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Little Saturn, Winter War - FoW Narrative Event


Little Saturn, Winter War - FoW Narrative Event

DATE: December 2nd
LOCATION: Imaginary Wars
TIME: 08:30 meet. We should be finished by 18:00.
COST: $40 in advance ($30 for Regiment Members*)
*Club members can pay on the day of the event.

Following the November 10 Flames of War event, Desert Hell 2: Tunisia to Sicily, we now set our sights to the east…all the way to the river Volga, at the city named after the leader of the Soviet Union! This event will also act as a precursor to a ‘Battle for Kursk’ event being planned for the new year!

The setting:
Stalingrad has been surrounded! The German invaders have been trapped by the encircling Soviet army. Now, both nations' armies furiously restructure and prepare for the next step:
- the Soviets plan to strengthen their position so as destroy the encircled German army, all while denying German breakthrough attempts from inside or outside the encirclement
- the Germans, knowing their forces in Stalingrad are starving and low on ammunition, plan a spearhead assault to rescue their doomed comrades!

At a glance, a narrative event looks almost exactly the same as a tournament: the day's gaming is still split up into rounds of gaming, but instead of handling these rounds like one would for a standard tournament (ie: each player keeps track of his own personal win-loss ratio over the course of a day) we'll instead be dividing all the players into an Allied team and an Axis team!

Each round will affect --benefit or hinder-- an aspect of the game on the following round with in-game effects or special rules or extra models for peoples' armies. Unlike a tournament, no player’s score is kept track of too exactly: this isn’t a day to see who is the one best player; this is a day to see which half of the room wins the day!


Your original exploitation Operation, codenamed Operation Saturn was more ambitious than Stalin wanted. With the modifications in place you are poised and ready for Operation Little Saturn, intent on recapturing the important city of Kharkov, cutting off the German relief attempt to the German forces in Stalingrad and cutting off Army Group A in the Caucasus. You should have no problem smashing the Italian and Hungarian allies, but be prepared for strong resistance from the German.
Your immediate goals are as follows:
• Hold Kharkov and its vital factories
• Capture Tatskinskaya air base which is supplying German forces in Stalingrad
• Encircle the 1st Panzer Army

Soviet forces may be smashing into your lines but it is no time to sit back and defend. The German 6th Army must be relieved in Stalingrad. You will be planning your own offensive Codenamed Operation Winter Storm. This will be your relief effort and you should link up with the 4th Panzer Corps of the 6th Army. This offensive will also buy time for Army Group A to return from the Caucasus region. Operation Uranus may have caught your Romanian and Hungarian allies ill-prepared but German forces will always be ready. Lets see if we cannot turn the tide of this clash and catch the Soviets ill-prepared for our counter-thrust!
Your immediate goals are as follows:
• Hold Tatskinskaya air base so that it can continue to supply the 6th Army in Stalingrad. This will also ensure that other airfields can support our offensive.
• Recapture Kharkov and its vital factories. Keeping them in our hands and out of the Soviets hands will be key!
• Force a corridor to Stalingrad and meet up with the 6th Army in Stalingrad.

HOW IT ALL WORKS (Event Day Special Rules)

Players are to bring a 109 point force. They will also plan a 65 point force which must use the same formation as the parent 109 point force. This 65 point force will be probing the enemy lines for weaknesses that you can exploit. If your parent 109 point force utilizes two formations then you must choose one of those formations to create your 65 point army. You may design both forces however you see fit however there are a few key points to keep in mind when designing your army.
• Only Eastern Front and Iron Cross books should be used.
• Avanti may be used with the following limitations
o No Semovente, M141 or Lancia may be used.
o This is also true when supporting your German forces from Iron Cross
o The Italians list can be used to represent a proxy force of Hungarian or Romanian axis minor allies. If you plan to do this then please let me know asap so that I can give you some pointers and special rules for your forces.
• Infantry will be important for clearing mines.
• You will likely want to create a combined arms force as BOTH sides will play a mission with Deep reserves
o In case you forgot the Deep Reserves rule will cause you to have only a single platoon of tanks with armour 3+ on the table. (T-60s count as front armour 3+ for purposes of determining Deep Reserves)
• Be careful of taking too many heavy tanks as the rivers and ponds will be frozen but armoured vehicles have a chance to break through the ice and sink!
o Roll a D6 +3 if the total is less than the front armour of your tank when crossing ice you will break the ice and sink. The vehicle counts as KIA.

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