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Workshop Dartford Treating Complex PTSD The Brian Science of Recovery

Workshop Dartford: Treating Complex PTSD: The Brian Science of Recovery

Fri Feb 05, 2021

Workshop Dartford: Treating Complex PTSD: The Brian Science of Recovery

Time Fri Feb 05 2021 at 09:30 am to 02:30 pm

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DoubleTree by Hilton Dartford Bridge, Masthead Close, Crossways Business Park, DA2 6QF Dartford, UK, Dartford, United Kingdom

GBP 25
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Workshop Dartford: Treating Complex PTSD: The Brian Science of Recovery, 5 February | Event in Dartford | Workshop Dartford: Treating Complex PTSD: The Brian Science of Recovery
We are delighted to invite you to our popular workshop on Treating Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (c-PTSD) (Limited places) (Complimentary parking onsite) Certificate of attendance will be issued (up to 6 CPD hours) . Everyone interested in the subject is welcome. * Your ideal event, within your ideal travel distance, on your ideal ticket price* The learning outcomes include: an in-depth understanding on how c-PTSD and PTSD affect brain function and ways to rebalance the brain for calm the biochemistry of PTSD and c-PTSD and recovery The regions of the brain involved in c-PTSD and how to calm them down Why a c-PTSD brain can be reluctant to seek help and move on (especially in trauma connected to domestic violence and abuse) the links between c-PTSD and anxiety-related disorders such as OCD, and social anxiety and how to achieve transformation the S.C.R.E.B. framework exercises for PTSD and c-PTSD recovery Other focuses for the day : • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating c-PTSD. • Tips for minimising major relapses PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can develop after a person experiences a traumatic event. PTSD is generally related to a single event, while complex PTSD is related to a series of events, or one prolonged event. A doctor may diagnose complex PTSD if a person has experienced prolonged or repeated trauma over a period of months or years. Traumas connected to childhood neglect or abandonment seem to be central to the the development of onset c-PTSD. Since complex PTSD is a relatively recent concept, healthcare professionals may instead diagnose another condition due to its variable and complex nature . They may be likely to diagnose borderline personality disorder (BPD). Some researchers have found a substantial overlap between complex PTSD and BPD. Complex PTSD – A doctor may diagnose complex PTSD i f you experienced multiple traumatic events at an early age and lasted for a long time: Symptoms of c-PTSD may include the following: traumatic flashbacks and re-enactment (feeling like the trauma is happening right now) intrusive thoughts or images nightmares intense distress at real or symbolic reminders of the trauma physical sensations such as pain, sweating, nausea, dizziness or trembling feeling as if you are permanently defective or worthless feeling like nobody can understand what happened to you avoiding friendships and relationships, or finding them very difficult difficulty controlling your emotions feeling very hostile or suspiscious towards the world regular suicidal feelings . panicking when reminded of the trauma disturbed sleep or a lack of sleep irritability or aggressive behaviour finding it hard to concentrate – including on simple or everyday tasks being jumpy or easily startled self-destructive behaviour or recklessness other symptoms of anxiety feeling like you have to keep busy avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma being unable to remember details of what happened feeling emotionally numb or cut off from your feelings feeling physically numb or detached from your body being unable to express affection using alcohol or drugs to avoid memories Inability to recall key features of the trauma Overly negative thoughts and assumptions about oneself or the world Exaggerated blame of self or others for causing the trauma Negative affect Decreased interest in activities Feeling isolated Difficulty experiencing positive affect Irritability or aggression Risky or destructive behavior Hypervigilance Heightened startle reaction How Much Does a Ticket Cost? Early bird registrations from £38+vat+fee. It will go up to £74+vat+fee if you book late (normally £100). Students, circumstances and group discounts are also available starting from £16 per person (subject to places availability). Click the tickets button on the top right to see the prices. For professionals as well as those interested in the subject... This course attracts both professionals and interested individuals interested in mental health, continuing professional development, and in effective recovery techniques. TESTIMONIALS: What Previous Attendees Are Saying: “Really positive sessions. Very appropriate to my work role and also on a personal level.” Many thanks.” — Louise T., Training Co-ordinator “Relaxed, lovely character - came across warm and comfortable. A well presented course with a good combination of case studies and personal experiences of the tutor as an ex-anxiety sufferer.” Maria F., Counsellor/ Project Worker “I have enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. the tutor and the information presented kept you interested throughout.” Chloe S., GP Receptionist. “Very well delivered in a manner that made me comfortable. Easy to understand.” - Maggie T., Reiki Practitioner “Very interesting and thought provoking. I will be practising the techniques learnt today.” Anonymous, Parent “I was very pleased with the knowledge I gained. The model was easy to understand and the way in which it was delivered was good.” Nicola A., Specialist DV/SV Counsellor “A very enlightened and inspiring course with clear usable techniques that can be used immediately.” — Kathryn L., Counsellor “Insightful Info. Wale is a lovely teacher, with great delivery. Easy to understand. Wonderful personal transformation and self-discovery about myself too.” Angela G., psychotherapist “Well delivered approachable, knowledgeable, humour.” Kelly R., Counsellor “Wale was fab - really knowledgeable and experienced. Also engaging and interesting.” Melanie C., Families and Children Manager “Very good course. I learnt something new that really helped” — Anonymous, Staff Nurse “I love Wale’s relaxed style of teaching - Very appropriate for the subject. He is very professional and personable. Thank you. “ — Julie P., Counsellor/ Psychotherapist/ Trainer “Very well prepared, confident and able to deliver course calmly even when faced with difficult questions.” — Anonymous, Counsellor “Confidently presented. Approach the subject in a very personable manner. Well done!” — Linda S., Counsellor “Great teaching style and good to get us all involved. Lots of information and real life situations.” — Charlotte J., Student “Very good. Well spoken. Spoke to me