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The Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

The Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

The Entrepreneur's 1 Day Bootcamp!

A one-day event for Business Owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs
to go from good to great in their business in 2019.

At the time of launching this event, it's currently mid-March of 2019. Q1 is almost complete.

If you're on the ball you started your year with clear objectives and how-to's to achieve everything you're expecting in 2019.

However, life happens, isn't it true. While you're not entirely off track, it's likely - if you're human - that not everything is going to plan.

If you're the optimistic person - some of your expectations have fallen short. We're generalizing here but optimists can get a little enthusiastic about outcomes only realize achieving them is going to require a little more work and effort.

If you're the pessimistic person - some things may actually be working, yet you're uncertain if it's sustainable. After all, what happens if...

How to increase your website conversions. We assume people are coming to your website... Donita will tell you how to figure out how many and Randy will show you any social web-rules you're breaking so that your website converts more visitors into email and/or telephone inquiries.

However, while 2019 has likely handed you a few unexpected lessons already, you're not discouraged... and with the right tweaks here and there you know things can and will improve - am I right?

If this makes sense to you, join us on Friday, April 26 for the Entrepreneur's Boot Camp.

It's a one-day investment in your business and we'll cover off 5 areas of your business that we know, with a little adjustment, you can improve on.

Along with our team at Vested Interest Group, we've curated three other local business authorities so that you can learn from some of the best and committed business owners in the city. (Business authorities explained below).


### How to increase website conversions ###
We assume people are coming to your website... Donita will tell you how to figure out how many and Randy will show you any social web-rules you're breaking so that your website converts more visitors into email and/or telephone inquiries.

Whatever you already know about website conversion, Randy will make you better.

### How to make better data-based marketing decisions ###
...with your Facebook and Google Adwords.

This is Donita's wheelhouse - she's deep in the bowls of Facebook and Google on a daily basis.

Whatever you know already about the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Donita's going to bring additional clarity and make you better.

### Financial Literacy ###
"If you don't know your numbers, you're going bankrupt - you just don't know it yet." - Robert Herjavec, Shark on ABC's Shark Tank.

Look, whether you like Shark Tank or Herjavec or not, he's right... cash flow is like blood flow... run out and you die.

Secondly, whether bookkeeping, accounting, and tax is boring or overwhelming, we get it... jas as long as they aren't a mystery.

Quan is going to share insights into understanding your numbers so that you leave better than you were when you arrived.

### How to make the inefficient efficient ###
There must be an app for that, am I right? Lindy is the queen of software efficiencies. Where are you most inefficient with your time - is it email, client on-boarding, project management. What apps could possibly help to make your communication and work more efficient.

Lindy knows a tonne - she'll make you better at understanding where you can leverage systems and improve efficiencies.

### Entrepreneur Brain Hacks ###
How to leverage your own psychological narrative. I, Vince Fowler, learned about 5 years ago while coaching business owners on business "strategy" that some of their greatest challenges had less to do with processes and spreadsheets and more to do with the way they were thinking. The power of thought, and how thinking combined with execution plays an important role in your business - along with the science to prove it.

We hope you're having a really good year already - which is why we want to help you make it even better.

May I make one suggestion? While I hople you learn a hundred things... what if you learn and implement just one thing from each speaker? What would that ROI look like?


Quan Ly - Numbers Guy and Beer Baron

Quan is a CPA and Co-Founding Partner of McRally LLP, a firm that specializes in cloud and automated accounting solutions for small and medium businesses across Canada. He has an extensive background in audit and taxation at a Big 4 accounting firm and has specialized knowledge in Canada/US cross border taxation.

Quan believes in continuous improvement on all levels. From an accounting and business perspective, that means utilizing the most current tools and technology to manage your finances and reporting.

Quan loves sports and fitness, motorcycles (ask him about his café racer bike), and craft beer. In fact, Quan is also the Co-Founder of Evil Corp Brewing, a newly established craft brewery in Calgary. While Evil Corp's website may not be live, their beer is already in stores. Beer lover? Try it.

Randy Milanovic - Craft Beer connoisseur, and one hell of a handyman

Randy is many things - a Calgary Chamber of Commerce 2013 Small Business of the Year finalist, CEO of Kayak Online Marketing, and a stage IV Cancer survivor. He's also a great friend who happens to have a tool belt and great ideas to share when we built the deck off the back of our house last summer.

In 2013, the Financial Post Magazine featured Randy nationally in their Entrepreneur / Innovator edition with a 2-page spread titled, Keep running. He is also an avid hiker and kayaker... pretty decent amateur outdoor photographer as well.

