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Art And Theatre Events In Cairo

Performances, Theatre Events And Art Exhibitions In Cairo

Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. You can learn various forms of art from dancing to sketching in Cairo. There are designated classes, drama workshops, and art events in Cairo for the same. If you just want to be a mere spectator you can attend theatre events and art exhibitions in Cairo too.

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad, nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting? Well, just explore through the art & theatre events in Cairo.

Upcoming Arts Events in Cairo

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    Art in Cairo

    Cairo - A city of sands, culture and rich in history in every form, also known as the art capital of Egypt, plays host to the legendary pyramids of Giza, the Nile delta and the ancient city of Memphis. Since its establishment, the city has passed down from rulers and conquerors of varying cultures, which has gradually deposited towards the art in Cairo not only being paintings but also murals, caricatures and ‘calligraffiti’.

    Exploring the neighborhood housing art in Cairo

    Karen Gardien, in her article in NatGeo, names Cairo street art as one of the seven best cities to witness in 2017. The walls of buildings act as a canvas for the artists who love bringing to life graffiti and caricatures. During the revolution against the democracy in 2011, every wall in the city played host to various Arabic slogans and quotes by the general public against their oppressors, after which the walls have been broken down or whitewashed in order to show dominance. A few of these slogans and caricatures of various figures can still be viewed today in the Tahrir square. One of the most breathtaking union of Arabic calligraphy script in a union with graffiti (calligraffiti) has been created by el seed in the neighbourhood of Zareeb where multiple buildings portray the slogan of “Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly, needs to wipe his eyes first.” This mural is a dedication to all the residents of the neighbourhood as respect and recognition of their role in the society, in managing the garbage produced by the entire city.

    Art Galleries In Cairo

     The art galleries in Cairo offer a glimpse into the past via the multiple museums strewn all around, namely – Cairo Opera House which hosts ballet, symphonies, and opera; Townhouse Gallery that offers a contemporary fine art collection. Since its establishment, it organizes art exhibitions in Cairo for all those upcoming artists to showcase their talent. For a taste of the Egyptian art, Al Masar Gallery offers the work from the early 20th century which is a vibrant blend of contemporary and modern Egyptian art. A living art in itself is the Gayer-Anderson museum which is considered to be one of the best-preserved architectures to enjoy a sight from the 17th century. A few other galleries to kindle the mind would be the Gezira Center for Modern art, Picasso or the Khan El Maghraby.

    Exhibitions And Art Classes In Cairo

    The city offers a wide platform for all those beginning to explore their artistic talents in various fields. The events are not limited to but include – visual narratives hosted at the famous art galleries, cinematography workshop in photography, an exhibition that display photographs, various movie screenings, cinematography workshops, or documentary workshops and various plays or karaoke nights. The art exhibitions in Cairo offer painting workshops, a display of statues or clay models. These exhibitions and art classes in Cairo are scattered throughout the year, with a few hosted around the same time or over weekends, making sure that during your visit you are a part of a few.