The Lavish Show

The Lavish Show

11 May, 2024

The Lavish Show

Time Sat May 11 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

The Riverside Detroit , 8711 Grand River Avenue , Detroit, United States

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The Lavish Show, 11 May | Event in Detroit | The Lavish Show

Lucania Lavish Couture Presents a Night of Opulence: The Lavish Fashion Show

Detroit February 26 2024 — Lucania Lavish Couture a beacon of elegance and innovation in the world of haute couture is thrilled to announce its upcoming Couture Fashion Event set to take place on Saturday May 11 2024 at the prestigious Riverside Detroit located at 8711 Grand River Avenue. This exclusive soirée promises an evening of glamour sophistication and unparalleled artistry as Lucania Lavish Couture unveils its latest couture creations.

The Lavish Fashion Show is a celebration of the meticulous craftsmanship creativity and avant-garde design that defines Lucania Lavish Couture. The event will bring together fashion aficionados industry insiders celebrities and media representatives for an unforgettable night where the runway becomes a canvas for wearable art.

At the heart of the event is Lola Lucania Evans the visionary force behind Lucania Lavish Couture. She has curated a collection that pushes the boundaries of traditional couture embracing innovation while preserving the timeless allure of handcrafted luxury. Each garment tells a story of exquisite tailoring intricate detailing and a passion for pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Guests can anticipate an immersive experience that transcends the typical fashion show. The Lavish Fashion Show will feature captivating choreography stunning visual effects and an ambiance that exudes opulence. The carefully selected venue will serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase the marriage of art and fashion creating a truly magical atmosphere for all in attendance.

"We are excited to invite our guests into a world of beauty and sophistication where each garment is a work of art. The Lavish Fashion Show is a testament to our commitment to redefining the boundaries of luxury fashion" said Lucania Lavish Couture's CEO.

Media representatives and fashion enthusiasts are cordially invited to witness this extraordinary evening of couture fashion. The event promises to be a highlight on the social and fashion calendars setting a new standard for extravagance and creativity in the world of high-end fashion.


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Date & Time

Sat May 11 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm


The Riverside Detroit , 8711 Grand River Avenue , Detroit, United States

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