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Retreat Yama & Zelday (June)

Jun 11, 2020 - Jun 14, 2020

Retreat Yama & Zelday (June)

Time Thu Jun 11 2020 at 04:00 pm to Sun Jun 14 2020 at 04:00 pm

Nederland, De Bilt, Netherlands

Retreat Yama & Zelday (June)

A retreat with 3 ceremonies to cleanse and raise our consciousness.

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09-12 July
17-20 Sept

The ceremonies are guided by Yama Voorhorst and Zelday Karssen. They will transmit energy and healing through the icaros*, limpias (healings), music, sounds and more.
(*) Icaros are shamanic spirit songs that call upon the healing plants and other spirits to help cleanse and heal our bodies and souls).

“While the Sacred Medicine is entering your body, you hear soft breathing sounds, humming, whistling… enchanting rhythms… rustling leaves … subtle sparkling tingling seeds… icaros calling upon the maestros and spirits… heart-opening voices… the chacapa… the sun gong… wind chimes…. singing bowls and bells... the magic multi-layered voices of the deep didgeridoo… Yama and Zelday bring the sounds and vibration of the jungle with its many helpers and in every cell in you the Universe starts opening up, showing you what you need to see...”

We want to highlight that these ceremonies are certainly not for everybody. These ceremonies can potentially be a life changing experience of immense significance, since the plant medicines allow for a deep release of destructive emotional and mental patterns, as well as an influx of life force that is both healing and inspirational. But no matter how well you are guided during your journeys, remain aware that it is ultimately yourself who is responsible for the way you relate to any challenges you may encounter - either during or after the experience - and how you garner the benefits. The sacred plants can introduce you to a new Universe of possibilities, offering you the chance to heal by changing your mind patterns, show you where you are stuck and allow you to draw from new potential. But it needs to be understood and it all comes down to your willingness to deeply look inside and to your integration afterwards. The Plant Medicines may show you where your life is not working and where you are creating unhealthy relationships, patterns and outcomes, but if that is what you choose to continue afterwards, it’s up to you. They will not do the work for you. They may also show you the roots of your illness, but if you choose to stay ill, they will not intervene against your will and ‘fix’ you anyway. The real ‘work’ comes after the ceremonies, in the doing that follows the 'enlightenment'. It’s up to you. But what is the aim of your work with Plant Medicines, if not to create change where you feel it’s needed - and who can create that change but you?

Furthermore, we consciously choose to work in a group setting, because experience proves that we create the best healing in this way - because we are all interconnected. We mirror each other, challenge and trigger each other, we even heal and release for each other. We all do our own part in a healing that is much bigger than our own personal work. And the healing we can do as a group, as one big organism, is amazingly beautiful and supportive. You will come home in your spiritual family!

Having said all of this, we want to highlight that these are not 'recreational' drugs and it is certainly not for everybody. You have to be ready to own your shit as well as your light, within a beautiful carrying group setting. We will do everything to support you in this process, but you have to do the work yourself. If this resonates with you, then you are very welcome to journey with us!

In the Peruvian Amazon, Yama and Zelday received deep insights into the ancient power and knowledge of the plants and animals and other beautiful beings that came along on their colourful journeys. While working with the sacred plant medicines, connecting deeply with the plant spirits in this realm of high consciousness and full potential, they were initiated as a gifted Medicine Couple. They got the profound task to translate this priceless knowledge into sounds and touch in their work at home. It is from this highly Sacred Space that they bring their Shamanic Sound & Plant Medicine Ceremonies and private Tantra/Sound Healing Sessions.

The ceremonies will be held on a farm near the forest in the East of Holland. You will get more precise information about the location after payment.

You are welcome to arrive the first day between 16.00 and 17.00h, to meet, have some tea and organize your spot in the ceremony space. Around 18.00 we will start together in the ceremony space. If you play an instrument or sing, you are very welcome to share this gift in the end of the ceremony.

(***) You can sleep in the ceremony space for free (bring your own bedding). You can also rent a bed in a shared room (bring or rent your own bedding) or put your own tent in the garden for a little extra.
There are mattresses for ceremony available on this location, other things to make yourself comfortable in the space during the ceremony (pillow, blanket) you have to bring yourself.

Please send an email to aW5mbyB8IGNhc2FtZWRpY2luYSAhIGNvbQ== that you want to join this retreat and wait till your place is confirmed.

The costs are €650,- for this 4-days retreat. This includes 3 ceremonies with sound healing, consciousness meditations and optional several healing medicine plants, the meals and sleeping.***

If your place in the retreat is confirmed, please pay your deposit of € 250,- (non refundable) within two weeks by bank:
Bank account IBAN: NL59RABO0106703552, BIC: RABONL2U tnv J.G.M Karssen (Treeforce), Hierden.
Please only write down your full name and the dates of the retreat in the description of the payment. Don’t use any words related to this medicine work.

