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Drama And Theatre Events In Cairo

Theatre, Performances And Plays In Cairo

Attending a theatre workshop could be tremendous fun and an absolute stress buster. Be it improv, musicals, open mics, screening or performing arts in Cairo, we have got it all covered. If you wish to step into the world of theatre and want to learn acting or storytelling, you can even register for theatre workshops happening in Cairo. Express and Impress and Collaborate with the theatre artists and hone your skills by simply attending a few theatre events every week or during weekends. Find out the best theatre events in Cairo. You will be surprised to find yourself locked in a laughter riot with your friends.

Upcoming Theatre Events in Cairo

Theatres in Cairo

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare quotes in his pastoral comedy. There exists no better a place to experience the music and art in life than the city housing one of the largest and oldest music and film industries in the whole of Arab. Cairo theatres have been booming since the establishment of the city. Being conquered and passed down from kings and pharaohs of various cultures, this has added to deepening the diversity the city has to offer in theater and Drama. Between the historical expanse of the troupe and the modern art and culture of dramatics, Cairo opera is deemed as one of the most varied.

Experience the theatres in Cairo

May it be to establish oneself as a drama artist or to simply enjoy the musicals in Cairo, one can definitely find an opera house or an institute hosting it. Cairo theatre shows present dramas of all genres, movie screenings and public performances. The most important landmark in the time of theatrics – The Artistic Creativity Center, managed by Khaled Galal (director) finds its foundations in El Tahrir. This Cairo theater is renowned to be the epitome in universities to graduate from. Talents of musicals in Cairo can also be found in the Teatro Masr, grand Nile towers stage, which presents plays and introduces all the new talent to the society. For a live performance, the Cairo Opera House brings to life the finest performing arts from different parts of the world, in genres such as ballet, singing concerts, religious ensemble or galas. For the year 2019, the house is expecting Ballet performances from Russia artists and various band concerts. El Gomhouria Theatre throws its doors open to various independent plays, public performances and local festivals. El Cairo Hanager Art Center is a place that keeps the Egyptian form of drama and theatrics alive even today. This opera house in Cairo has been recognized to support many productions for regional National festivals like – puppetry, workshops, Hakawy International Arts Festivals for children. Falaki theatre administers one of the best in Independent art scene among all. Since contemporary art has been introduced into the city’s culture, Flaki theater has become one of the fundamental venues in Cairo performing arts. 

Enjoy the Joves of Theatre in Cairo!

Cairo held its first International film festival since long and has been followed till date religiously every year. It is a competitive international platform where the filmmaking and cinematic is recognized and awarded under various categories. It is one of the oldest cultural accreditation born under a writer-critic Kamal el-Mallakh, followed till today as a tradition. The board of members gives away awards to documentaries, movies, film classics, films tributes and artists (to name a few). The congregation also involves the attendance of well-known and established artists in the field and screening of select movies.