Transformational Breathwork Journey

Transformational Breathwork Journey

Transformational Breathwork Journey

Tue Aug 29 2023 at 07:00 pm to Tue Jun 11 2024 at 08:30 pm

Luna House & Cowork, 560 Avenida Costa Pinto, Cascais, Portugal

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EUR 25
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Transformational Breathwork Journey | Event in Cascais | About the event Transformational Breathwork Journey
The session that'll allow you to relieve stress, and release pent-up emotions. The technique that'll bring you balance and inner peace.

About this Event

Transformational Breathwork Journey -Cascais- Tuesday 7:00pm

In this special Transformational Breathwork session, you will have a chance to:

- 🔓unlock emotional baggage and release stagnant energies that cause the pain in your body

- 😌relieve stress, overwhelm, and anxiety

- 🧠 assess your subconscious to change limiting beliefs that prevent you from living a full, vibrant life.

Transformational Breathing is a natural, safe, easy-to-learn technique that allows our own inner healing resources to be activated and helps to increase physical vitality, resolve trauma and stress, and bring balance, inner peace and joy.

Using therapeutic tools such as conscious breathing, acupressure, toning, and somatic movement, we will dive deep into our subconsciousness to bring permanent change on a cellular level.


- Relief from anxiety, stress, and depressive emotions.

- Released energy blockages caused by toxin build-up, repressed emotions, fear or complexes, or trauma.

- Improved sleep, digestion, mental clarity, and immunity.

- Deepened body-mind connection.

- Increased feelings of self-love, happiness, and peace.

- Release from negative thought patterns and pent-up trauma, and limiting self-beliefs.

Already after 20 minutes of breathwork, you may get direct access to all these benefits and more.

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Address: Av. Costa Pinto 560, 2750-329 Cascais

90min session / 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost: 25€

(❗The spots are limited so buy a ticket in advance to book your place)

Take with you: a bottle of water❗

For more about the therapist and the technique click here

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🌏 Cascais and Lisbon area

If you have questions pls send a private message ✉️

👫 feel free to add anyone you think may benefit 🤗

Hope to see you soon!

JoAnna 💚


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Admission to the breathwork session EUR 25
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Nearby Hotels Luna House & Cowork, 560 Avenida Costa Pinto, Cascais, Portugal
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Date & Time

Tue Aug 29 2023 at 07:00 pm to Tue Jun 11 2024 at 08:30 pm


Luna House & Cowork, 560 Avenida Costa Pinto, Cascais, Portugal

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Therapeutic breathing techniques, somatic bodywork, and psychoeducation.
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