9th National Cultural Jubilation-2024

9th National Cultural Jubilation-2024

9th National Cultural Jubilation-2024

Thu Sep 05 2024 at 02:00 pm to Sat Sep 07 2024 at 07:00 pm

Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh


9th National Cultural Jubilation-2024, 5 September | Event in Dhaka | AllEvents.in About the event 9th National Cultural Jubilation-2024
Get ready for the immersive experience of a grand cultural celebration as Notre Dame College eagerly anticipates the arrival of the '9th National Cultural Jubilation.' Our cultural legacy not only roots us in our heritage but also ignites inspiration and delight. Building upon the triumph of its predecessor, the '8th National Cultural Jubilation,' the Notre Dame Cultural Club proudly unveils the long-awaited '9th National Cultural Jubilation,' set to transpire from September 5th to September 7th, 2024. A rich tapestry of events awaits participants, spanning Singing Competitions across Nazrul-Geeti, Rabindra-Sangeet, Patriotic, Folk, Classical and Modern genres. Additionally, indulge in Instrumental Music Competitions, featuring both solo and group performances, alongside a thrilling Battle of the Bands and Beatbox Brawl. Delve into the realms of poetry with Poem Recitations, showcase your acting prowess in Solo Acts, engage in Stand up comedy and Cosplay for entrancing and mesmerising audiences with your captivating performances and immerse yourself in captivating dances with Solo and Group Performances. But that's not all—test your penmanship in the Handwriting Competition, captivate audiences as an anchor in the Anchoring Competition, and unleash your creativity in the Wall Magazine Contest, Scrapbook and showcase your potentialities in becoming Quiz Maestro. Let your colours dance freely on the canvas of innocence at the Children's Art.
Seize this extraordinary opportunity—register now and become an integral part of the forthcoming cultural extravaganza at Notre Dame College.

We kindly request your esteemed presence to peruse the meticulously curated Event Details and engage in enlightening discussions within the Discussion Section, where you'll find the much-awaited Form Link awaiting your attention. Your participation is highly appreciated.

◑ Registration Fee for the segments – Will be announced very soon
◑ A participant can compete in up to five events.
◑ Every Participant will be provided with 'Participation Certificate'.
◑ No Spot Registration for BeatBox Brawl and Mega Quiz.

We understand that you may be excited about the event, so please take a moment to review the event details below.

Here are the categories for the upcoming competition:
1.Primary(P): for students in Class 1-5
2 Junior(J): for students in Class 6-8
3.Secondary(S): for students in Class 9-10
4.Higher Secondary(HS): for students in Class 11-12 & HSC'24

The following events will be held:
1. Master of Melodies (সঙ্গীত প্রতিযোগিতা)
2. Music Maestro Discovery (যন্ত্রসঙ্গীত প্রতিযোগিতা)
3. Battle of Bands
4. Beatbox Brawl
5.Dramatic Soliloquy (একক অভিনয়)
6. Quest for Superhero Masterminds
7.. Bookworm Battle (বই ভিত্তিক কুইজ)
8. Stanza Showcase কবিতা আবৃত্তি)
9. Canvas Kids (শিশুতোষ চিত্রাঙ্কন)
10. Solo Motion Showcase (একক নৃত্য)
11. Harmony in Motion (দলীয় নৃত্য)
12. Artistry of Letter(হাতের লেখা)
13.Extemporal Pauciloquy (উপস্থাপনা প্রতিযোগিতা)
14. Literary Landscape (দেয়াল পত্রিকা)
15. Scrapbook Symphony
16. Brain Battle Royal
17. Stand-up Showdow
18. Cultural Aesthetics

All principal and submission rounds for the events will be held offline at Notre Dame College, Dhaka. However, preliminary selection rounds for Battle of the Bands will be online.

The time for the Opening Ceremony will be announced at a later date. We will also be publishing the schedule for the events soon. Stay tuned for updates.

