Fri Jun 21 2024 at 08:00 am to Sat Jun 22 2024 at 11:00 pm

Fortune Sports Arena, Road-7, B-Block , Chandgaon R/A,Chittagong, Bangladesh


CGHS FUTSAL CARNIVAL 2024 (SEASON-1), 21 June | Event in Chittagong | About the event CGHS FUTSAL CARNIVAL 2024 (SEASON-1)
Hello CGHSian! We are excited to let everyone know that for the first time in the history of CGHS, we will host a futsal tournament with CGHSians. The tournament will be hosted by us.
The major goals of this competition are to host a fair football tournament and grow the CGHS football community. We are football maniacs, and we love to see the community of football lovers expand. Everyone will have a fantastic opportunity to form bonds as a result.
Although we have gotten numerous responses from other teams, we can only accept 24/ 32 teams at this moment.

♦️♦️Registration Process :
To register your team, post your team details to our this:

Captain name:Jayanta Barua
phone number:016****

1. After ensuring your team, we will call a captain meeting where every team must attach their player’s passport-size photos and information within the provided form. The full registration fee has to be paid before June 1, 2024. We will open a captain massenger group so post your team and captain details to this event so that we can reach easily.

2. Players must have some sort of confirmation (details, SSC certificate,SSC registration card, and related documents) that they are or were students of CGHS. Each and every player will be a current or alumni of our school. The players who passed the SSC from CGHS will be considered alumni; otherwise, there is no scope to allow anyone who didn’t attend the SSC from our school.

3. Entry fee: TK 3000 (only)
If anyone pays on Bkash or Nagad,he has to add 60 tk for the cashout charge.
Tournament Type: 6A side
Squad limit: 6+4
Rolling Substitutions
Match time :
Group stage: 7+7 minutes
Quarters: 8+8 minutes
Semifinals: 9+9 minutes
Final: 10+10 minutes
Team limit: 24/32
Rules and Regulations:

1. Every team is required to have the same colour jerseys or t-shirts and follow the basic jersey template provided by us.

2. Teams are asked to report at least 20 minutes before their match. Match timings will be strictly followed, and any delays might cause unavoidable circumstances. The team will concede one goal for every 5 minutes of delay. A team that misses halftime of a match will be considered to have forfeited, so the opposition will have a 3-0 walkover.

3. Players must bring their registration form and related documents on the day of their matches. The player list needs to be signed by the committee.

4. Boots or any kind of spike shoes are not allowed.

5. Every player must have turfs, keds, sneakers, or at least anklets or shocks. No one will be allowed to play barefoot.

6. A player cannot score directly from a kick-in or a throw-in as well.

7. Two consecutive yellow cards will result in a one-match suspension in the next game.

8. A goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hand when a backpass is made to him.

9. If any team wants to give a walkover, then the opposition team will be awarded a 3-0 win.

10. The last man standing keeper in the game will have to stand keeper if the match stretches to penalties. No team will be allowed to change their keeper during a shootout.

11. Win -3 points, Draw - 1 point, Loss - 0 points
Every team will play 3 matches in their group stage. If the match points are the same between two teams, the goal difference will be considered first, goal forward second, goal against third, and head-to-head result fourth.We will use the My Challenge app and website to maintain the live score,schedule point tables, and all updates. So you have to provide each and every player's details with a picture and team logo for the live score update on the website and app.

12. No tie-breakers in group stages.

13. The referee's decision is the final decision.We will hire professional referees from CJKS.

14. One player cannot play for two teams even after their first team is disqualified.

15. Every player on the field as well as on the bench should have the same coloured jersey to avoid confusion.

16. The organising authority reserves the right to change the schedule at any time depending on the circumstances, and no complaints will be entertained regarding this matter. The authority has the right to take a final decision during the tournament if any dispute occurs.

17. If any objection is raised, the team must produce the proof immediately. If the team fails to produce proof, then the decision taken by the organising committee will be considered final.

18. No misconduct, swearing, sledging, or bad behaviour will be tolerated. Strict decisions may be taken against the team or particular players.

19. If any team wants to register a new player after the 10-man squad, then for each player, the team has to pay 300 taka per player for the new registration of the player.

20. Intentional or rough Slide tackle is not allowed.

21. Every registered CGHSian is allowed to play on behalf of their batch team as a player or manager. Whether he is on the organising committee or the volunteer team, it’s not a concern for anyone, as it is a friendly and respectful futsal tournament for everyone.
For any queries, contact us.

22. For making group stage competitive we will pick most senior 8 teams in 2 groups and most junior 4 teams in 1 groups and rest will be selected by lottery system in captain meeting.

23. Mixed team players with different batches are only applicable for most senior teams till 2010 Batch.

Tournament Accolades:

💥Champions:Prize money Trophy + Medals.

💥 Runners Up: Prize money + Trophy + Medals.

**These can change if the number of teams decreases or increases in participation**

Individual Awards:

1. MVP
2. Top Scorer
3. Best Goal Keeper

Date: 21-22 June
Time: 8.30 AM - 11.00 PM

Venue: Fortune Sports Arena,Chadgaon Residential area.


For any queries, contact us.

Rubayet Md Imrul Hassan:01612996830

Jayanta barua:01675276598

Ataus Samad:01675276598

Rocktim Barua :01680841840

Pamel Das: 01321391961

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Date & Time

Fri Jun 21 2024 at 08:00 am to Sat Jun 22 2024 at 11:00 pm


Fortune Sports Arena, Road-7, B-Block , Chandgaon R/A,Chittagong, Bangladesh

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