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Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle

Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle

Sun Sep 10, 2023

Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle

Time Sun Sep 10 2023 at 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm

East Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA, United States

USD 30 Tickets
Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle, 10 September | Event in Boulder | Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle

Join us for a magical evening of connection and healing as we gather for a FULL MOON & ECLIPSE sacred cacao ceremony.

We invite you to bring an open heart and mind as we come together in community to honor the spirit of cacao and its powerful healing properties.

We will begin with sharing an intention or whatever is true for you at this current time or if there is anything you would like directed healing around as we drink the sacred cacao.

Then I invite you to lay back and relax as you enter into a magical portal...a journey within.

Shara will provide "hands-on" healing and gentle cranial massage as well as energy healing and clearing for all those who want it.

The cacao serves as a heart-opening agent so we can receive deeply relevant guidance and reconnect with our inner wisdom.

I wish for a new cellular alignment to take place an activation upgrade one which is much more congruent with the truth of YOU.


About the Full Moon + Eclipse:

The May full moon is known as the "Flower Moon." Astrologer Sofia Adler says the flower moon will definitely be intense: "This moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others." She also shares that this is a time to give up what doesn't serve you adding "This moon is an opportunity to make your way to the other side and continue to expand and evolve. The name of this moon is fitting because every flower starts out as a seed buried in the dark damp soil. Nature knows that darkness has its purpose and will lead you to the light."

The eclipse only adds another layer of intensity. "The lunar eclipse is all about letting go. And being a Scorpio is a transformational sign we are being asked to revise or of all our current life paths

This event is limited to 13 individuals due to space constraints and Shara's desire to give personalized attention to each and every one!


$35 Earlybird thru May 1st

$40 after yet please note this event may sell out!

Venmo - @kuehnelf (frank Kuehnel) last 4 digits 3363

Zelle - c2hhcmFvZ2luIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=

How to Prepare:

-Please bring a yoga mat pillow and blanket. I have a few of each of these just not enough for everyone.

-Be sure to eat lightly or do a gentle fast the 4-hrs prior

-Feel free to bring a crystal or something sacred (yet just don't forget to take it home with you!)

About Shara:

Shara has been helping people to heal for 3 decades.

Originally as a Physical Therapist turned medical intuitive. Over the past decade she has slowly eased out of the medical outpatient clinics where she was working into her own practice.

She now works as an Intuitive Coach primarily with Women on the path to finding love deeper life fulfillment and abundance in all realms. She is also a Somatic Feldenkrais Practitioner (since 2002) and uses this amazing therapy in much of her work.

She has learned that physical pain is simply an outgrowth of when something on the mental/psycho-social field is off. This could even include imprints you adopted subconsciously from your family in your earliest years.

She currently leads a woman's transformation Programs hosts retreats in nature works with individuals 1:1 and does corporate wellness programs.

The address will be provided following payment and RSVP.


Tickets for Cacao Full Moon Energy Healing Circle can be booked here.

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Date & Time

Sun Sep 10 2023 at 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm


East Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA, United States

Hosted by

Shara Ogin