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The event you are looking at is a past event. Check out this upcoming event Monthly Dragon Meditation happening on Fri Mar 29 2019 at 06:00 pm at The Home of OM, 2312 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2S 1X2, Calgary, Canada

Monthly Dragon Meditation


Monthly Dragon Meditation

This evening is offered for $20.00

This monthly circle has been held on the last Friday of the month since June 2016 and is open to all levels. Whether you are a newcomer, a regular attendee, or someone who has a child that is connecting with Dragons already, all are welcome.

We've been connecting and experiencing a lot of healing, growth & fun with the Dragons, come and join Carrie to connect & share with other like minded people in a safe space who are re-discovering their own Dragon connections.

Let me re-introduce to you your own personal Dragon, Dragons of the Elements & Celestial Dragons which will help you to allow yourself to work with their healing energies and even send them on missions to help transform energy and more. I’m not here to convince you that Dragons exist. I step forward as someone who is willing to hold space for them and help others connect with the Dragons they already feel or know exist, or want to.

Empaths often wonder what can they do for Gaia? We can't pack up our bags & go to the other side of the world to protest, we can't donate money to all of the causes that are out there - but we can work with Dragons. Dragons enable personal healing as well as healing for Gaia. Elemental Dragons can transform the physical energy related to the elements as well as other heavy astral energies. Celestial Dragons can bring in high vibrational light.

Dragons are magnificent. So many colors, shapes and sizes working with all the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, the energies of Spirit and Chaos and so much more. There are also higher dimensional Dragons working here with us now, all of them are protecting, working with and healing Mother Gaia & her Lightworkers while we are all on our paths of ascension into the new Golden Age.

Dragons are guardians, companions, protectors, guides and friends that can help connect you with yourself, with Ancient Knowledge, and with the Earth energies of Gaia. They help with manifestations, and so much more. They will also take you for an incredible ride if you will allow them.

Those who believe and connect with Dragons are old souls. They know that they have been with them before and know it’s not just folklore or childishness and meant only for fantasy movies, computer games and cartoons. Thank goodness for these believers who have kept the Dragon memory and spirit alive or we might have lost our remembering of them all together.

I know some of you are hesitant or afraid to believe in these things. How will others judge? or What if I believe and then someone takes it away from me? No one can take away your connections with Spirit, only we can do that to ourselves. As a child my favorite cartoon was “Puff the Magic Dragon”, my favorite book & song was the “One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater” and my best friends were an Angel, a purple Dragon and a Willow Tree. Yet I was the one who closed the door. Sure life & circumstances happened, but I’m still responsible for closing the door. Fortunately I have now re-connected, and I am working with Spirit, happily believing in Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, Faeries, Ascended Masters and so much more....

Many children are already connecting with Dragons because the Dragons love to protect, guide, play with & help keep children's energy fields clear from the negative astral energies that many adult humans project out into the world.

Want to join us in re-connecting to these magnificent beings? :)

No experience necessary. Children over 12 are welcome as long as they are able to sit quietly and participate in meditation. Children come for free.

Private sessions can be booked with me at the store directly here:

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