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The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip

The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip

Jul 18, 2021 - Jul 23, 2021

The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip

Time Sun Jul 18 2021 at 03:00 pm to Fri Jul 23 2021 at 06:00 pm

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Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt

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The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip, 18 July | Event in Cairo | The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip

If you’re having something that is stopping you right now from reaching your Goals or making you stuck where you are right NOW then it’s time to leave everything for #NOW and join US in our #journey of #SelfDiscovery #Trip as This is a great way to change your life surrounded by #Nature in a Piece of #Heaven area
Queens of YOGA is performing Life #Transformation Retreat will be performed by a team of Professional Healers, Yoga Masters ,Life Coach & Consciousness & Alchemy Teachers Book your room now and be a
A part of this life transformation retreat in Heaven on earth in LEBANON that will include the following Sessions & Activities


(07:00 PM ) : Arrivals to Four Season Resort & Beach Hotel:

No more driving is necessary once you park for the weekend! Enjoy self-practice taking TAN on the Pool or the Beach or meditation in the Yoga studio, walk in the Resort and have Photoes, walk to the village, or take a nap
and no one will disturb you!
(07:00 PM) : Meet and Greet Dinner
Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal and get to know your fellow yogis.
(8:30 -9:00 ) Restorative Yoga
Gentle practice to recover from your travel day and a full tummy followed by
a Short Meditation.

DAY 2:

(08:30 - 09:30 AM) : Breakfast

(10:00 AM ): HEADING OFF to the Forest!

Busses will be taking us to Bluejay hotel in Jezzine ! we will go to start our Healing & Transformation Program in a Forest surrounded by Nature where the sound of the River is floating and the sound of waterfalls floating as there you will be discovering the REAL YOU away from the noise of your LIFE!

(12:00-1:00 PM) Lunch
(01:00-2:00 PM) LawofAttraction Meditation Class – Healing the #InnerChild Meditation
(02:00-05:00 PM) Relationships Healing Sessions:
This session will change your relationship LIFE! you usually face issues in your relationships due to blockages was created it inside you that you need to get rid of.if you don’t know how to remove that blockage you will need to attend this session as we will discuss ways of #How to fix & Improve your Current Relationship if you are already in a Relationship, How to Start again after a #Breakup of a relationship, How to attract a new relationship in your life If you are single and finding it hard to be in a relationship or you are trying to #attract your #soulmate

(05:00_7:00 PM) Discover your self
(07:00-09:00PM) DINNER


(07:30-08:00 AM) SunRise & SunSet #Yoga Session (1 Hour)

(08:30-09:00 AM) : Breakfast


(9:30 - 12:00 PM) : Wealth Healing Session
This session will change your Money Flows in life to abundance! Removing all blockages that preventing the #abundance to #flow in ur life and #balancing all aspects of your life

(12:00 -06:00 PM) Enjoy swimming in waterfalls & rivers, Hiking, reading so bring your favorite books we will make grills so enjoy nature and amazing food!
( 05:00 - 06:00 PM): 7 Chakra Healing & Cleaning Session
(07:00 - 09:00 PM) : Enjoying Dinner with Fire
( 9 pm) : Farwell Retreat Party: As a Celebration of Completing the retreat session, we will be making an exclusive party for our students. we will be having a dj that will put us amazing music as we will dance and connect with our inner child by expressing our self in dancing and connecting with other souls serving you with the best Lebanese Deserts & Juices ( There will be A Bar in the forest too for those who would like to have all types of Imported Alcohol with cheapest Prices ever)
We will be also collecting all your Favorite tracks and songs and we will give them to our DJ to mix them for YOU! so Yeah let's Have SOME FUN!



(07:30 - 08:30) Sunrise Yoga for Depression & Lack of Self Love

(08:30 - 9:00) Twin Flame & Attract Love & Romance Meditation
(09:00 - 10:00) Breakfast
(10:00- 12:00) Mastering SELF LOVE - how to love your self how to have fun with your self without needing anything to be around how to depend on your self and make your happiness to be your responsibility & not somebody else

(12:00 - 3:00 PM) Attachments in Relationships, How to de-attach your self from a Poison Relationship, divorce, Breakup traumas & Healing

(04:00) Meeting AT THE BUS
Heading Back to Four Seasons Resort & Beach Hotel for a flexi-time to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach or if you would like to make shopping in Beirut City it's a flexi-time for you to enjoy the City



(7:30 - 8:30 AM ) YOGA FOR Improving Health

This yoga for Healing any part of the body that you need to improve your Health so if for example you have back pain or chest or stomach or any part of the body that needs healing this will help improving it

