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Upcoming Business Events in Chicago

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    Business Events in Chicago

    Chicago, the international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation, is located on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan and also the site of the today’s largest and most distinct derivatives market in the world. The city’s location, beside the Lake Michigan and two other rivers - Mississippi and the Great Lakes watersheds, makes its weather cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter, which makes the city a pretty comfortable place to live. It is one of the major reasons behind turning this city into a major business hub. A number of business events in Chicago are also organized to help entrepreneurs to connect and discover new opportunities. Conferences in Chicago can also be attended to fuel business awareness in you.

    Start-up events and business conferences in Chicago

    The newly emerged business venture that targets to develop a business model to meet a marketplace need is called start-ups. Chicago is a fertile place to find support for entrepreneurs with great business experiments, as there are lots of opportunities for them. Talking about the start-up business events in Chicago, one of the most popular events is the Digital Summit, which can help you to keep up with the trends by being an active member. Thousands of brilliant speakers bring content like the design, email, phone, marketing strategies and much more. Another remarkable event, the Chicago Start-Up Food Bash explores how to build a food startup by interviewing popular founders in the Chicago Food Startup Market. Not only you gain the knowledge about how to build or how to work on your ideas, but you also get a chance to taste some of Chicago’s best cuisine. The International Conference on Food Technology: Quality, Safety & Regulatory is also among the most important conferences in Chicago. It helps to discover the compliance strategies prepared by the food companies across the industry, and also helps you to connect with specialists globally.

    Chicago comic conventions and tech events

    One of the most popular Chicago conventions is a comic book convention. Known as Chicago Comicon, it takes place during the summer at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. This is a pop culture event series showcasing comic books and related popular arts. This Comic convention has expanded to include cultures like film and television, horror, animation, video games, webcomics and many more. If you are looking forward to the tech events, the McCormick Place is where you need to be. This premier convention facility is the place for a popular tech event called Share Point Fest Chicago, which invites world’s leading experts of Share Point, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure. The Annual Conference of Research Workers in Animal Disease is another important business events in Chicago, which features research on animal population, animal diseases, and new innovations.