Lindy Rock - Human, Giver, Queen of getting sh*t done!

Lindy Rock is the founder and CEO of Rock Solid Administration, a boutique Virtual Assistant agency based out of Calgary.

Lindy’s greatest passion is to help people succeed. Actually, it goes beyond passion, it's at the core of who she is - I've seen her in action and she's 100% human and giver extraordinaire.

Lindy's a DO'er. One day without a particular plan in place but seeing a need in the market that she could support with her strong administration background, she took a leap of faith, coupled with her ability to execute, and results focused attitude... she put herself out there.

Then, like most projects deeply rooted in authenticity and passion, it grew! Now, she has a team of 8, and the team shares that same commitment. To serve their clients. They serve clients all over Canada and the US.

Lindy now teaches entrepreneurs and business leaders how to best organize their time to get the most out of their day, with the least amount of effort.

Donita Fowler - Digital Secret Weapon

Donita is a virtual marketing manager, and co-founder of Vested Interest Group - that's us - our business. Donita's a big deal - like Lindy, she gets shit done. With a degree and background in communications, she has been operating the digital side of Vested Interest Group with clients of all shapes and sizes.

Donita's constant curiosity combined with her client needs has allowed Donita to be a continuous learner, and she is always looking for new and improved ways to try something new and different in the digital sandbox.


This is me, Vince Fowler - maybe you've seen me around. Maybe not.

While my professional title is Business Coach, what I really do is help Business Owners, CEOs and Entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty, self-doubt, opportunity and operational leadership.

I've been coaching business owners for close to 8 years now. I sometimes speak, and I am blessed to have a TEDx Talk from TEDx Canmore.

I've personally coached almost 100 business owners, CEO's and Entrepreneurs. From Tech to Health Care, Agriculture to Animal Behavioural Training, from Engineering to Trades, I love it all and the learning is mutual.

I'm deeply curious about human behaviour which is why I have read so much about it and will complete my certificate in Applied Positive Psychology this April 18th.


• You should attend if you're a professional Problem Solver. You've already learned that with each new level of business there are new problems... Problem Solvers upgrade their problems.

•You should attend if you own and/or operate a fully operational business with positive cash flow. You've been around the block and you have the scrapes and scars to prove it.

• You should attend if you have a growth mindset. You're willing to persevere through challenge. When you fail you learn. When others succeed, you're inspired.

• You should attend if you know, "There is no one way. There is only ā way." If someone says, "This is the way," while it may be their way, it's only ā way. The wisdom is in knowing the difference.

• You should attend if you value a team. No one climbs their proverbial Mt Everest alone and whether you leverage employees and/or subcontractors, you value "team". Bring one of them.


• You should save your money if your business is still in the idea stage. Without relevant experience, I'm not convinced our wisdom will offer any value.

• You should save your money if your business is still in start-up phase. (sorry, we love you but unless you have some operational experience under your belt, we likely won't offer much relevant or tangible value).


0830 AM - Doors open. Registration. Find a seat, log in, make a new friend.
0900 AM - We Start, sharp. Army sharp. Vince is ex-military.
1200 PM - Break for Lunch
0100 PM - Open Q&A - Ask Us Anything (Optional)
0130 PM - Re Start, sharp.
0430 PM - Finished. Head home. We'll stick around for any lingering questions.


Q • What's parking like? There is parking on the hotel property as well as across the street/avenues.

Q • What about lunch? You're on your own for lunch. The Carriage House Inn does have a restaurant, and there are other restaurant venues in the vicinity. We will provide coffee, tea, and water throughout the day.

Q • With such a low ticket price, will I need a shower after hearing a full-day Pitch Fest

Emm, no. That's a HARD NO.

We've been to these free and low-cost events where they share just enough to get you all tizzied up and then bam... with an hour left in the day here comes the "Just for you, only today, you'll never see this price again," sales offer. This ain't it.

Each of our speakers is a local business owner just like you. We value community, connection, and the small business owner - the very people who employ 87% of Canada's working population and contribute 32% of Alberta's GDP.

Yes. If you like what you see and hear, you're more than welcome to approach, ask questions, pick brains, and if you feel so inclined, inquire about their services.

Q • More questions, email ZG9uaXRhIHwgdmVzdGVkaW50ZXJlc3Rncm91cCAhIGNvbQ== or call 403-818-1227


Your investment for the day is roughly $200 - $300. If the day was a miss and you feel you didn't receive value to equal your financial investment, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Map Carriage House Inn, 9030 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0M4, Calgary, Canada
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