried finds them gathered at the shore consoling each other. He explains to Odette the trickery of Von Rothbart and she grants him her forgiveness. It isn’t long before when Von Rothbart and Odile appear in their evil, un-human, somewhat bird like, forms. Von Rothbart tells the prince that he must stick to his word and marry his daughter. A fight quickly ensues. Prince Siegfried tells Von Rothbart that he would rather die with Odette than to marry Odile. He then takes Odette’s hand and together they jump into the lake. The spell is broken and the remaining swans turn back into humans. They quickly drive Von Rothbart and Odile into the water where they, too, drown. The girls watch the spirits of Prince Siegfried and Odette ascend into the heavens above Swan Lake.


★About Swan Lake show★

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Choreography: Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Anatoly Emelianov.

Act One.

The Palace Courtyard, late afternoon.

It is Prince Siegfried’s 21st birthday. Young people have gathered to celebrate the occasion, including the Prince’s friend Benno and Wolfgang, his old tutor. The festivities are spirited and there is much dancing and games. In the midst of the activity the Prince’s mother arrives to remind her son that his coming of age is a serious affair – it is a time for him to marry. A ball has been arranged for the following evening and there, from a group of prospective fiancees, he is to choose a bride. Siegfried is disconsolate at the thought of his carefree youth slipping away. He has no desire to marry. The day draws to a close and in an attempt to cheer his friend, Benno points to a flock of wild swans in flight and suggests a hunting expedition. Deciding that the night is still to be enjoyed, Siegfried orders pursuit.

By the lake – evening.

The hunting party follows the swans through the woods, reaching a clearing where they have settled on a nearby lake. Siegfried’s attention is suddenly attracted by a beautiful white swan which is transformed into a lovely young maiden. She is Odette, Queen of the Swans. The evil sorcerer Von Rothbart holds her under his spell – by day she and her friends are swans, and swans they must remain, except between midnight and dawn when they may resume their human form. Only the pure love of a young man can remove the curse. Astonished by her beauty and full of love for Odette, Siegfried’s love will destroy Von Rothbart’s power. Von Rothbart suddenly appears in the form of an owl, beckoning menacingly to Odette. As dawn breaks, the lovers bid farewell. Odette returns to the lake, resuming her guise as a swan, and Von Rothbart plots to make the Prince break his vow.


Act Two.

The Castle Ballroom – the following evening.

The entire court is assembled for Siegfried’s betrothal ball, the invited princesses and the their families eagerly awaiting the decision of the Prince. The Prince’s mother indicates he is to choose a bride from the maidens present, but none pleases him. The young Prince’s mind is still filled with images of the beautiful Odette. Mindful of his vow of fidelity, he pays little attention to the eligible young women with whom he is presented. Suddenly, a fanfare announces the arrival of two new guests. It is Von Rothbart, disguised as a nobleman, and his daughter Odile. The Prince stands transfixed by her likeness to Odette and, overwhelmed by the unexpected appearance of his true love, he asks her to dance. Odile so bewitches the Prince that he asks for her hand in marriage. Convinced that he is with his beloved Odette, he declares his fidelity in front of all present. Triumphantly, Von Rothbart and Odile reveal themselves. The Prince realizes too late that he is a victim of their cruel treachery. Odette has been betrayed, and now can never be released from her enchantment. In despair, the Prince runs to the lake to search for her.

The lake – later that evening.

Shore of Swan Lake. The gloomy, anxious night. Overwhelmed with grief Odette tells her friends of Siegfried’s betrayal. Female swans miss: their hope to be released is lost. Siegfried rushes. He has not violated his oath: there, in the castle, in Odile he has seen his Odette; his love has been paid to her. Von Rothbart is in a rage against the forces of nature lovers. It starts with a storm, lightning. But nothing can break a young, pure love and separate Odette and Siegfried. Then Von Rothbart himself enters into combat with the Prince and dies. Its charms are collapsing.
Odette and Siegfried, surrounded by Odette’s friends, joyfully greeted the first rays of Rising Sun

★About Moscow Royal Ballet★

The turn of the centuries always witnessed the appearance of new art trends. Contemporaries depicted every epoch and provoked new ideas and thoughts.
"The Crown of Russian Ballet" was founded in 1997 as the choreography of the day demanded new repertoire. The first production was Cross Winds to Chopin’s music. Now, years after, this performance as well as other productions of this company, is included in the theatres’ repertoire around the globe. Last year Cross Winds was a huge success at the Metropolitan Classical Ballet, USA. "The Crown of Russian Ballet" also stages such pieces as Daylight Leaves the Earth, Gypsy Motives, Romeo and Juliet, Juno and Avos, Carmen, Tristan and Isolde, Kursk Songs. Every theater’s repertory is based on classical ballets. Gems by Petipa, Fokine, Gorsky, as well as lyrics by Pushikin, Esenin, Lermontov and music by Tchaikovsky, Musorgsky, Stravinsky will always be masterpieces. They convey eternal values to every generation. "The Crown of Russian Ballet" boasts of such pieces as the Nutcracker, Cinderella, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, and Giselle.
Dancers develop their talent on classical choreography. The company consists of the best Russian choreography schools graduates.
Moscow Ballet Theatre "The Crown of Russian Ballet" has toured successfully around the globe: in Austria, Botswana, Canada, China, Costa-Rica, Great Britain, Guatemala, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Salvador, Singapore, South African Republic, Spain, Sri-Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Vietnam, Ukraine, USA, Zambia and in Russia itself.
The company is headed by Anna Alexidze, the representative of a famous ballet dynasty, and Anatoly Emelianov, the choreographer.
★★★★★★★★★★★Ticket Prices★★★★★★★★★★

★Silver Seats = AED 250
★Gold Seats =Starting from AED 300,up to AED 350
★Platinum Seats=Starting from AED 600, up to AED 800
★Royal Seats= AED 1,500

★Platinum and Royal Tickets entitle the Ticket Holder to a Luxurious 3 Course Meal at the Breathtaking CAVALLI RESTAURANT/LOUNGE,valid for a period of 30 days.

★Tickets are exclusively sold by PLATINUMLIST.AE.
★For More info visit www.SwanLakeDubai.com

For More info Visit

More detail about the prices and the dates of the shows will be announced shortly on www.swanlakedubai.com

register on the website now to be the first one to know about the details of the show.
★Brought to you by: ALCHEMY PROJECT(Organizer)

★Platinum Sponsors:
Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge, Marhaba Deals

★Gold Sponsors: FOX, Creative Studio,Broadcast,7Days,OSN & Capital Marketing

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