1. Master of Melodies
"A grand display of flawless vocals"
◑ Following genres are opened for the competition:
Rabindra Sangeet (রবীন্দ্র সংগীত)
Nazrul Sangeet (নজরুল সংগীত)
Modern Song (আধুনিক সংগীত)
Folk Song (লোক সংগীত)
Patriotic Song (দেশাত্মবোধক সংগীত)
Classical Song (উচ্চাঙ্গ সংগীত)

Rules & Regulations-
◑Contests for each genre will be held separately, and every genre is considered an individual event.
◑Participants can perform in maximum 3 Genres.
Eligible Category: S, HS

2. Music Maestro Discovery
"Where the finest instrumentalists come to dazzle and inspire"
Rules & Regulations
Participants will get a maximum of 4 minutes for their performance
Participants must be present with their own musical instruments. No instrument will be provided by the organisers for this segment.
Note: Participants can play both Eastern and Western instruments (Except Harmonium).
Eligible Category: Open For All

3. Battle of the Bands
The Most Awaited Battle of Bands is Back.
Notre Dame Cultural Club is arranging a battle among the school and college-level bands.
Showcase your Talent in the Band Music of Bangladesh and Get your band signed up today!
The top 8 Bands will be selected in the Final Battle.
Every shortlisted Band will have to pay a minimal amount(To be announced) as the entry payment process will be sent via email/contact as they are selected as one of the top 8 Bands.
Send us your Jamming Videos with the Tracklist in a Google Drive folder and Details below
Rules & Regulations
◑ To be Announced.
Eligible Category: Open for all

4. Beatbox Brawl
With remarkable skills, artists mimic drum beats and instruments, Beatbox is captivating audiences worldwide.
Beatbox battles showcase diverse talent. Come and showcase your skills and impress our judges to be the champion.
Rules & Regulations
It is a Solo Event.
All the Beatboxers will showcase their beatboxing skills within 3-4 minutes.
Firstly, judges will select the top 8 from the prevailing participants.
The "Ultimate BeatBox War" will be held among the top 8 Participants
The Judges, on behalf of Notre Dame Cultural Club, will decide the best beatboxer out of all the participants by judging their skills.
Use of negativity or curse words while beatboxing/during the rounds/throughout the battle is strictly prohibited.
The judge's decision will be considered absolute for the battles. No complaint will be granted.
Eligible Category: Open for all

5. Dramatic Soliloquy
"Become a true ace of the stage showcasing your solo acting performance"
Rules and Regulations
Self Selection
Time - 3 minutes
Participants are allowed to wear necessary costumes.
Eligible Category: S, HS

6. Quest for Superhero Masterminds
"Where fans of DC and Marvel face off in the ultimate test of knowledge"
Rules & Regulations
This event will be open for all.
Quiz Questions will be set from popular DC & Marvel movies, tv shows & comics.
There will be only one written round
This is a solo event
Use of smartphones, laptops or tablets is forbidden
Eligible Category: Open for All

7. Bookworm Battle
"Show your strength in book knowledge and become a titan of tomes"
Preliminary Round
Final Round
Rules and Regulations
There will be a preliminary round and a final round.
A team must be formed.
All members of the same team must be from the same institution.

Book List – Will be announced very soon
Eligible Category: J, S, HS

8. Stanza Showcase
"Resonate with the audience through the power of poetic recitation"
Rules & Regulations
Subject - OPEN
Time: 2-3 mins.
Participants can recite their own poems
Participants can start reciting from any line of a poem
Eligible Category: S, HS

9. Canvas Kids
"Where every child artist's creativity shines brightly on the canvas"
Completely open up to class 5.
Event is Free of Cost
Organisers will provide pages for the artwork. Other necessary things should be brought.

10. Solo Motion Showcase
"Where solo dancers compete to reign supreme and build their legacy"
Rules & Regulations
Participants will be allowed to perform traditional Dance.Any sort of Western Dance isn't allowed.
Participants can only play Bangla and Classical Hindi song as Background Music.Playing of Dj,hip hop music isn't allowed
A green room will be provided.
Eligible Category: S, HS

11. Harmony in Motion
"Dance together, groove together and compete together"
Rules & Regulations
Only group performances are allowed
Participants will be allowed to perform traditional Dance.Any sort of Western Dance isn't allowed.
Participants can only play Bangla and Classical Hindi song as Background Music.Playing of Dj,hip hop music isn't allowed
A green room will be provided. They can bring necessary costumes for performance
Eligible Category: S, HS

