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Food & Drinks Events in Brussels

Culinary Arts, Potluck Gatherings And Food Festivals In Brussels

If you are a food stylist, food blogger, gourmet chef, caffeine junkie or just a keen foodie, you definitely are more worried about your salad being finely chopped than your appearance. To keep up with your food cravings there are these street food fairs, wine tasting events and food festivals in Brussels. For all the foodies who are avid learners; there are cooking workshops, baking workshops, cake making classes in Brussels and a lot more. You can also explore various food truck festivals happening in the Brussels.

Content your taste buds with sumptuous food. Craving for food already? Explore some amazing food events in Brussels.

Upcoming Food & Drink Events in Brussels

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    The Best Food-Drinks In Brussels

    Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is known for its cultural diversity, history and most importantly its food and drinks. Many don’t know this, but Belgium were the original inventors of the French fries and the waffle. Brussels food is considered extremely important to the Belgian culinary world due to its unique emphasis on technique and the respect given to ingredients. It attracts world-class chefs and those intrigued by the possibilities of gastronomy. Brussels offers classes on cooking for those who would like to get more from their visit to Brussels. 

    Brussels Food Through The Year

    This beautiful city is home to many award-winning restaurants, cafes, and Brussels food truck festivals. Also, do not forget the world-famous Belgian beer you can sample while in Brussels. Restaurant Le Rabassier is a fine dining place that offers a six-course meal that is worthy of the two Michelin stars the restaurant owns. For a more intimate affair opt for the no-frills Pasta Divina, a family run establishment that serves homemade Italian fare. Le Bistro is the perfect place for brunch after a night of partying. Its wholesome and robust meals of steak, mussels, and pasta are perfect for those looking forward to an unwinding over a flavourful meal. Those who love a delicious, affordable meal on the go should look up the El Taco Mobil which is run by a Belgian-Mexican couple. They keep it simple by serving three types of tacos made from corn tortilla and organic produce.

    Brussels Food For The Adventurous

    Those who love cooking and want an insight into the local cuisine have many options for classes. Brussels food is incomplete without chocolate. You cannot live in Brussels and not learn how to make the famous Belgian chocolate. The Brussels Chocolate Workshop teaches you to make pralines and mediants with a professional chef. The Brussels Waffle Workshop allows you to prepare and bake your own waffle over a 90-minute class. Mmmmh! is a culinary school in Brussels that offers a variety of classes that focus on a range of foods including pasta, seafood, Koran, Thai, Macarons, and more. Those who love beer should make a beeline for the tour at the Brussels Beer Project who develop 20 new beers a year. You can sample different beers and also help collaborate on new projects.

    Food Festivals In Brussels For Days

    The Brussels Food Truck Festival has been enjoying successful runs each year and is now one of the biggest food truck festivals in the world with over 120 trucks taking over a few streets to create delectable food manna if there ever was one. Eat! Brussels, Drink! Bordeaux has over 25 restaurants bring gourmet Belgian dishes to be paired with the Bordeaux’s finest wines. Vegan Delights, those who are looking for vegan food in Brussels do not have to be disappointed. There are a number of vegan restaurants in Brussels that you can eat at. Plenty of regular restaurants also have dedicated vegan menus. Les 4 Jeudis offers vegan, organic, and gluten-free food. Greenway is a chain of restaurants available all over Belgium and serves burgers, soups, and snacks. Brussels offers a lot by way of the gourmand or the casual eater. From Michelin starred restaurants to laid back quiet cafes to bustling and robust food trucks. It is also a great way to dip your toes in cooking and beer tasting. Brussels is an important culinary destination in the global landscape of gourmet food delights. Discover more about Brussels beer festivals and the Brussels food scene at