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Egypt Spiritual Tour and Meditation Retreat

Egypt Spiritual Tour and Meditation Retreat

Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 30, 2023

Egypt Spiritual Tour and Meditation Retreat

Time Sun Sep 17 2023 at 06:00 pm to Sat Sep 30 2023 at 09:00 am

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Spiritual Tour and Meditation Retreat , 17 September | Event in Cairo | Egypt Spiritual Tour and Meditation Retreat

EGYPT TOUR IS NOT FREE. Due to the nature of the Egypt Spiritual Tour payment can't be made on this website. The cost of the Egypt Spiritual Tour is $3690.00 per person.

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A spiritual tour and meditation retreat to Egypt for 12 days. Meditate in the great pyramid, ride camels, sail the Nile, explore Karnack, the Valley of the Kings, the Luxor temple, and so much more. No place on earth is the history so rich and the mystery so deep as in Egypt. 

A transformation journey not only exploring ancient ruins but also exploring your inner self. I’ve led two other spiritual tours to Egypt, and on each trip, members had life-changing experiences profoundly embedded in their memory.

“Thanks so much for Egypt. I loved the camel ride and EVERYTHING on the trip. I am still in awe of it all and the profound, life-changing experience it was! I have a new sense of purpose and confidence since being in Egypt with you, and I can’t thank you enough.” Susan M., Atlanta

A five-star journey with daily breakfasts, dinners and most lunches included, safe luxurious five-star hotels, air-conditioned transformation, airport pick up and much more.

The Egyptians understood their connection to the stars and the regenerative energies that enabled them to become spiritual Masters—creating a harmonious cosmology; the Egyptians, just like the Hindu’s reflected a conscious spiritual reality based on direct knowingness of the natural laws of the Universe.

The ancient Egyptians aligned their pyramids and temples (libraries in stone) to establish sacred space with the stars and placed them on specific Earth grids. Temple locations along the Nile hold the energetic keys and clues to galactic wisdom that enables the return to your Divine origin.


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All the traveling information regarding COVID passports and what is needed is on the website and not here. You must have six months on your passport to enter Egypt. The tour price is $3690.00 until June 1st, 2023 plus international airfare, which is approximately $1000.00 round trip from JFK airport in New York for USA residents.

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Sun Sep 17 2023 at 06:00 pm to Sat Sep 30 2023 at 09:00 am


Cairo, Egypt