Critical Mass Cape Town criticalmass criticalmasscapetown africacycles

Critical Mass Cape Town #criticalmass #criticalmasscapetown #africacycles

Critical Mass Cape Town #criticalmass #criticalmasscapetown #africacycles

Fri Jul 26 2024 at 07:00 pm

Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


Critical Mass Cape Town #criticalmass #criticalmasscapetown #africacycles, 26 July | Event in Cape Town | About the event Critical Mass Cape Town #criticalmass #criticalmasscapetown #africacycles
Join us as we make our way along the promenade, to the Sea Point pool pavilion, back, through the V&A Waterfront to the Silo District, along the canals, and up Long street, returning via the fan walk to our starting point.

For those seeking a refreshment stop, the group splits at Greenmarket Square.

The event typically lasts between two to three hours, and we cover approximately 20-25 km, at a genteel pace, with regular stops.

Whether you're on a bicycle, ebike, recumbent, unicycle, uniwheel, monowheel, roller blades, or something else, all are welcomed.

Meet opposite the Green Point McDonald's.

Any changes, and/or cancellations will be published across our social media platforms.


Critical Mass is a non-profit, non-commercial, and distributed movement.

The use of helmets and lighting is strongly encouraged.

Please be considerate of fellow participants and other road users.


On the last Friday of September 1992, a group of San Francisco cyclists decided to get together for a ride through the city.

The idea, in the words of Chris Carlsson, one of those riders, was that "by being in a group, we fill the streets with bikes and maybe make our own space for a change. ... We'll be the traffic."

Critical Mass was born.

Word soon spread, and it wasn't long before similar group bike rides – leaderless, non-centralized, largely celebratory monthly happenings – were taking place in other cities around the world.

Thirty years on and Critical Mass is an international cycling phenomenon, with events taking place in over 300 cities worldwide.

Critical Mass Cape Town was founded in 2019.

Critical Mass is a form of direct action in which people meet at a set location and time and travel as a group through their neighbourhoods on bikes.

The idea is for people to group together to make it safe for each other to ride bicycles through their streets, based on the old mantra: there's safety in numbers.

Critical Mass events highlight the numbers of people who want to use their bike on the streets but are usually unable to do so without risking their safety.

They are a call to action to councils, governments, and road planners to properly and thoughtfully design in the safety of all road users, including those who would prefer to walk and cycle, instead of prioritising motor traffic above all else.


Travelling on public roads is an inherently dangerous pursuit.

Any rides of events organised by the group are open to anyone, but Critical Mass Cape Town does NOT assume any liability for your participation.

By participating, you agree for yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators to waive any and all claims that you may have against Critical Mass Cape Town, including its executive officers, members or representatives while taking part in any and all activities organised, sponsored, or sanctioned by Critical Mass Cape Town.

In no event shall Critical Mass Cape Town accept any liability for any injury, death, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance upon information published on this or associated social media platforms.

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Fri Jul 26 2024 at 07:00 pm


Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Critical Mass Cape Town
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Critical Mass Cape Town
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