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Social Anxiety Group Therapy

Social Anxiety Group Therapy

Thu Feb 25, 2021

Social Anxiety Group Therapy

Time Thu Feb 25 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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nine psychology cairo, Cairo, Egypt


Social Anxiety Group Therapy | Event in Cairo | Social Anxiety Group Therapy
What is social anxiety disorder?
“Social anxiety is an intense and overwhelming fear of being judged in social or performance situations,”
Most people can relate to getting butterflies in their stomachs before starting a new job or giving a presentation in front of others. The fear of doing or saying the wrong thing and consequently being judged by others can be overwhelming.
Extreme fear of social interaction can lead people to avoid social situations, even if it means losing a job or contact with family and friends.
One of the best ways to understand Social Anxiety is based upon people’s responses to the following list of activities:
• Going out in public or using public restrooms
• Going to school or work
• Talking with strangers
• Dating
• Eating in front of others
• Speaking in public
• Meeting new people
• Group discussions
• Speaking up in class

Physical symptoms associated with Social Anxiety:

Physical symptoms can vary from person to person and vary in intensity. Generally speaking, symptoms occur prior to the events listed above and may last throughout the event and even for weeks afterward:
• Increased or rapid heartbeat
• Muscle tension
• Dizziness and/or lightheadedness
• Stomach pains and/or diarrhea
• Feeling out of breath
• Sweating
• Nausea
• Headaches
• “Out-of-body” sensation

Group therapy for social anxiety is a treatment option that provides a sense of community, and a safe place to practice social skills and learn to overcome social anxiety in a non-judgmental place where people understand.
How Group Therapy for Social Anxiety Works?

According to research, the leading treatment for social anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT techniques help people change thoughts and perceptions related to situations that cause anxiety as well as gradual exposure to feared situations.
During an introductory session, the therapists present the cognitive behavioral model and the rationale behind the treatment. Anxiety regulation skills such as cognitive restructuring are taught. The group then works on gradual exposure both in session and through assigned exposures in between sessions.
Gradual Exposure involves gradually engaging in more difficult situations until they are no longer anxiety provoking before moving up to a very slightly higher level of difficulty for the client. This differs from person to person and exposures will be planned according to each of the clients’ needs.
Always keeping the clients within their window of tolerance so they don’t need to be overwhelmed.
Why It Works?
Participants meet weekly with a small group of 6 – 10 persons who suffer from social anxiety. Guided by two therapists, they work together to learn and practice techniques to overcome it.
Group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy does not.
• Because you are with others working towards the same goal, you feel less isolated.
• You feel positive because you’re helping others. Providing support and advice is empowering. It combats negative thoughts about self-worth.
• Social skills improve. As you get and give feedback, you learn to see yourself from a different perspective.
• Practicing exposures to the social situations you fear, in a safe place, lets you improve step-by-step.
• You learn from others. Watching someone else work through their fear motivates you.
• Group therapy is cost-effective. It’s typically less expensive than individual therapy and is just as effective.
No matter what your social anxiety triggers, group therapy provides a safe place. You can learn to calm yourself and gain a more realistic perspective.
Emotional regulation skills, exposures and practice improve your ability to assert yourself. Role-playing teaches you to relax and perhaps even enjoy interacting with people. In the safety and comfort of a group setting, you can face situations more confidently in the real world.
About Therapists:

*Sessions will be held by,

 Clinical Psychologist Dina Farid

- Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
- National Certified Counselor (NCC) from the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC, USA).
- Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
- ADD Coach Academy.
 Yasser Gaber

- 15 Years of Experience as an Addiction Counselor.
- CBT and Schema counselor.


Start Date: Feb 4 , 2021
At Nine Psychology Center – Maadi
No. of Sessions: 10 Sessions
Every Thursday From 7:00PM Till 9:00PM

Early Bird (before 28 January): 4300 LE one-time payment.
One time payment: 4800 LE
Or 3 payments of: 1600 Monthly

Payment Options:
CIB Account
Vodafone Cash
For reservations and more inquires please send us a Whatsapp message or call us on (01060838626).

If you are ready to understand and address your personal or relationship challenges, or if you have additional questions about group therapy, I encourage you to call (01060838626) for a complimentary, commitment-free 20-minutes phone consultation.
A screening process is required before joining a group to ensure there is a good fit between you and the group which you join.

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Thu Feb 25 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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nine psychology cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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