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Drama And Theatre Events In Brussels

Theatre, Performances And Plays In Brussels

Attending a theatre workshop could be tremendous fun and an absolute stress buster. Be it improv, musicals, open mics, screening or performing arts in Brussels, we have got it all covered. If you wish to step into the world of theatre and want to learn acting or storytelling, you can even register for theatre workshops happening in Brussels. Express and Impress and Collaborate with the theatre artists and hone your skills by simply attending a few theatre events every week or during weekends. Find out the best theatre events in Brussels. You will be surprised to find yourself locked in a laughter riot with your friends.

Upcoming Theatre Events in Brussels

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    Theatre in Brussels And How To Make The Most Of It

    Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, has a vibrant and multi-cultural and broad-reaching theatre scene that draws enthusiastic crowds. The style is varied, and so is the language in which these productions are conceived. You can find plays of every genre and category being produced in a variety of locations from cafes to formal opera houses. If you are trying to immerse yourself in theatre in Brussels or are wondering if Brussels opera is worth the visit, there are some places in the city you must visit.

    Best Places To Visit For Theatre In Brussels

    If you are a theatre aficionado and are looking to sample the theatre scene or a Brussels opera, then look no further than La Monnaie. This premier institution plays host to opera, classical recitals, chamber music, dance, and concerts. The venerable performing arts space also offers guided tours where you learn about its history and evolution.   The 65-year-old Theatre de Poche seats 250 people and plays host to contemporary performances with a lilt towards progressive ideas and viewpoints. This is a great place to understand the preoccupations of the liberals of Belgium. For a unique experience, visit the Cirque Royal which is primarily used for musicals in Brussels and can seat a whopping 3500 people. Some of the more prominent theatre groups in Brussels include The Brussels Shakespeare Society, Irish Theatre Group, and American Theatre Company.

    Theatre Events In Brussels You Cannot Miss

    Brussels is home to several annual theatre festivals which showcases the local and international talent and attracts visitors from all over the world. If you are interested in performing arts in Brussels and theatre shows in Brussels, one of the leading annual theatre festivals in Brussels is the KunstenFestivalDesArts which is a celebration of theatre, dance, performance, and cinema that takes place all over the city. This event takes place every year, and you must visit a few performances if you happen to be in the city around the same time. Brussels on Stage is an annual festival that occupies the opposite end of the performance arts spectrum. All the plays in the event take place in cafe-theatres, which makes the performances more intimate and leaves a lot of scope for experimentation. Festival XS is a unique festival comprising of dance, drama, circus, puppets, and installations. As a visitor, you can meet with hundreds of artists and learn of their unique voices through twenty short productions every day over three days. For a unique experience, visit the Theatres Nomades, which is a four-day event at the Royal Park. The festival brings outdoor theatres, caravans, circus, fairy tales, and music. For those interested in traditional performance arts, the Insifon is the most important festivals for contemporary puppet theatre from Belgium and international troupes in Brussels. If you are looking for something that will take your breath away, then the Hopla! Festival is for you. This circus festival brings around 20 circus acts from Belgium and foreign acts during the Easter Holidays. Brussels has a diverse community of theatre and performance artists that adds vigor to the discourse of art in the city. The many events and theatre festivals in Brussels are a testament to the commitment and love the city has with theatre. Do visit the many performance spaces of Brussels for a performance you will remember. Find out more about the Brussels opera and theatre in Brussels on!