(8:30 - 9:00) Meditation for Ideal Health

(09:00 -10) Breakfast
(11:00 AM) Heading back to the airport to travel safely

Additional individual Activities:
A- Tarot Reading for ALL Members
B- Career Coaching SESSION for ALL STUDENTS
C- REIKI SESSIONS as per request
D- Healing for ALL PAST TRAUMAS & Gaining trust back to your self
E- Ready to Explore Nature? we will enjoy climbing mountains so get your camping stuff
F- Do you love swimming? because we will enjoy swimming in the River, Waterfalls, Beach & pool!
This will be a LIFE CHANGING RETREAT as it mixes between FUN & LEARNING!
IT will be a huge chance for you to meet with other like-minded souls! we all have friends but we rarely find those who are spiritual and can understand where you come from! so this retreat will be a huge chance to meet amazing souls to explore nature with and to know that even if you are alone you can create your own MAGIC!
AND IF YOUR FRIENDS CAN JOIN! then yeah that's another chance to develop together!
ALL Successful leaders affirm that investing money in developing yourself is the fastest way to WEALTH as you will learn a lot in life that will make it even easier for you. you will learn how to make opportunities run after you instead of you running after it! you will learn how to let those you adore and die to be dying for you & wanting to be with you instead because in this LIFE-CHANGING TRIP you will Reveal the secret of Wealth & you will be holding the Key to Abundance! Once you gain the skill of Self Love, Self Respect & How does the game of life goes you will easily turn anything you touch into GOLD that's why attending such a LIFE CHANGING RETREAT ITS AN INVEST IN YOUR SELF!

Extra Services :
Spa & Massage session
What do you need to bring?
Comfortable Clothes!
ONLY GET WHAT YOU NEED! don't bring unesscary stuff as this is a self-exploring trip

Location: Lebanon
From 13/05/2021
To 16/03/2020
we will be having a session on how to connect with Nature and this will take place in one of the best forests in Lebanon that we will have a climbing experience Temperature will be a little cold in the forest at night so ensure to bring what makes u warm at night however Lebanon weather will be HOT but bringing a jacket will be necessary as weather change depends on areas in Lebanon if its a mountain or a beach!
Prices for Student inside Egypt
19000LE or 1225 $per person in Single Room including Breakfast & Dinner + Attending all Retreat Sessions
17000LE or 1100$ per person in Double Room Including Breakfast & Dinner + Attending ALL Retreat Session
Prices for Students inside Lebanon to attend the forest trip
(One day)
100$/as per dollar rate Per day for person in single room including breakfast & dinner+ attending all retreat sessions
70$ Per person in Double room including breakfast & dinner + attending all retreat sessions
Attending (Two Days
200$ for Single and 150$ for double )
Prices for Students Outside Egypt differs from one Country to another so Please contact us through our Phone or Whats app +201206618080 or +201124158227 or Follow and MSG US on Instagram to speak to one of our customer care service to Customize the Price for you click here for our instagram

#lawofattraction #thesecret

This is a new way to spend your Eid Vacation on a Fun and Life-Changing Trip!
We are inviting you for this Retreat that will help you create your Ideal Life while enjoying visiting a new country and meet like-minded souls and Have the Best and most different Vacation that would be a Vacation to Remember!

Why you should consider joining us on this Journey?

1- We will help you escape the Stressful life in the City and go on a Healing Journey to find yourself and find answers to all your challenges!
2- Meet new people in Egypt and all over the world and expand your friends network with like-minded mentalities.
3- We will help you to learn how to fix your relationship obstacles.
4- we will help you create financial freedom and Success.
5- We will teach you how to overcome any illness and become healthy and fit.
6- We will help you discover your Talents.
7- You will Learn how to Face your fears and stand out of your comfort zone.
8- We will help you connect to Nature and enjoy yourself and Love yourself!
9- You will get introduced to a new country and new culture!
10- we will help you get inspired and find your purpose!
11- we will teach you how to practice being at Peace no matter what are your circumstances.

The trip will be 5 days and 4 nights.
Including the following:
-Hotel: Four Seasons Beach Resort
-Flight to and back from Beirut.
-The whole Retreat Program and activities.
Early bird price: 17000 EGP per person for those who are located in EGYPT and if you are located in Lebanon or anywhere else in the world please contact us to customize your package.

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Tickets for The Life Changing & Self Exploring YOGA Retreat Lebanon Trip can be booked here.

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Sun Jul 18 2021 at 03:00 pm to Fri Jul 23 2021 at 06:00 pm
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Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt

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