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Fathers Fun Day 2021

Father's Fun Day 2021

Sat Jul 30, 2022

Father's Fun Day 2021

Time Sat Jul 30 2022 at 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm

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Battersea Park, Croydon, United Kingdom


Father's Fun Day 2021, 30 July | Event in Croydon | Father's Fun Day 2021
Calling all Fathers, Step-Fathers, Grandfathers, Godfathers, Uncles & Male Cousins… This fun day is for the rocks, the anchors, the foundations of the communities and households to show the youth that we are not only active in their lives but we unite for the greater good of the children.

There are certain attributes that a child naturally sees when looking at their male guidance without the influence of the mainstream media.

Researchers found that, overall, the love -- or rejection -- of mothers and fathers equally affects kids' behaviour, self-esteem, emotional stability, and mental health. "But in some cases, the withdrawal of a father's love seems to play a bigger role in kids' problems with personality and psychological adjustment, delinquency, and substance abuse," says study coauthor Ronald P. Rohner, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. And for others, the presence of a father's love may do more to boost children's sense of well-being and improve their emotional and physical health.

In 1987, researchers Lamb, Pleck, Chernov, and Levine outlined three fundamental aspects of father involvement. These traits form the basis for a positive, nurturing father-child relationship:

1. Engagement: Father's direct contact and shared interactions with their children
2. Availability: Father's presence or accessibility to the child
3. Responsibility: Father's arrangement for resources to be available to the child

Image is everything in the eyes of the youth and it is not common to see fathers supporting other fathers, whether there’s a stigma on not telling a parent how to raise their children or simply a sense a pride amongst men with the alpha male persona. However, despite personal mindsets, our children are crying out for male role models and positive representation amongst the men of our communities. Just like how we would invest in our friends and relative’s businesses, we should do the same for their children so just like any business, it/they can flourish and a be profitable/have a healthy cyclical future. Here is a list of ways we can get involved and encourage Daddy time:

• Communicating
• Teaching
• Monitoring
• Engaging In Thought Processes
• Providing
• Showing Affection
• Protecting
• Supporting Emotionally
• Running Errands
• Caregiving
• Engaging In Child-Related Maintenance
• Sharing Interests
• Being Available
• Planning
• Sharing Activities


The Fun Day is strictly for Men & Children only! Mothers have their time to bond as they are the soul of a child’s life but this day is for Fathers to show their children that they are just as fun if not even more crazy. Not only is this a day for the children but this is a time for fathers to link and become a village of common responsibility. This Fun Day will take place in a park in London which is yet to be confirmed.

What’s needed and what will take place:

♣ ♣ Games ♣ ♣
Egg & Spoon Race
Potato Sack Race
Black Jack
Trust Fall
Dizzy Cone Race
Balloon Knees Race
Three-Legged Race
Water Balloon Fight

**Any more games can be played, suggestions can be made**

♣ ♣ Food ♣ ♣
Caribbean + African + English + Vegetarian Options
Rice (+Peas)
Any Other Meat Dishes
Corn On The Cob
Potato Salad
Fruit Salads
General Snacks – Finger Food
-Plastic Plates, Knives And Forks

♣ ♣ Drink ♣ ♣
Frizzy Drink
+ Milk (Formula For Any Bottle Fed Babies)
-Plastic Cups

♣ ♣ Extras ♣ ♣
Face Painting (Paint Will Be Provided) - Someone Has To Volunteer To Do Face Painting For The Lil Ones (Preferably someone who knows what cartoon characters and funny faces are and not just someone who can do painting and decorating)
Hay Fever Remedies
Music/Boombox/Handheld Stereos
Photography (If anyone knows a photographer that would love to donate some time to take pictures of the day, this would be awesome)


Mothers, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Aunties, Female Cousins – If you think this event would be great for someone you know who would benefit from this fun day, please pass the word on as this is not only for fathers to gather but for you Queens of the community to see that we are making steps to do our part.

If you haven’t sent out invites to friends and family yet, get sending as the more awareness will bring about positive consciousness. **PLEASE NOTE, DATE, TIMES AND LOCATION MAY CHANGE**

Peace & Love!

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Sat Jul 30 2022 at 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm
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Battersea Park, Croydon, United Kingdom

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