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Upcoming Business Events in Brussels

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    Business in Brussels

    It could be a daunting, almost paralyzing thought to start a business in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. It has too many historical claims to easily put someone off their stroke - capital city of Belgium, capital of European Union, home to NATO and other international institutions like European Commission and European Parliament, fifth most influential city in Europe (according to World City Survey), and so many more. Revered for its sophistication and expertise, in financial services and banking transactions, this city, is more than a welcoming place to transform your dream of doing business in Brussels into a reality. Brussels is the 70mm big screen motion picture for entrepreneurs. It glitters with some of the biggest actors from the world of business like General Electric, Microsoft, Monsanto, Pfizer, IBM, Levi Strauss & Co, and Amazon. There are more than 50, 000 businesses thriving in Brussels, some of which are financial giants like KBC group, SWIFT, BNP Paribus Fortis, ING Group, AXA Bank, Crelan that have their regional or European headquarters here.

    Events and Conferences in Brussels

    Needless to say, a place with such density of power would be the hub for policymakers and business leaders from around the globe. So, if want to be in the know-how of what the business trends are and what are the wise men saying, you can choose from 1000s of business events, summits and conferences in Brussels, hosted each year. One of the biggest annual business events in Brussels is the European Business Summit, supported by FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium) and BUSINESSEUROPE. Another annual networking event in Brussels to look out for is the HR Congress, which is a TED-style conference in Brussels aimed at collaborating and sharing innovative business ideas among new and existing entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend in Brussels is an event where entrepreneurs come together to share ideas on startups, build products, and even launch new startups!

    Venues For Business Events in Brussels

    In addition to its geographical significance, Brussels provides some excellent logistical options, specifically venues, for these business conferences, expos, and events. SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre is one of the most popular sites for such events as it is located in the historical and cultural heart of the city, Mont des arts and is short distance from European Union building. Most of the luxury hotels in Brussels have state-of-the-art amenities for a successful event, especially those located in the City Center. The Belgian government and its policies encourage expats to start their business in Brussels. Special tax incentives and financial grants are provided small businesses by the government to ease the process of setting up a business. The government also keeps a list of incubators that help individuals to test and tread carefully with a business idea. Other conducive factors that make Brussels such a lucrative place of business are proximity to millions of European customers, a qualified and multilingual workforce, an outstanding telecommunication infrastructure and a high-quality of life. Discover more about upcoming business events in Brussels on AllEvents, to know more about how to begin living your dream.