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Women-only Level 1 MTB skills at Ruby Hill Bike Park, Denver, CO


Women-only Level 1 MTB skills at Ruby Hill Bike Park, Denver, CO

Something special happens when a group of women gets together in a spirit of shared shred, and there's no doubt that a female coach can reach female riders in ways a dude can't.

Mountain biking is such a rad sport—and it’s about to get even radder.

Do you know how it feels to rail a turn on skis or snowboard? Learn how to do that on your bike.

Who are these classes for?

Everyone who wants to ride safer, more confidently and faster on a greater variety of terrain.

If you are a beginner, we’ll give you a solid foundation. Skip all the trial and error (and fear, and bad habits).

If you’re an intermediate rider, we’ll show you an even more effective—and way more fun—way to ride your bike. Go faster with less effort. Ride more safely. Shred new terrain. Every advanced thing you want to do is built on the core skills we teach.

If you’re an expert or want to learn more in a four-hour class check out the Level 2 clinic.

You should be of driving age (We will make exceptions; email Lee). You should have decent basic bike control. Your bike should fit you and be in good working order. It should be a mountain bike. You will need to lower your seat. You will wear a helmet and gloves. Additional padding is encouraged.

What will you learn?

We know you’re busy, so we’re going to deliver 2 hours of fun, applicable learning. These women-only classes are a bit longer than our coed Level 1 classes so you have time to really "get" it. We will focus on the most important safety/control skills:

• RideLogic kung fu riding philosophy, aka the Grand Unified Theory of Shred (GUTS).
• Balanced, effective riding position
• Safe, controlled braking
• Confident, quick cornering
• Smooth, safe terrain pumping
• Riding up and down obstacles

These core skills will help you ride everywhere, whether you're cruising on local singletrack or ripping the ski resorts. Once you get these fundamentals, it’s a series of simple steps to more advanced stuff like:

• Pumping bumps
• Pumping turns
• Dropping
• Jumping
• Flat-out ripping!

IMPORTANT: We do not skip steps, and we will not let you do something unless we know you’re ready.

We use our teaching method with riders of all styles and levels, from kids to retirees, from XC riders to downhillers, from beginners to pros. This stuff works—and it’s fun!

We use the proven RideLogic curriculum and the revolutionary RipRow training tool. We make learning easy. And fun!

Improve on your own — and with our help
At LLB we believe the greatest improvement comes from a combination of individual learning and practice and in-person time with a qualified instructor.

Lots of riders all over the world—beginners to pros—are reaching new levels of shred with the online mountain bike school. When you combine the online learning with an in-person clinic or group ride, your skills — and fun — will skyrocket.

When you sign up for an in-person LLB experience, you’ll receive a subscription to the LLBMTB online mountain bike school. We'll send details after you register.

About Lee Likes Bikes and RideLogic

Hi, my name is Lee McCormack, and I like bikes. I’m considered one of the world’s top authorities on riding technique. I wrote and illustrated the bibles of MTB and BMX riding: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and Pro BMX Skills. MMBS is the best-selling MTB technique book in history, and it’s available in 10 languages. PBS is used as the coaching manual for the U.S. and Australian national BMX programs. They’re both pretty good books.

As the skills development director for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, I created the curriculum used to teach high school mountain bike racers how to ride safer and faster, and I taught the coaches how to teach the riders.

Our teaching methods are simple and proven. By focusing on the essential skills, we help you learn fast and get the most out of your riding.

Our coaches are the best around. They're great riders and people and — this is important — they're great teachers.

Come on out: As great as mountain biking is now, it’s about to get way better!


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