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    Connect With Startups And Businesses In Charlotte

    The Charlotte business scene is largely dominated by finance tech companies. Although now, the breadth of the Charlotte business sector is fast expanding. If you are a small business entrepreneur with a growing company or an entrepreneur, you can attend business seminars in Charlotte, NC for networking and promotional purposes. They’re great to identify the changemakers and thought leaders in your industry. Small businesses in Charlotte, NC have grown with the efforts of entrepreneurs leading these projects. They’re trying to broaden the focus of the business landscape from finance IT to other sectors.


    Events To Network With Small Businesses In Charlotte NC

    If you are a brand new business owner and looking for entrepreneur events in Charlotte, you might consider Small Business Certification Workshop at US Small Business Association district office in Charlotte, NC. This is a free workshop where you get to meet and network with fellow owners of small businesses in Charlotte, NC. There is also the Annual Charlotte Professional Networking week. Looking for women-focused business seminars in Charlotte, NC? Female entrepreneurs in Charlotte during the Annual “Women in Business” showcase event speak about their journey. This is the event you should be looking forward to if you wish to talk to and learn from women entrepreneurs.

    The Small Business Expo is the best place to meet entrepreneurs and decision-makers from startups and small businesses. You can form new business partnerships, and learn from business workshops while interacting with industry experts. Charlotte Business Journal (CBJ) honors Business Person of the Year every year. It is an event where you will hear a champion of the business community speak and you will also get a chance to network with Charlotte’s industry leaders.


    Top Venues For Business Seminars In Charlotte

    Despite being a small town, Charlotte’s charm lies in its world-class amenities. These amenities have regularly attracted many trade shows, business conferences, and sporting events. If you are attending a business seminar in Charlotte (NC), the Charlotte Convention Center is a great option because it is conveniently located in Uptown. It is a mammoth 5,50,000 sq. ft space for meetings, trade fairs, conventions, and conferences. The Westin Charlotte is right across the NASCAR Hall of Fame and connected to this venue by an overhead walkway. There are many cultural venues like Levine Center of the Arts and culinary hotspots that suit every taste palate. Nightlife around this venue is particularly vibrant with the EpiCentre and AvidXchange Music Factory located at a walking distance from the Convention Center.

    If you have never heard of Hilton Charlotte Executive Park hotel, then you would be surprised at how popular it is. Being a part of the Hilton Hotels chain, you would expect the prices to be higher but the amenities are all worth the price. If you are looking for a venue for a corporate event in Charlotte (NC), you will get many facilities like audio/video equipment rental, meeting rooms, and video conferencing as well.
    Learn about the business events in Charlotte NC on at prime locations of the city.