Please send a screenshot or photo of your payment to aW5mbyB8IGNhc2FtZWRpY2luYSAhIGNvbQ==. This makes it easy for Ava to do the administration. The rest (€ 400,-) you pay up to 3 weeks before.

Our intention is to be as fair as possible to all concerned. The organization of these ceremonies involves the commitment of a lot of people in the crew and the reservation of the retreat spot. As we make all the commitments to organise this well, we need your (financial) commitment too.
- By confirming your participation, your spot is reserved for you.
- By confirming your participation, you commit to paying the amount of €250,- as a prepayment, within 2 weeks of registering. In case you have to cancel your participation, please notice that the prepayment is non-refundable.
- The other 400 you pay at last 3 weeks before. As from 3 weeks before you are committed to pay the full amount of the retreat, which isn't refundable anymore, as we can’t afford people dropping out shortly before or during the retreat. We hope this is understandable.

The moment you decide to take part in these ceremonies, the process inside of you starts. Take your time to ask yourself why you want to be there, what is your intention.
In the weeks before the ceremony you will get more information (by email) with guidelines for a special diet that cleanses your body, to prepare yourself for receiving the plant medicine. So that when you drink the medicine and she makes you purge, it is not your 'toxic' body that makes you sick, but the medicine helping you to let go of all the old patterns that don't serve you anymore. Our maestro says it this way: "If you invite your Mother to your house, you don't invite her in a big mess. You show respect by cleaning up and then invite her in your temple". Clean up before you invite her.

If you are interested, check the information in the facebook group 'Casa Medicina'
or send your questions to aW5mbyB8IGNhc2FtZWRpY2luYSAhIGNvbQ==

We welcome you from a deep space of Consciousness and Love, Yama & Zelday

- YAMA - DevaYama | ActWild
Y29udGFjdCB8IGRldmF5YW1hICEgY29t | | +31-6-24609056

- ZELDAY - Treeforce
aW5mbyB8IHRyZWVmb3JjZSAhIG5s | | +31-6-53360305

- AVA will try answer all your questions and care of the subscriptions via aW5mbyB8IGNhc2FtZWRpY2luYSAhIGNvbQ==

In the Netherlands born Zelday Karssen is a Didgeridoo player, musician, crafter, teacher, sound healer and spiritual awakening guidance. He studied and lives the path of Didgeridoo and sound healing ever since 2001 and deeply devoted his life towards this ancient instrument and healing practise, which became his full profession in 2009. Throughout time he studied from traditional to modern styles and is a known teacher when it comes to consciousness about body, sound and spirit. During the last decade he taught and played throughout a wide variation of festivals, concerts, ceremonies and retreats around the Netherlands and Europe. Zelday inspired literally thousands of people with his spiritual devotion for his music, instruments and life itself. Zelday lived throughout his life many dimensions of existence. He travelled around the planet to synchronize with her divine natural beauty and came in contact with various cultures and tribes in Europe, Asia, Australia and South-America. His unavoidable and pure kind of awareness about our cosmological journey on this planet makes him a very sensitive and earthly person. Life experiencing from the heart, also came from a tremendous polar side effect as he struggled existence with long term depressions, confusion and substance addictions in very early stages of his life. These mainly caused by the struggle and inner incapability living in the modern western society. Zelday deeply transformed his waking soul into existence, to reconnect with his heart and life, to reconnect with his ancient knowledge. This path and practise into self-realisation became, besides a variation of instruments, one of his most important tools to work with nowadays.
His refined and organic sense of sound let him grew towards a developed sound healer and through the years he studied entheogenic plant medicines. Due winter times he travels to the Amazonian rainforest to deepen his awakening in the shamanic field of the plants. Working as a musician, sound healer and his committed devotion to these specific plants, allows him to combine these gifts into his work. This healing work is about a deep remembrance of our actual human existence, a universal consciousness, our collective and individual inspiration from which everyone and everything is built. With sound as his tool, he is able to share from this space of awareness, translating the high states of pure consciousness that he finds there into vibrations.

Zelday and his partner Yama Voorhorst became initiated as a Medicine Couple due the so called dietas in the Peruvian Amazon and they both live and work in the field of spiritual awakening and transformation.

Please don't share any information about the retreat or the location in public.
If people are interested you can invite them in the facebook group 'Casa Medicina' where we will share general information. The details we will only send per email.

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About The Host: As a Shamanic Tantra Healer, Womb Wisdom Keeper & Sacred Plant Medicine Singer, Yama guides Healing and Transformation processes in individual sessions, ceremonies and retreats, with Tantra, Plant Medicine, Sound Healing and Awakening Consciousness ♡
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Date & Time

Thu Jun 11 2020 at 04:00 pm to Sun Jun 14 2020 at 04:00 pm


Nederland, De Bilt, Netherlands

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