12. Artistry of Letter
"Celebrate the art of handwriting and find harmony in every letter"
Contestants will have to write down a passage regarding a particular topic which will be selected instantly.
Eligible Category: P,J, S, HS

13. Extemporal Pauciloquy
"Make an instant impact with your powerful extempore speeches"
Rules & Regulations
Speaking Must be done in Bengali
Participants will have to choose a topic from a lottery and are allowed to participate with necessary outfits.
Eligible Category: S, HS

14. Literary Landscape
"Display your artistic impressions through a wall magazine"
Topic: Will be announced very soon
Rules & Regulations:
Participants can only make a wall magazine with one topic stated above.
A team must be formed.
All members of the same team must be from the same institution.
The dimensions of the wall magazine should not exceed 5x3 feet.
Bring necessary accessories for your wall magazine (multi-plug for electricity connection, scissors, glue etc.).
Bring your wall magazine to display on the due time updated in the event schedule.
During the judgement, at least one member must be present to demonstrate the ideas of the wall magazine. Otherwise, you might be disqualified.
Eligible Category: J, S, HS

15. Scrapbook Symphony
"Compose a symphony of memories in your scrapbook masterpiece"
Rules & Regulations
The submission date will be announced.
Participants must make a scrapbook on the mentioned topic by themselves.
Topic: Will be announced very soon
Eligible Category: J, S, HS

16. Brain Battle Royale
"Embark on a quest of knowledge in this ultimate mega quiz challenge"
Event type : Team (each team must consist 5 members)
The whole quiz will be conducted in an Interactive Audio-Visual round.
Participants from Junior, Secondary, Higher secondary, and University levels can participate in the event and there is no institutional barrier.
A preliminary round will take place first and then we'll move to the final round.
There are no specific topic guidelines for this event.
The decision of the quiz masters will be considered final.
Eligible Category : Open for all

17. Stand-up Showdown
"Prepare for a comedic showdown where only the funniest will prevail
We give all the young comedians out there a platform to tickle the audience with the best of your comic skills. Be the reason for all the giggles and laughs around, and be the best of all.
Rules & Regulations
It is an individual competition
Time limit is 4-5 Minutes.
Participants will be judged on the basis of content, fluency, spontaneity, presentation & sense of humour.
No participant can point out any individual or religion in any way, and any dual meaning obscene content is strictly not allowed.
Negative marking for exceeding time limit.
Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Eligible Category: Open for All

18. Cultural Aesthetics
"Pursue perfection in every pixel and excel in this photography competition"
Rules & Regulations
❖ Photographs must capture aspects of culture from any part of the country.
❖ Only original photographs taken by the participants are eligible. No plagiarism or digital manipulation beyond basic editing is allowed.
❖ Photographs should respect cultural sensitivities and must not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.
❖ High-resolution images in JPEG or PNG format are accepted through Online Submission.
❖ There will be a pre-selection among the online submitted photographs. Selected photographs will be displayed
Eligible Category: Open for all


Please adhere to the guidelines listed below:
- All school and college students must wear their uniform and ID card. Having only an ID card is also allowed.
- Guardians and visitors are cordially welcomed.
- Participants must be present at least one hour before the event starts.
- Spot Registration will be available until 1 hour before the segment schedule time.
- The decisions of the judges are final and cannot be disputed.
- Health rules must be followed.
- Those attending "Battle of the Bands" must show their ticket and ID card for entry.
- It is strictly prohibited to bring anything illegal onto the premises. Anyone found doing so will be handed over to the police.
- Smoking is not allowed on college premises.
- The authority has the right to modify any rules at any time if necessary.

★ If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Sadat Shaleheen Shasshoto
General Secretary
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01688699223
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/iah.yag

Tanjimul Islam
President of Public Relations
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01767704034
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100073400568938

Towsin Hossain
Vice President of Publication
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01608880954
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/towsingoesskrtt?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Alindo Al Qavi
Secretary of Publication
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01517809044
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089905601766

Soumyajit Roy Surjo
General Member
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01975083326
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/soumyajitroy.surjo?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Talaal Khondoker
General Member
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01860996013
Facebook ID:

Adittya Anan
General Member
Notre Dame Cultural Club
Cell: 01318442302
Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/adittya.me?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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Thu Sep 05 2024 at 02:00 pm to Sat Sep 07 2024 at 07:00 pm


Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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