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Yoga Nidra - The Art of Conscious Relaxation


Yoga Nidra - The Art of Conscious Relaxation

In yoga it is known that true relaxation has to be CONSCIOUS. Yoga ­Nidra is a deep state of conscious relaxation, an ancient style of “lying down” ­meditation which is profoundly regenerating, recharging the inner batteries not only ­physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Yoga Nidra is an amazing yogic solution for the problems of stress and mental agitation that many people struggle with. It’s hard to find time for everything and when things and tasks and projects just start piling up, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of reacting with contraction and tension in front of the intensity of life and very hard to imagine that it’s possible to have the same crazy life with a million things to do and to be relaxed at the same time and not feeling so “busy busy” all the time.

Many people say “I need to relax!” But what do you do when you relax? ­Common answers include: going for a walk in nature, reading a book, taking a nap, watching TV, browsing the internet, playing couch potato, drinking ­alcohol, eating snacks, smoking a cigarette. In fact many of these ­activities aren’t relaxing, they are just temporary ­distractions from what might be ­causing us tensions and stress. Filling our mind with something else ­provides a temporary relief and time out - but it’s only temporary. Most of the “­relaxing” activities that we engage in, don’t ­actually relax our mind and bodies, but merely stimulate or even agitate the mind or the senses.

After a Yoga Nidra session it’s like the sun is shining again after the heavy cloud of tensions has been ­dissolved creating more space to breathe and to enjoy life.

You will learn:
- Why relaxation is essential for your happiness and well being
- 3 efficient and deeply regenerating Yoga Nidra techniques
- Shavasana, the posture for deep yogic relaxation and selected asanas
- Creative visualisation & how to create the right mindset for relaxation
- The principle of awareness and relaxation

About the teachers:
Louise Skjoldan and Elodia Thallon know firsthand what it means to juggle a busy life with a smile. 15 years of experience with yoga and meditation have given them plenty of insight into the human psyche and practical ­experience with ­ancient techniques for a happy life.


Yoga nidra: 199 kr
Natha members: 149 kr
For 2: 199 kr

• Sign up via website:
Mobilepay: 59673, write "Yoga Nidra + your name(s)"

Address & contact:
Natha Yogacenter
Nordre Fasanvej ‎230
2200 København N - bmF0aGEgfCBuYXRoYSAhIGRr - 2396 0668

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