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Advanced DBT 5 Week Booster Program "Online" - January 31 to February 28th, 1pm to 3pm


Advanced DBT 5 Week Booster Program "Online" - January 31 to February 28th, 1pm to 3pm

Dear Dialectical Living Advanced DBT Graduates,

       Over the past 6 months we have been expanding our Advanced DBT program, and we are thrilled to be able to offer you this opportunity to add FIVE completely new DBT skills to your advanced DBT toolkit!  The following skills are crucial for successfully regulating emotional reactivity.  They train us in specific mindful awareness practices so that we can begin to be more kind and present for our difficult feelings when they arise.  They also teach discernment of fact from judgment and how to solve real-world problems when our emotions aren’t actually the problem! 

        Develop your Wise Self with this five-week DBT advanced booster, offered at an amazing price of $30 per group.  That is FIVE 2-hour online sessions for only $150, an incredible deal in the world of DBT therapy, because we don’t want you to miss these skills!!

DBT Advanced Booster: FIVE NEW SKILLS


Mindfulness of Current Thoughts, Week 1

 •       Mindfulness of Current Thoughts teaches us how to relate with not react to thoughts, to decrease emotional suffering

•       Practicing how to see thoughts as thoughts, NOT facts

•       Learning to allow the mind to be as it is without becoming agitated, reacting, or judging the mind 


Problem Solving and Opposite Action, Week 2

 •       When there are real-world problems to be solved, Opposite to Emotion Action may not always be the right skill

•       Learning how to evaluate a situation for problem solving: when emotions are justified and fit the facts

•       Discussing how judgments can cloud our version of the “facts,” and what to do about that


Advanced Reality Acceptance How-To, Week 3

 •       If we can’t accept thoughts and emotions in the present moment, how will we ever accept the greater realities we want so badly to be at peace with?

•       Step by step how-to using the powerful and tested RAIN technique developed by psychologist Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

•       How to break the cycle of getting caught in judgment and negative reactions and accept ourselves just as we are, as the prerequisite for change. 


DBT for Addictions of All Kinds, Week 4

 •       Developed by our new addictions specialist staff member, Emily, how DBT approaches the reality of addiction so many of us face in varying ways.

•       Food, substances, relationships, spending, addictive thoughts, SH… almost anything can become an addiction when we don’t approach it wisely. 

•       Wherever you are looking to change behaviours, this session will teach you how to use self-reinforcement to regulate your addictive tendencies


Mindfulness of Current Emotion, Week 5

 •       Emotions often feel catastrophic and can lead us down unskillful paths

•       How can we create space between our Wise Mind and our Emotion Mind and live more from Wise Mind? 

•       How can we peacefully co-exist with painful emotions, even gaining valuable insight from them towards our healing, developing compassion for others as well? 

      Make the start of your 2020 a mindful one, joining us Tuesdays from 3-5pm from the comfort of wherever you can take a call, ideally with access to video or a device to view the materials.  Join seasoned and well-loved Dialectical Living facilitator Elizabeth Osel, and meet our amazing new facilitator and therapist, Emily Duffin, MSW, who is CAMH-trained and filled with energy and passion for everything DBT.  If you are still struggling with reactive emotions and more suffering than you want for the new decade, then you won’t want to miss these skills!  See you Tuesdays online.   
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Regular ticket CAD 150


Tickets for Advanced DBT 5 Week Booster Program "Online" - January 31 to February 28th, 1pm to 3pm can be booked here.

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