Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town

Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town

5 Oct, 2024

Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town

Time Sat Oct 05 2024 at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Kloof Street Hotel - Lion Roars Hotels & Lodges, Rheede Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

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Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town , 5 October | Event in Cape Town | Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town

Are You Ready to start showing up for yourself and to activate your confidence?

Has your lack of confidence robbed you of wonderful opportunities promotions fulfilling a dream or having that swept-up-in-love relationship?

A few years ago I was not confident at all. I wanted to be but I wasn’t.

I was bound by people pleasing.

I had this ongoing internal conflict. On the one side it was “Go for it! Live your dream” And on the other side was “This is ridiculous it will never happen. JUST STOP”.

Whenever I needed to show up for myself I had some reasons why I didn’t fully show up. “The changes I could make or the steps I had the capacity to take were so small that it wouldn’t really make a difference so why try… it’s not good enough not big enough.” Obviously at that time I didn’t know the power of momentum.

Then I had reasons that I didn’t know about. There were beliefs/programming I had about life and myself and what was possible that subconsciously held me back and kept me living small. So I was stuck in this one-step forward (because you want it) and two-steps back limbo (because my beliefs couldn’t align with what I wanted).

Maybe you can relate…

I was fed up. I MADE A DECISION I wanted to be truly confident. I decided to start showing up for myself. All the tools and keys that I had learnt studied and seen over the years became the very things I practised. I saw what worked for me and I started to curate what cultivated my confidence.

As I did that it was like I unblocked a waterfall of opportunities a zest for life and new levels of confidence. Opportunities started showing up where I didn’t see it before and I was going for it. To be honest I created some opportunities for myself that didn’t even exist.

To think I went from a failed business and totally confused as to what I should do next to becoming a radio presenter writing a book and launching a career as a motivational speaker who has been blessed to serve and speak to millions of people across the various platforms (radio TV print media in person and on social media). Even as I type these words it overwhelms me with gratitude.

Are you ready to activate your Authentic Confidence?

If you are I have great news. I don’t do many of these but I am hosting an immersive and interactive full-day workshop IN JOBURG on the 1st of June 2024 where I will be sharing more of my story keys to unlocking confidence and my secret to joyful progress.

Strategise Your Outstanding Life with NEW content and more interactive than ever before. COME AND JOIN this intimate setting which will allow for personal attention and connections.

Confidence is not being loud arrogant or just fitting in… It is about showing up for yourself! 

Over the past decade I’ve learnt explored and practised confidence to understand it use it and help others use it too in order to go for the life they want. 

It is about activating your Authentic Confidence. 

  • The Art Of Announcing Yourself
  • Using The Power of Your Mindset for a Purpose
  • What Are Your Building Blocks for a Life of Purpose and Leaving Legacy
  • Creating a Protection Plan For Your Heart and Mind
  • Mindset Shifts To Make The World Your Oyster
  • Delete Excuses and Direct Your Mind Toward Growth
  • How To Set Yourself Apart
  • Troubleshoots for falling off the Wagon

These powerful models brought across interactively and energetically will leave you with a plan A plan B and plan C. The workbook comprehensively covers every topic so you don't have to take notes and it provides space to personalise the content. This means you have a personalised strategic playbook for your life dreams and goals.

Due to the nature of this workshop we only make room for an intimate number of attendees to ensure interaction and connection. Bookings close on 1 May if our tickets last.

Date: Saturday 5 October 2024

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Venue: Kloof Street Hotel Cape Town CBD

COST: R1500 / $85 USD (direct South African booking link here )

Refreshments buffet lunch workbook and certificate.


Tickets for Strategise Your Outstanding Life Cape Town can be booked here.

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Sat Oct 05 2024 at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


Kloof Street Hotel - Lion Roars Hotels & Lodges, Rheede Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

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