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Flow // A Cyclical Woman Workshop with Julie


Flow // A Cyclical Woman Workshop with Julie

Flow //
A Cyclical Woman Workshop with Julie

Learn about your menstrual cycle and how to optimise your energy in each phase of the month!

Many women have learnt to see their menstrual cycle as an inconvenient incident happening once a month.

We prefer to forget about it, or even feel shame about it. It’s mostly a taboo topic in conversations with men, while among women the most it is mentioned is to share how painful or annoying it is.

Yet far from being an embarrassing set back in our competition with men, our menstrual cycle is a gift and a blessing. When we live in sync with the hormonal flow of each of the four phases (or inner seasons) we traverse each month, we unlock the superpowers present in each:

1.Menstruation phase or winter: visioning
2.Follicular phase or spring: planning and discovery
3.Ovulation phase or summer: creation and persuasiveness
4.Luteal phase or autumn: discernment and perceptiveness

This workshop will teach you how to track your cycle, to become aware of which phase you’re in and recognise its gifts and challenges. You’ll learn practical ways to live in harmony and flow with the energy present in each.

Instead of regretting our period, we learn to celebrate and enjoy it! After all, it is life force energy that we carry within our bodies, the potential to create new life!

You’ll experience a greater flow and ease in your life, a greater connection with your body and your femininity. If you're experiencing (pre-)menstrual pain, menopausal, fertility or sexuality issues, you're likely to find a release, an opening and a way forward.


Julie - trained in Zulma Moyreira’s Madretierra Menstrual Therapy as well as a certified Awakening Women’s Temple Facilitator, Unesco Creative Movement Therapist and a Co-Active Life Coach - is keen to share her experiences and knowledge with you. After quitting her corporate career in London she lived and worked for six years in Auroville, a spiritual and eco community in South India. She then fell in love, first with Crete and then with a Greek man and has now settled on the island after teaching retreats for five years at YogaOnCrete, Chora Sfakion.

The four phases in our menstrual cycle influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing throughout the month.

Negative menstrual symptoms such as cramps, heavy flows, ovarian cysts, fibroids, PMS etc are no natural side effects of our menstrual cycle, they’re signs of our body calling for healing. We all experience to some extent the personal and/or collective trauma of violence and discrimination against women across the world and across the ages.

In the fight for women’s rights and equality, we have been busy proving to men that we can do all that they can do - be CEOs, athletes, politicians, academics, doctors etc. Now that we’re succeeding, it is time to reconnect with what it means to be a woman.

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Contribution: 25€.
We offer special price of 17.50€ for unemployed and self-employed people and students.

Wear some comfortable clothes that you feel beautiful and sensual in, and bring some flowers and a candle and an object that represents your cyclical being.

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