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Intro To Acroyoga!

Intro To Acroyoga!

I welcome everybody, from all ages, shapes, gender, cultures and believes in this practice.
Partner and Acro yoga is an inner journey. You will face and discover your mental boundaries, fears, pleasures and the awakening of your inner child.
It's also an outer journey. You will experience this hand by hand with the rest of the participants, sharing and making team with each of the partners that you have during the time we will be together. Exchanging similar or differences experiences, thoughts and points of views and overall a playful and joyful time together.
If you have a love partner and you are not sharing a playful time with each other this activity will help you to be more close and enjoy amazing quality time together. This will be the best therapy ever!


*What we will do: Intro to acroyoga, the limitless possibilities with partner yoga!
We will warm up with partner yoga exercises and practice the basic acroyoga poses like the bird, back bird, flying whale, chair, straddle throne, bat and more!
For cool down the body a very nice and gentle stretching with Thai massage techniques.

⭐Workshop guide/ teacher: Raquel aka Omceanyogi is a nature lover and world traveller.

She started contemporary dance at an early age and had been practicing Yoga for 10 years, however It was in 2012 when she realised how powerful and influencing yoga was for her and can be on people’s existence.

Yoga has totally changed her life, has empowering her to be happier, trust in herself and follow her dreams until becoming reality. And that is what she wants to transmit you in each class, yoga is much more than exercise and breathing techniques. It is a philosophy which gives us the tools and experience which we can take off the mat into our daily lives.

It wasn’t until 2014 when Raquel (Omceanyogi) discovered AcroYoga with Carlos Romero and Janice Aragones and a new world of trust, care and fun was open to her.
Since then her goal has been to share this passion with as many people as possible organising Acro jams and bringing Acro to her Vinyasa classes.

While teaching and practicing this yoga style Raquel realised how useful acroyoga is for people with fear or no too much self-confidence and how beneficial its is for the release of the daily tensions.

She believes that Yoga and specially Acroyoga are a powerful tool for increasing self-confidence; rediscover the community feeling and the joy of finding new things about yourself, which you never thought you could have.

Raquel’s classes will not only challenge you, but you will walk out feeling uplifted with a big smile across your face ;)

⭐Where: Studio Yoganjuly, Kessenicher Straße 228
53129 Bonn

⭐Value: This experience its priceless! However as Im travelling from Switzerland to share this magical experience with you we ask for

EARLY BIRD UNTIL 12MAY 75€ per person

Normal price 85€

BUT if you bring a friend/ partner each of you can pay just 70€ ?

Drop us an email or sms if any question!
Raquel: aW5mbyB8IG9tY2VhbnlvZ2kgISBjb20=
Yoganjuly Studio: eW9nYW5qdWx5IHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=

Map YogAnjuly, Kessenicherstraße 228, 53129 Bonn, Germany, Bonn, Germany
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