personally to help me understand my situation a bit.” — Jordon K., Job Seeker “Excellent course, excellent tutor. Very informative and Knowledgeable. Refreshing, informative, fun and professional.” Lorraine R., Clinical Hypnotherapist “I have had personal traumatic experiences in my life. The course was very informative. It has helped me a lot. Thank you..” —R. Silver, Sufferer “Such an enlightening course! So well delivered.” —T Smith, Hypnotherapist “Very comprehensive and understandable. Really excellent course. Wale was very knowledgeable and excellent to listen to.” —P. D’ Ama, Independent Consultant and Coach in EQ “ A great refresher workshop for the therapeutic intervention I provide in my clinical area. A hunger to develop a deeper understanding.” S. Doyle, Community Psychiatric Nurse “Insightful. Informative. Enjoyable and very applicable to my work. S. Collins, Doctor of Chiropractic & Master of Psychology “A wealth of knowledge and interactive tools which can be applied with ease with one self/family/clients.” L. Sharpe, Metaphysical teacher/Mindfulness “Positive and motivating. Information in a simplistic form. A good use of a mix of tools from a range of relevant therapies.” S. Roberts, Clinical Complementary Therapist “Very interesting and I will be applying this workshop content in my counselling role.” K. Cofax, Trainee Counsellor “Very useful content for client work. I would recommend this workshop to others.” M. Mottram, Student "I have enjoyed the workshop and getting to know others." M. Donne, Therapist "Enjoyed the course itself. Met several people who gave me invaluable information." Anonymous "Very informative. Learned some new things and it has reinforced things that maybe I wasn't open to but am now! A. Taylor, Sufferer. "Very informative for a first step into this area. Good clear course and good participation. Excellent style of teaching." Y. Singleton, Occupational Therapist, Hoarding Specialist "Excellent - very informative." J. Dowdeswell, Occupational Therapist The information was extremely helpful. Thank you." -- Angela Wilson, NHS III Clinical Lead "I enjoy it and learnt some useful techniques to use with my clients. Wale is laid back and explained things well." - Hannah Kane, Children's Occupational Therapist "Informative and useful practical tips. A good course with a lot covered in a short time." -- Louise Oliver, therapist "Enjoyed the presenter's style and charisma and content." --Rachel Gray, Counsellor "Thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has encouraged me to continue in my path to my personal goal." K. Blake, Employment Consultant/Life & Career Coach "Clarity of thoughts and layout. Good to see key knowledge applied systematically." Anonymous, Counsellor "Useful and easy to follow - transferable skills. Delivery was excellent - always good to do activities and humour is always a nice touch." L. Cook, Trainee counsellor Video Testimonials: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Why don't you come and judge for yourself? If you feel this course can benefit you or any of your family members, friends or colleagues, why don't you let them know about the event and give it a try? Those who have attended the event in the past always said that they were glad they made the investment even though they were a little bit unsure at the start (See previous attendees feedback below). WHAT TO DO NEXT All you need to do is to register your ticket to attend this event now. The event is expected to be oversubscribed as there are very limited spaces. So book your seat now to avoid disappointment. Please only register if you are sure that you will be able to attend this event. We really want every ticket taken to be used on the day. Thank you for your co-operation. WHY IS THE EVENT SUBSIDISED AND WHAT'S THE CATCH ? The first reason this course is subsidised is networking . Relationships are very important. In a live event like this, there is ample opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, get motivated and discover what is working for others. I have been able to meet and connect with some amazing people in events such as this one. The second reason why this is a subsidised event is the feedback that we get from our attendees. This is extremely useful. It helps us improve our courses and get better in serving others. IS THIS GOING TO BE A HARD SELL ? We practise authenticity because that is one of our highest values. MindBody Breakthrough does not use hard selling tactics because manipulation eventually leads to failures and stress at some point down the line. If you enjoy the day and think that any of our materials, online courses or future workshops can be beneficial to you personally or to your work, then we can discuss options once you have completed this full day. We just want you to come and enjoy the day, acquire additional helpful skills and make new friends. Spot allocation is on a first-come-served basis due to limited availability. If you are planning to attend please reserve your spot now. A certificate of attendance will be issued. I look forward to seeing you there, Best regards, Wale Oladipo Director & Lead Trainer Mind Body Breakthrough Terms and Conditions Cancellation: Cancellation charges are applied in all cases. We regret that this has to be done. All bookings involve administrative costs and it is difficult to fill vacant spaces as a result of late cancellations. Cancellation charges are applied based on when the written cancellation notice is received. See the following refund rates: Over 2 weeks’ cancellation notice: Full refund 1-week cancellation notice: 50% refund Less than 7 days cancellation notice: No refund unless in exceptional circumstances, for which a medical certificate may be requested. Alternatively, a substitute delegate can be named at any time before the course. There will be no extra surcharge for making a substitution. No refund will be payable for non-attendance or if no prior notice of cancellation is given.�The refund will be issued after the course. Pictures/Videos: Please be aware that from time to time the presentation may be photographed or filmed for educational, quality or promotional purpose (this happens occassionally) . MindBody Breakthrough takes confidentiality very seriously and aims to use any films or photos that may be taken according to the strict terms and conditions on live events. For case study clips, permission will be sought from individuals involved before the clip of that matter is used.

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Nearby Hotels DoubleTree by Hilton Dartford Bridge, Masthead Close, Crossways Business Park, DA2 6QF Dartford, UK, Dartford, United Kingdom
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Fri Feb 05 2021 at 09:30 am to 02:30 pm
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DoubleTree by Hilton Dartford Bridge, Masthead Close, Crossways Business Park, DA2 6QF Dartford, UK, Dartford, United Kingdom

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