Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort

Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort

30 Jun, 2024

Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort

Time Sun Jun 30 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles, Rue de la Régence, Brussels, Belgium

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Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort, 30 June | Event in Brussels | Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort

Lars Danielsson the jazz maestro celebrated for his innovative spirit and storied legacy teams up with Brussels Muzieque's distinctive Chamber Jazz Consort a blend of classic and jazz brilliance for an unparalleled concert experience. Hosted within the grandeur of the Brussels Royal Conservatory's Great Hall the concert is set to present Danielsson's compositions in a fresh and profound chamber music setting.

Following the resounding success of "Symphonized" an opus where orchestral majesty met jazz subtleties Danielsson now embarks on a novel musical adventure. Harnessing his deep-seated jazz prowess and classical underpinnings this collaboration emerges as a natural progression from "Symphonized" intertwining his seminal compositions with the nuances of chamber music.

Danielsson's transition from mastering the classical cello in Gothenburg to mastering the jazz bass epitomizes his penchant for pushing musical boundaries. This concert amplifies this spirit of discovery. With Danielsson pivotal not just in composition but as an active ensemble participant he joins the string quintet together with a clarinet to forge a sound that resonates with his dual heritage of classical finesse and jazz dynamism.

The Chamber Jazz Consort a shining beacon in Brussels Muzieque's ensemble lineup is renowned for its captivating transformative performances. Bridging the refined grace of classical strings with the rhythmic complexity and melodic richness of jazz they span a vast musical landscape. Their eclectic repertoire ranging from iconic swing pieces to cutting-edge contemporary jazz is a testament to the ensemble's prowess in melding tradition with innovation. The ensemble boasts of talents like Sarah Oates Concertmaster of the Ballet Orchestra Amsterdam; Nadja Nevolovitsch Concertmaster of the Brussels Philharmonic; multiple award-winning jazz violist Oene van Geel; Eduardo Tonietto Brussels Muzieque's cellist and artistic director; and Anton Jakimenko a luminary in Amsterdam's jazz clarinet scene. As a collective they craft aural delights melding the elegance of classical strings with jazz's profound emotional spectrum.

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Sun Jun 30 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles, Rue de la Régence, Brussels, Belgium

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