Sales Prospecting Training

Sales Prospecting Training

Sales Prospecting Training

Tue Sep 02 2025 at 10:00 am to 02:00 pm

Brisbane, Australia

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AUD 495
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Sales Prospecting Training, 2 September | Event in Brisbane | About the event Sales Prospecting Training
Equipped with essential skills such as proper pacing before a call, creating impactful prospecting boards, and improved target market.

About this Event

Course Overview

We open the workshop with a moment of silence to examine what lies ahead and to allow participants to articulate what they most hope to get from this enriching experience.

Topics covered in this course

Targeting Your Market : You’ll soar to success with eight strategies for finding your dream customer; you’ll also get a ‘dream-customer worksheet’ to help you refine the perfect market vision for your vision.

The Prospect Dashboard : You will learn how to build a strong dashboard while mastering prospect board dreams to life. This session will walk you through the basics on building a strong display honed for success with invaluable tips on how to get started.

Setting Goals : This seminar is aimed at individuals who want to learn how they can convert their goals or ideas from inception into complete projects. It will place more focus on the design element of the process. Using the SPIRIT goal-setting technique, attendees to this seminar will acquire the knowledge to turn their dreams into reality. Holding on to your dreams can be done when you utilize the available techniques to bring them to fruition. Free your imagination and activate your dreams with this seminar.

Why is Prospecting Important? : To prospect is to shake off certain delusions and to learn what exactly about a person makes it more likely for that person to succeed. Participants will grasp both these dimensions of this dynamic process, and will emerge into their prospecting efforts better equipped.

Networking : Attend this free seminar and learn how you can use networking to prospect successfully!

Public Speaking : With confidence and style, salespeople can pull out all the stops. At this session, you’ll learn critical techniques for public speaking – an essential polish that will make all the difference.

Trade Shows : Get your trade show right with our pre show, in show and post show tips. From your pre-show preparation to your post-show follow ups – we’ve got you covered!

Regaining Lost Accounts : Juice up your business. Find lost and dead customers. Take your company to the next level. New research show how to refresh your relationship with customers - EASILY! Attend this session to learn more.

Warming Up Cold Calls : Learn how to take advantage of frigid calls at this dynamic webinar! Apply what you learn to increase your prospecting success and power up selling opportunities.

The 80/20 Rule : We will also see how to apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule to sales and prospecting efficiency!

It’s Not Just a Numbers Game : Learn to prospect smarter with the 3 pillars of success! Identify the best ways to locate, speak to and convert customers. Use these tips, today!

Going Above and Beyond : This learning will be accompanied by structured learning via case studies, quizzes and discussion prompts as well as groupwork.

Course Wrap-Up : By the end of the day, particiapants will have a chance to ask questions and develop an action plan for what they will do next.

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Tue Sep 02 2025 at 10:00 am to 02:00 pm


Brisbane, Australia

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