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Hymn of the sound of Truth (Devī Sūktam)


Hymn of the sound of Truth (Devī Sūktam)

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From the 10th Maṇḍala of the Ṛg Veda, this mantra is stunning both in poetic expression as well as in its sound. Revealed to a Ṛṣika or woman seer – Vāk Ambhṛṇī who in this hymn, identifies completely with the Supreme Vāk, or sound (parāśakti in Tantra), joyfully expresses her realisation through these 8 mantras. This hymn is therefore a song in praise of the Self.

In the words of my dear friend Jean Le Mée - "Here, with extraordinary poetic power and in words reminiscent of the Proverbs of Solomon and of Dante, Vak, the Word, is exalted "beyond the Heavens and beyond this broad Earth." This word of knowledge, of wisdom - the sound of Truth itself - is the source and nourisher of Creation"

Join us for this 5 class course to learn this supremely uplifting and empowering hymn, Devī Sūktam. We celebrate Navarātri together through this practice – the festival of 9 nine nights dedicated to sacred feminine energy.

We study word by word, understanding all the Vedic phonetics involved in great depth, along with its contemplative meaning.

Dates & Syllabus of the 5 classes:

17 Sept – Mantras 1 & 2, meaning & a special discussion on kampa, a tremulous vibration of this Rig Veda mantra.

24 Sept - Mantras 3 & 4 ; meaning

1 Oct - Mantras 5 & 6 ; meaning

8 Oct - Mantras 7 & 8; meaning

15 Oct – Full mantra practice & meaning summary

Course fee: 110EUR

110EUR for full course including lifetime access to online support platform which will help you with recordings of the mantras for practice in between classes and for future reference and practice. The online platform will also have key words and meaning and all the Vedic phonetic rules you will need to remember for correct recitation.

You can also sign up for an online-only study due to the timings or your work commitments or not being in Brussels! Sign up for the course and send me an email (U2Fuc2tyaXRCZWxnaXVtIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=) that you will study online-only. If you have other questions, email me! Sign up by following the ticket link or this link:

BTW/TVA #: BE 0833.200.801

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