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Magical Egypt Spiritual Tour with Mystic KumariDevi

Magical Egypt Spiritual Tour with Mystic KumariDevi

Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 29, 2023

Magical Egypt Spiritual Tour with Mystic KumariDevi

Time Sun Sep 17 2023 at 12:00 pm to Fri Sep 29 2023 at 04:00 am

Cairo, Egypt

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Magical Egypt Spiritual Tour with Mystic KumariDevi, 17 September | Event in Cairo | Magical Egypt Spiritual Tour with Mystic KumariDevi

YOU CAN NOW REGISTER ONLINE WITH YOUR NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. of $600.00 The Egypt Spiritual Tour costs $3990.00 per person based on double occupancy. SAVE $200.00 BY SIGNING UP NOW.

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Magical and Spiritual Tour to Egypt. Meditate in the great pyramid, ride camels, sail the Nile, explore Karnack, the Valley of the Kings, the Luxor temple, and so much more.

TruthSeekers and Healers, Earth is ascending, and with Pluto in Aquarius, humanity is transcending to a higher frequency. Egypt invites you to explore and renew your allegiance to unlock the mysteries of you and explore the land of the Ancients. No place on Earth is the history so rich and the mysteries so deep than in Egypt. Be transported to past life memories in this faraway land.

A transformation journey not only exploring ancient ruins but also exploring your inner self. Leading non-traditional spiritual tours, you’ll find KumariDevi rumbling through the ruins looking for ancient energy portals (star gates) to remember dormant memories to accelerate spiritual growth. 

Twenty-two years ago, she developed “Workshops on Tour” by combining workshops and sightseeing tours to high-energy locals. Part of KumariDevi's mission is to activate and repair the planetary grids, which began in 1995 in England with Michael and Mary Leylines and has continued worldwide. Activating the heart grid at the Taj Mahal in India and the Temple of Illumination buried under Lake Titicaca in Peru. Then to Egypt along the Nile and western Sahara desert, opening portals for Earth’s ascension. It’s like tuning strings on a guitar—the energy reverberates throughout the Universe and corresponds to our chakra system. 

“Thank you so much for Egypt. I loved the camel ride and EVERYTHING on the trip. I am still in awe of it all, and it's a profound, life-changing experience! I have a new sense of purpose and confidence since being in Egypt with you, and I can’t thank you enough.” ~Susan M., Writer, Atlanta

A five-star journey with daily breakfasts, dinners and most lunches included, safe, luxurious five-star hotels, air-conditioned transformation, airport pick up and much more.

"There’s no other way to go to Egypt than with KumariDevi. Being in her energy is inspiring and life-changing.” ~Iaysha S., Artist, London, UK

The Egyptians understood their connection to the stars and the regenerative energies that enabled them to become spiritual Masters—creating a harmonious cosmology. Just like the Hindus, the Egyptians reflected a conscious spiritual reality based on direct knowingness of the natural laws of the Universe.

The ancient Egyptians aligned their pyramids and temples (libraries in stone) to establish sacred space with the stars and placed them on specific Earth grids. Temple locations along the Nile hold the energetic keys and clues to galactic wisdom that enables the return to your Divine origin.


Email with questions--aW5mbyB8IGt1bWFyYWluc3RpdHV0ZSAhIGNvbQ==

All the traveling information regarding COVID passports and what is needed is on the website and not here. Egypt Tour price is $3990.00 + airfare.


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Sun Sep 17 2023 at 12:00 pm to Fri Sep 29 2023 at 04:00 am


Cairo, Egypt

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